Modern ski helmets are lightweight, comfortable, warm, and have excellent safety features. Many come with modern features. That’s why we’re reviewing three of the best Bluetooth ski helmets on the market in 2023:

The best Bluetooth skiing helmets allow you to listen to your favorite music giving you a great soundtrack to your day of shredding with excellent audio quality. They can also let you take phone calls, so it’s easy to find your friends who have taken a wrong turn or simply arrange to meet at the apres bar at the end of the day.

Here are our top recommendations for the best ski helmets with Bluetooth capabilities:

Sena Latitude Snow Helmet

The Sena Latitude is an excellent Bluetooth ski helmet with a built-in audio system that also allows you to listen to music and communicate with your mountain buddies without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Best Value


  • Crisp sound quality
  • A good level of protection
  • Great price


  • Not MIPS compliant
  • No size adjustment
  • Battery life isn’t great

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The Sena brand is known for design and quality and they have nailed it on both fronts here. The Sena Latitude comes with Bluetooth speakers inside the ear pads that have excellent sound quality. The built-in microphone allows you to communicate via a Bluetooth intercom system. This means you don’t need to use your phone while skiing. 

It works by pairing the helmet to your phone, so you can listen to your favorite tunes and stay in contact. The intercom system works up to 1 km or 0.6 miles in open terrain. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to take phone calls or even follow GPS instructions while listening to music.

This helmet isn’t just about quality audio and communication. It is the real deal when it comes to safety too. It is impact rated to the safety standards of the European committee for standardization and the American Society of Testing and Materials. Its safety comes from its durable ABS shell and EPS liner.

Sena has made this helmet incredibly well-ventilated via 18 vents strategically placed throughout the helmet. This ensures you are comfortable, and the ventilation goes a long way to keep your goggles fog free. It’s high on our list of best Bluetooth ski helmets.

OutdoorMaster Diamond MIPS Ski Helmet

This Bluetooth ski helmet from OutdoorMaster combines both style and comfort with a top level of safety for skiing and snowboarding.

Safety Rated


  • MIPS compliant
  • Compatible with many Bluetooth headphones and speakers
  • Adjustable for a comfortable fit


  • Some owners complain that the larger sizes don’t fit too well

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The OutdoorMaster Diamond MIPS Ski Helmet provides a top level of safety for skiing and snowboarding. This is partly due to the MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system) Technology that reduces rotational forces during an impact providing extra protection. It also features a reinforced PVC shell and a shock-absorbing EPS to give you peace of mind while still being lightweight.

Many owners of this helmet love how well-ventilated it is. It has 11 vents, four of which are adjustable, so you can open them on warm days or when you are working hard. You can also fine-tune the comfort for a snug fit using the adjustable dial on the rear of the helmet.

One of the most important things for a ski or snowboard helmet is that it has to be compatible with goggles to prevent fogging and discomfort. OutdoorMaster has ensured this helmet is compatible with all their goggles and ones from other brands. But it is best to check that yours fit the helmet without gaps or interference.

This helmet is available in 11 different colors. Therefore you can choose the best one to suit your outfit and goggles.

This helmet doesn’t come with built-in speakers, but it is compatible with a pair of headphones or speakers that fit inside the removable ear pads. The ear pads are removable to give you the option of wearing a beanie hat underneath your helmet. You can also remove the soft fleece liner so it is easy to wash when it starts to get a bit stinky.

Smith Vantage Unisex Snow Helmet

Our top pick of the best Bluetooth ski helmets goes to Smith and this high-end freeride helmet. It’s ideal for backcountry use while also being a great option for blasting the pistes.

Top Pick


  • Best option for audio-ready helmets
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Allows you to find and communicate with people in your group


  • Communication can be hit and miss
  • The system uses your mobile data

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The Smith Vantage MIPS helmet is one of the most adjustable ski helmets on the market. It has an adjustable dial on the rear that allows you to make micro-adjustments to ensure it fits you in the best way. It is also designed to provide seamless integration with Smith goggles. Still, it will work with ones from other brands, but it’s best to check if it is compatible with yours.

It has a hybrid shell construction, which features a robust outer shell with a lightweight inner layer. Smith has opted for Zonal Koroyd coverage which looks a little bit like a honeycomb design that provides excellent protection while being extremely light and offering unrivaled ventilation. Additional protection comes from the MIPS system, which reduces rotational forces, protecting your neck.

This helmet provides an outstanding level of ventilation. Many of the vents are adjustable, allowing you to open and close them for optimal temperature control.

The Smith Vantage MIPS is audio ready, which means it can accommodate outdoor tech chips or ski headphones such as the Aleck audio system. It’s one of the best Bluetooth ski helmets on the market today.

Wrapping It Up

Nobody should be skiing without a ski helmet, no matter how experienced you are. It is true they don’t save you from every kind of accident, but they have saved many lives and prevented serious injury on the mountain over the years.

When it comes to buying a quality helmet, comfort, fit, and safety should be the priorities. However, once you’ve got these basics, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a Bluetooth helmet that will allow you to listen to music or chat with your friends. In fact, it can be an extra safety precaution as you have easy access to emergency contacts and even pinpoint your friend’s location in some cases.

In our opinion, the Smith Vantage MIPS helmet is the best helmet for regular skiers and snowboarders with a taste for adventure. However, this is quite a pricey option and may be overkill for many slope users. So, in that case, our second choice would be the OutdoorMaster Diamond. This helmet is of great value and offers a lot of protection at this price point.

If you go with an option that doesn’t have speakers, we recommend pairing it with the Aleck 006. Bluetooth headphones system. We like its sound quality, and we think the communication and location feature could be a lot of fun but also great for safety on the mountain.

With all this in mind, we recommend that when you ski or snowboard while listening to music, you keep the volume down to ensure you are aware of your surroundings. If your music is too loud, you may not hear a skier or snowboarder around you, or you could easily get distracted.

Have fun out there!

Tom Fortune

Tom is an outdoor enthusiast and writer based in the French Alps. Most days, you can find Tom shredding the slopes on a snowboard or splitboard, exploring the mountains on a hike, or hitting the trails on a mountain bike.

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