If you’re a cyclist looking for the best bike helmet with lights, this blog post is for you. After researching more than a dozen helmets, we narrowed our list down to 8 to review.

A bike helmet with lights is a tremendous asset to a cyclist. It gives you extra visibility and confidence to cycle at all hours while also protecting you from oncoming traffic and mitigating possible collisions. 

Not every bike helmet with lights is equal, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the best to help inform your decision about what bike helmet with integrated lights is best for you. 

1. Lumos Matrix Helmet


While Lumos offers various styles of bike helmets, the Lumos Matrix is head and shoulders above the rest. 

Significantly, the inbuilt LED light panel on this helmet is larger than in previous models. Moreover, you can program the lighting to taste using different backlighting options. 

This kind of LED visibility is critical to a good bike helmet with lights. It’s hard enough cycling in a busy city or down a country lane at first light. Wherever you’re cycling, you need to be visible to oncoming traffic. The Lumos Matrix bike helmet answers that call by giving you more visibility than ever before. 

Better than that, its LED light has a 10-hour battery, making it ideally suited to long, arduous cycling excursions. 

The Lumos Matrix bike helmet with inbuilt light isn’t only good for visibility. At 580g. it’s lightweight and comfortable. 

2. Lumos Kickstarter Helmet


The Lumos Kickstarter bike helmet has a smaller light than the Matrix but gives you the visibility you need to cycle safely. This helmet features two lights in triangular configuration at the front and back of the helmet. 

Additionally, the Kickstarter helmet possesses indicator lights that you operate from a handlebar remote. And to make sure you’re extra visible, this helmet includes a brake light. It’s motion-sensitive and turns red as your bicycle decelerates. 

Comfort-wise, the Kickstarter is heavier than the Lumos Matrix, but while you notice that when holding the helmet, it’s less apparent once you’re wearing it. Even so, if you’re thinking of embarking on long cycles through dark woods, it’s probably not the most fit-for-purpose helmet with a light. But for daily commutes and safety first, it’s ideal. 

Besides, what the Kickstarter lacks in comfort, it makes up for in safety. Lumos helmets feature a Multi-Impact Protection System, or MIPS, designed to protect your brain from internal injury. That means that like any MIPS-certified helmet, it can bear damages sustained at up to 6.2 meters per second. 

And if you’re unlucky enough to fall on an angle, or even rotationally, this bike helmet offers you all the protection you need.  

3. Coros SafeSound Urban Smart Cycling Helmet with Tail Light 


The Coros Safesound helmet doesn’t just feature a built-in LED light; It also has internal audio and a removable visor. 

This helmet with LED lighting is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam to simultaneously reduce helmet weight and offer maximum protection to the wearer. 

It features three light settings; on, off, and auto, allowing you to choose the setting that works best for you.

However, some reviews had issues with missing parts, and others said that there were limited sizes available. But they add that the wind-resistant microphone makes for clear Bluetooth communication with others while leaving your hands free to maneuver your bicycle.  

4. Lumos Street Helmet 


The Lumos Street helmet with lights makes a more affordable bike helmet for those who like the Matrix but balk at the cost. 

As opposed to the lighting panel on the Lumos Matrix, the Lumos Street bike helmet has three strips of LED lighting. However, the white light across the front of the bike helmet and red at the back is still an effective way to alert surrounding traffic to your presence. 

What’s more, the bike helmet’s lights anticipate acceleration and deceleration. Breaking hard inspires a brighter glow from the red backlights, alerting others to your actions. Similarly, the rear LED strips light up on the appropriate side, as you indicate, emphasizing your decision to turn. 

However, some reviewers complain that the helmet is insufficiently vented, making it uncomfortable to wear, while others say the straps chafe behind the ear. Another issue was with the charging cable; The Lumos Street bike helmet can’t take a universal charging cable. This may be problematic if the cable provided is lost or damaged. 

Reviewers were also frustrated by the lack of any charging indicator, saying it is difficult to tell when the helmet is fully charged.   

5. Bern Hudson Helmet 


Bern Hudson is widely known for its first-rate protective gear for various extreme impact sports, such as snowboarding and skating. They earn their reputation, too, as its bike helmets with lights don’t disappoint. 

While you probably won’t be taking the Bern Hudson bike helmet on any extreme adventures, it’s designed for fast-paced city life and ably meets the needs of city cyclists. 

Its integrated rear light has two modes; solid or flashing. You can adjust them as the needs of weather and lighting dictate. The LED light’s battery lasts ten hours and charges quickly and efficiently from any charging port, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about being visible to oncoming cars. 

The Bern Hudson is also light, at 350g, and has been safety-tested according to a MIPS standard. And, unlike other bike helmets with lights on this list, it comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to be stylish as well as safe.    

It’s worth noting that not all customers were happy with the quality of this bike helmet’s material, and some said the visor described in the product description was missing. 

6. Lumos Smart Helmet


The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet features several lights at the front, back, and sides of the helmet. It also possesses indicator lights operated easily from a wireless handlebar remote. 

With ten lights across the front of the bike helmet and 38 at the back, this bike helmet with lights is hard to miss. Moreover, when you come to a stop, triggering the Hard Brake Light feature turns those 38 backlights red, making it impossible for rear traffic to misinterpret your movements. 

This bike helmet with LED lighting has a motion sensor designed to signal vehicles ahead and behind you as you navigate the road for extra safety. 

However, some reviewers find that while the bike helmet and lights work as advertised, there are problems with the charging cable provided. This may make it difficult to maintain the functionality of the helmet. Others felt the material’s quality was cheap. But they add that for a routine commute to work, it’s still an excellent choice of a bike helmet. 

7. Livall Riding Smart Helmet with Auto Sensor LED Lights 


The Livall Riding Smart Bike Helmet with Auto Sensor LED lights is an excellent choice for comfort and visibility. Because this helmet features inbuilt wireless turn signals, you can ride with extra confidence and security without having to fuss with remotes and buttons. 

Additionally, the Livall Riding Helmet is lightweight and well-ventilated, ensuring you stay comfortable as well as visible to those around you. And for added security, the Livall Riding Helmet has emergency lights that, once activated, immediately contact your emergency contact. 

Some reviewers say the Bluetooth connection is variable, but if all you’re after is a good helmet that keeps you visible to surrounding vehicles, this is a non-issue. 

8. Giro Camden Helmet 


Finally, the Giro Camden Bike Helmet with lights is a fine balance of value for money, safety, and practicality. 

This bike helmet with integrated lighting is MIPS safety tested, ensuring you’re well-protected from any injury. What’s more, its open-fronted visor offers UV protection and readily accommodates glasses-wearing cyclists. 

Moreover, the back of the helmet prominently features an LED light that effectively lights up the entirety of the helmet’s back for maximum visibility. Whether you’re cycling late at night or through dense fog, this LED feature is ideal for ensuring your own and others’ safety. 

What to Look for When Buying a Bike Helmet with Lights 

There are various contributing factors to consider when assessing whether a bike helmet with lights is right for you. These include: 

  • Comfort
  • Safety 
  • Visibility


There’s no sense in choosing a helmet that isn’t comfortable, especially if you are prone to long cycling excursions. Weight is a significant part of what makes a helmet comfortable; If it’s too heavy, it may be difficult to wear for protracted periods. 

Discomfort may also be a sign a helmet doesn’t fit properly. As you choose your bike helmet with lights, pay attention to what feels right and what doesn’t, and factor that into your decision process. 


A good bike helmet, with or without lights, should be safety tested. Ideally, it features a Multi-Impact Protection System to take the brunt of angled and rotary falls. After all, the primary function of a helmet is to protect your brain from injury, and the helmet you choose should do that job thoroughly. 


When considering the best bike helmet with lights for you, visibility is a key part of the decision process. If you’re primarily cycling during the daytime, you may not need as extensive a lighting system as evening commuters. 

That said, the higher the visibility of your bike helmet’s light, the easier it is to avoid a collision. 

Our Choice for Best Bike Helmet with Lights in 2023

There are various excellent bike helmets with lights on offer, making choosing the right one for you feel overwhelming. 

Our personal preference is for the Lumos Matrix bike helmet with lights. It ticks all the right boxes for comfort, safety, and high visibility, making your cycling safer and more enjoyable than ever. What’s more, for the features it offers great value for the money. 

Fun Outdoors Team

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Happy trails!

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