GoOutdoor101.com was created with the idea of getting more millennials and the  generation zoomers outdoor.

Our Story

Hi, this is Samrudha Salvi , the founder at Go Oudoor 101, and a lover of outdoor sports and camping. The recent lockdowns and covid times has brought some of toughest moments for us and has hurt mentally and emotionally. 

I hope we are able to help by providing guides on outdoor activities like camping, biking, hiking, fishing, golfing and hunting. 

Each sports and activity is unique in its own way of developing ones own personality. Sports like biking and hiking helps with muscle endurance and mental boost, core workout.  Whereas hunting and fishing is a unique sports of patience and adventure. 

Hence , in order to bring best of each sports and outdoor activity we have brought in best of team from various fields, who are master in their field of either being golf or even fishing for that matter.

We hope that you will enjoy our blog and its articles. 

Upcoming Channels

We are also happy to inform that we will be soon coming up with youtube channel with all our adventures and guides.

Our Team Members

Present team members are as follows

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