Here is our review of the best family tents with a vestibule, all with valuable features and from some of the best outdoor brands.

What is a tent vestibule?

It is sometimes challenging to see the difference between a tent porch and a vestibule, especially with family tent’s. A vestibule is large and supported with extra pole(s), but so is a porch.

Generally, tent vestibules are mudrooms in front of the tent’s doors. They are suitable for storing your camping gear, cooking, and sitting.

Our list of top rated family tents with a vestibule

The family tents in our list are ordered by the vestibule area from smallest to largest.

Note that some of them have been around for a some time and some are quite new on the market. All are very functional and reliable.

1. Nemo Wagontop 4p Tent

This Wagontop 4-person tent by Nemo is the smallest in a series of three, including the Wagontop 6P and Wagontop 8P. So if you need a larger shelter, you can easily find one; they share almost the same features.

It is worth noting that the tent is here because of its functional and tall vestibule that has 26.9 ft² (2.5 m²), which is on the left side in the picture. Behind this space, you have an inner floored area of 69.4 ft² (6.45 m²).

Additionally, you have a unique construction that makes the tent freestanding. Nemo has achieved this with poles that are Y-shaped on both ends, which attach to the base with ground grommets. Consequently, this all makes it a self-supporting tunnel-type tent.

Best Seller


  • Top-quality materials.
  • Nice vestibule.
  • Tall and pleasant.
  • Great lifetime warranty.


  • The price.
  • Single-layer design.

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There is one door behind the removable vestibule and large panoramic windows on the sides.

The aluminum poles are thick and have a 14.5 mm diameter, so it’s a strong structure. The wall fabric is a moderately durable 75D polyester with a 1500 waterproof rating. Comparatively, the floor is made from a much more durable 300D polyester with the same waterproof rating.

The weight is 20 lb 1 oz (9.1 kg), and the packed size (L x D) is 27 x 10 inches (69 x 25 cm). We have also added this tent to our list of the best 4 person car camping tents.

In this video you can see more, please have a look:

2. Kelty Rumpus 6 Person Tent

Next up in our list of best family tents with a vestibule is this Kelty model built as a dome-style shelter. We have added it to our list because of its two vestibules. The central front vestibule is enormous, measuring 42.9 ft (4 m²) and supported with an extra loop. 

This front vestibule is the most critical part of the tent; as you can see from the picture, you can use it as a garage for your bicycle. The tent’s packed size is 26.5 x 9.5 x 8.5 inches (67 x 24 x 22 cm), so you can use it for a bicycle tour. But note that it is not light; the weight is 18 lb 7 oz (8.37 kg).

Best Seller


  • Vestibules.
  • Height.
  • Ease of use.


  • Fiberglass poles.

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The whole structure is protected with a full-coverage fly for complete weather protection. The fabric is a standard 68D polyester with a moderate 1200 mm waterproof rating. All seams are fully taped.

The tent is supported with fiberglass poles, and it also has what Kelty calls the Quick Corners design for pole attachment. The design consists of narrow and deep pockets/sleeves where you place the end of a pole.

The floored area is 85.7 ft² (8 m²), so with the vestibules, you have 128.6 ft² (12 m²) of the covered space. Please see more in this video:

3. Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 4 Person Tent

We mentioned earlier that there may be confusion regarding a porch and a vestibule. You have them both in this Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 4-Person Tent.

The tent includes a shell and two inner tents separated by a central covered space that you can call a porch. But the full coverage fly extends on the two narrow sides and creates two additional vestibules.

So the central floorless area is 42 ft² (3.9 m²), and the two classic vestibules on the two ends offer 11 + 11 ft² (1 + 1 m²). The two mentioned inner tents provide a total area of 67.5 ft² (6.27 m²).

Best Seller


  • Vestibules.
  • Organization.
  • Quality poles.
  • 4 Doors.


  • The price.

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In addition, this tent has 4 doors, and it offers plenty of storage pouches. It is supported with top-quality DAC aluminum poles. The fabric is a polyester taffeta with a 1500 mm waterproof polyurethane coating. All seams are taped.

The carry bag is backpack-style. The tent weighs 22 lb 5 oz (10.12 kg), its overall dimensions are 175 x 90 inches (617 x 229 cm), the peak height is 70 inches (178 cm), and the packed size is 25.5 x 16.5 x 9.5 inches (65 x 42 x 24 cm).

Please see more in this video:

Final thoughts

So this was our selection of the best family tents with a vestibule. They are all built in different styles and provide great options. However, regarding the floored area, they are relatively small, with the official capacity in the range of 4-6 people. However, all of them represent a series of tents, so you can choose smaller or larger versions of each one.

For more options, please check under the category Outdoor Shelters. You should also check our list of the best roof top tents for camping. Let us know if you have questions or comments; thank you for reading.

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