While testing for Best Bike Gloves / Cycling gloves we realized losing your grip on the handlebars is one of the scariest things that can happen when you’re cycling. It’s also really, really dangerous – it takes just a split second for even experienced cyclists to lose control of their bikes. That’s why wearing gloves is an essential part of safe cycling.

Whether you are a new biker just getting into serious street biking for the first time or a seasoned pro who is looking for the best bike gloves to purchase, having high-quality and dependable gloves can make a huge difference.

Not only does having durable and comfortable cycling gloves improve your cycling capabilities, but they will give you peace of mind knowing that your hands and wrists will function as needed when on the road or trail.

Trial and Error

For your convenience, I have tried and tested a variety of gloves and came up with a list of the best cycling gloves available today.

In total, I tested nine products and found GripGrab Progel Short Bike Gloves to be the best cycling gloves for comfortable year-round riding. 

With a synthetic palm made of faux leather and a calming thick 4mm padding made of gel, this pair of gloves keeps your hands feeling strong and pain-free all ride long.

Continue reading below to learn more about all of my best cycling glove finds.

GripGrab Progel Short Bike Gloves – Best Bike Glove All-Year Overall


The GripGrab Progel Short Bike Gloves, also known as cycling mitts, are perfect for use in all weather, rain or shine. Made out of synthetic leather with padded palm excerpts, these Progel cycling gloves are also fully equipped with 4mm gel padding for ultimate riding comfort.

What makes these gloves an excellent purchase choice is not only their true-to-fit size, but also their ability to be easily slipped on and velcroed into place without needing to zip, button, or tie. 

The thumb of the GripGrab Progel Short Bike Gloves also comes with a convenient nose wipe feature that is located in the thumb area while the back of the pinky finger side of the gloves has a reflective safety detail for high traffic visibility in low light.

When putting on the gloves before each ride session, make sure to position them perfectly the first time because if they are too loose or in the wrong place on your wrist, they can start to dig into the skin and create a little bit of unwelcomed discomfort.

MOREOK Bike Gloves – Best For Warm Weather Rides


If you are a huge fan of summer weather and spending time outdoors during the warmer months, the MOREOK Bike Gloves are the best cycling gloves for you. 

These gloves allow you to maintain a strong and sturdy grip on your bicycle’s handlebars even if you are sweating up a storm in the hot sunshine. They not only keep your palms dry but also keep your hands and fingers completely blister-free with their technologically advanced finger-hole seaming.

The MOREOK Bike Gloves are made of lightweight fabric, therefore, making them breathable and light. Their synthetic palm center is made of gel, while the stitching is gentle and unnoticeable when gripping during your ride.

While these cycling gloves do keep your hands dry and comfortable while cycling for long hours in warm and hot weather, they are difficult to take off and stick closely to the skin, requiring careful and slow removal at the end of the day.

Endura Hummvee Plus Mitts II – Best For Shock Absorption


The Endura’s Hummvee Plus Mitts II cycling gloves are one of the most cutting-edge designs when it comes to premier shock absorption and rough road protection. If you are a biker who transitions commonly from smooth terrain to rough rides facing tree roots, rocks, potholes, or even trails, these gloves will be your overall best option.

With MTB-suitable classification combined with stretch fabric and a super-sculpted gel palm, a strong grip on a difficult ride is no problem at all. While the Endura’s Hummvee Plus Mitts II do have a natural shape, great grip, and ergonomic fabric distribution, they are considered to be a little bit bulkier than regular cycling globes due to their protective nature.

Leatt 3.0 Lite MTB Gloves – Best Lightweight Gloves


The Leatt 3.0 Lite MTB Gloves are some of the best lightweight cycling gloves available on the market today. While they are technically considered mountain biking gloves by most cycling gear aficionados, the MTB cycling globes are the lightest in the game.

Great for use on the street, trail, and on the road, these South African-made gloves are made of high-tech breathable microfibre material called MicronGrip. Perfect for wicking, they are thin enough that they don’t generate extra heat or feel heavy on long and arduous rides.

If you do make an unfortunate fall, one of the best aspects of these lightweight gloves is that the Leatt 3.0 Lite MTB Gloves have built-in road rash protection and abrasion padding.

Proviz Reflect 360 BikeCycling Gloves – Best Visibility


If you are concerned about safety and visibility above all else when taking your bike out on the road, trust Proviz Reflect 360 cycling gloves to provide the best visibility guarantee available today.

Whether you enjoy cycling in the early morning after the sun has set, late at night in the dark, during cloudy, foggy, or overcast weather, or even just on the street in busy traffic, feel peace of mind with 50% high-reflective and 50% day-glow fluorescent padding, rubber grips, and visibility strips.

With insulated thermal glove coverage, warm fleece lining, a waterproof membrane, comfortable inner layer, and easy-touch touchscreen technology, you can easily use your iPhone to make calls or check in with your family while out for full-day rides.

Pearl Izumi Ride Pro AMFIB Lobster Gloves – Best for Winter


If you are a die-hard winter rider, the Pearl Izumi Ride Pro AMFIB Lobster Gloves are exactly what you need to stay warm. Not only do these cold-day gloves prevent hand and finger-numbing, but they also prevent unnecessary sweating with absorbent fleece-hybrid materials lining the inside of the gloves.

Shaped like a lobster claw, these gloves might look a little bit silly to the observer but are worth it. With special palm and inner finger grips to hold the handlebars tights, the Pearl Izumi Ride Pro AMFIB Lobster Gloves allow for excellent insulation and maneuverability at the same time.

Craft Hybrid Weather Gloves – Best 2-in-1


If you’re looking for great value, the Craft Hybrid Weather Gloves are a good 2-in-1 option. As a regular glove, these variations offer all-weather protection for cooler days without making your palms sweaty, itchy, and uncomfortable.

When converted, these gloves turn into waterproof mittens that can keep away even the most biting of cold and winds. Similar to how a parka or a raincoat over a sweater can be the difference between feeling warm or chilly, these 2-in-1 gloves offer cover-all protection when you need it, and regular sweat-free gloves with silicone tip grips when you don’t. 

Elite Bike Project Malmo Waterproof Winter Bike Gloves – Best Waterproof Gloves


For those living in rainy and windy climates that don’t get much reprieve from wet conditions, the Elite BikeCycling Project Malmo Waterproof Winter BikeCycling Gloves are the best option for you. 

With four true-to-fit sizes including S, M, L, and XL as well as high-visibility colors melding greens, grays, and reflective blacks, these gloves are sure to keep you warm and dry with reinforced fingerprints, covered thumb tips, and padded palm sections.

The waterproof feature of the Elite BikeCycling Project Malmo Waterproof Winter BikeCycling Gloves comes from their superior water-wicking technology. Similar to how a tent’s rain fly or duck’s feathers allow for droplets to simply roll off the surface, the Project Malmo Waterproof Gloves do just the same.

Complete with rainproof and windproof Thinsulate thermal insulation, self-tightening straps to seal out the elements, covered tips, and user-tested knuckle insulation, your hands will stay warm and toasty even if the weather isn’t.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Bike Gloves

Whether buying cycling gloves for the first time or looking to upgrade your pair to the best cycling gloves available, it is always important to understand what to look for in terms of features, potential product problems, and personal detail considerations before making your final choice.

Important Features

Some of the most important features to look for when buying the best cycling gloves include:

  • Comfort level on a scale from one to ten
  • User star reviews out of 5 possible stars
  • Visibility at night and on low-sun days
  • Whether the gloves are wind and waterproof
  • Velcro and easy-on abilities
  • Non-stick removal after sweaty rides
  • Pain-free comfort grips and gel padding
  • Covered versus uncovered tips with the ability to use smart devices

Problems to Look Out For

Some common issues that avid cyclists face when looking for the best cycling gloves include the following problems:

  • Poor quality fabric or easily tearable seams
  • Velcro that does not secure tightly around the wrist
  • Velcro or ties that dig into the wrist during any flexion or movement
  • No gripping abilities
  • Inability to use smart devices
  • Tough finger holes causing irritation
  • Lack of hand and finger mobility
  • Stiff palm areas making for easy bruising
  • Lack of padding or comfort
  • Poor or lacking visibility
  • Excessive sweating or sticking
  • Not water or windproof

Personal Considerations

When looking for the best gloves for your personal daily needs, it is best to consider exactly what purpose you hope your new cycling gloves will face like:

  • Whether you will ride during the day or at night
  • Whether you will cycle during warm summer months or in colder weather
  • If you want extra padding and comfort for rough terrain or lightweight gloves

The Best Bike Gloves for Your Dollar

GripGrab Progel Short BikeCycling Gloves are the best cycling gloves for all-season riding on both road and trail rides. Ranging from around $40 to $50, these best-overall gloves come in six sizes, including XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Available colors include black, blue, red, and white, and all glove options come equipped with an easy pull-off system and magnets for simple access removal. 

These features, along with a long multi-year lifespan, a 4 out of 5-star overall customer review average for satisfaction, and material ingredients including  40% Polyester, 30% Nylon, 20% Polyurethane, and 10% Elastane make the GripGrab Progel Short BikeCycling Gloves the most financially sound option when it comes to buying new cycling gloves.

Time to Invest in Your Bike Passion

Whether you are interested in investing in your cycling passion with 2-in-1 gloves, gloves that offer great visibility, insulated cold-weather gloves, fingerless lightweight gloves for summer riding, or simply the best available all around all-year cycling gloves, understanding the best qualities and uses for each glove type will help lead you in the right direction and purchase for success.

Fun Outdoors Team

The FunOutdoors team is comprised of seasoned writers and editors with a passion for outdoor living. 

Happy trails!

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