In this guide, we are reviewing the best full-face mountain bike helmets with their safety rating for mountain biking.

If you’re like me, and you take your mountain biking seriously. And when I say seriously, I mean that you want to be as safe as possible while out on the trails. That’s why investing in a good full face mountain bike helmet is so important. Not only will it keep you safe, but it can also make your riding experience a lot more fun. So if you’re looking for the best face helmets out there, read on!

Our top 7 Picks for best full face mountain bike helmets are as follows, the detailed review follows.

  1. Fox Racing Rampage Pro Carbon WeldBest Overall Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet
  2. Bell Super Air R MIPS Best in Light Weight Full Face MTB Helmet
  3. 7Protection M1Best in Budget Full Face MTB Helmet
  4. Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon MIPS
  5. SMITH Mainline MIPSBest in Comfort Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet
  6. GIRO Switchbalde MIPSMost Popular Full Face Mounttain Bike Helmet
  7. Leatt DBX 4.0

How Do Full Face Helmets Work?

For those new to mountain biking, they may think that a road bike helmet is sufficient. However, there are several reasons that a full-face mountain bike helmet is required for mountain biking. Full face helmets work by protecting riders from the increased likelihood of crashes due to the hazard of rocks, roots, and nature.

MIPS and Other Anti-Rotational Features

A good quality mountain bike helmet should come equipped with MIPS or other anti-rotational features for increased safety. At the very least, ensure your helmet has MIPS. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact System. 

MIPS means that the helmet’s shell and liner are separated by a layer that is low-friction. This low-friction layer allows the helmet to slide easily. This important feature will reduce potential trauma to the brain in the event of oblique impacts. 

Anti-rotational safety technology is essential when it comes to full-face helmets rather than open-face models. The MIPS and other anti-rotational features will likely prevent concussion and other serious brain injuries.

full face mountain bike helmet :

What to Look For in a Full Face Helmet

Unlike road bike helmets, mountain bike helmets should focus on crash protection rather than aerodynamics. Road bike helmets are made for better aerodynamics and ventilation – features not necessarily required for mountain biking. Mountain bikers ride at a slower speed, in general, than road bikers but are more likely to encounter a crash or fall.

  • Increased Safety: A mountain bike helmet provides increased safety.  For a mountain bike helmet, riders should look for increased protection and adaptability. For increased safety protection, the structure of the helmet is vital. Look for a helmet option with a high-integrity structure and quality material.
  • Visors: Visors are an important aspect of mountain bike helmets as they minimize sun flares and help manage better vision in deep forest trails. Visors can also prevent scratches to the face from low-hanging branches and leaves.
  • Eyewear Compatibility: If you plan on wearing glasses, goggles, or sunglasses under your helmet, be sure to look for a face helmet that has the proper eyewear compatibility. 
  • Fit – The helmet’s fit is important for most riders as not all mountain bike helmets are made with the same structure and design. Consider the unique shape of your head and look for a design that fits well and feels good and secure!

How We Judged 

We’ve created this list of the top full-face mountain bike helmets based on a few key criteria: safety features, quality, and value.

  • Safety Features – Safety and protection are of the utmost importance when choosing a protective helmet.
  • Quality – High-quality materials, design, and structure will ensure a long-lasting product that doesn’t require replacement and protects the head in the event of a crash.
  • Value – The most expensive product isn’t always the best! We’ve looked at good value and budget options that don’t compromise quality and safety. 

Based on a combination of safety, quality, and value, we’ve narrowed the list of full-face mountain biking helmets down to the top eight products! We hope that this list helps you in your mountain bike helmet search.

Our Top Picks of Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmets

Still on the fence about which full-face mountain bike helmet is for you? Whether you value affordability, quality materials, MIPS protection, or long-lasting design, our list has you covered. Check out our top picks for the best helmet options currently on the market.

1. Fox Racing Rampage Pro Carbon Weld – Best Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet


We picked the Fox Racing Rampage Pro for the best overall pick for full-face mountain bike helmets. The Fox helmet comes in very high in both protection and comfort. This full-face helmet is great for downhill mountain biking and has excellent ventilation. The magnetic breakaway visor is a favorite for many users as well. 

While the Fox helmet rates as the top pick for mountain biking helmets with a full-face visor, it ranges on the pricier side of helmet options. Some riders also find the fit of this helmet to be too tight. The Fox helmet is on the heavier side, so beware if you are looking for something that is more lightweight – the Fox Racing Rampage may not be for you. 

2. Bell Super Air R MIPS
Best in Light Weight Full Face MTB Helmet


The Bell Super Air R. MIPS is a great convertible option. We highly recommend the Bell Super Air R MIPS mountain biking helmet for riders looking for a lightweight option. We like this option for enduro riding because of its high comfort level. The helmet’s removable chin bar is also very low weight and can easily be stored when not in use. It was one of the best lightest helmet we tested.

We also found it to be a very comfortable helmet to wear.

While very comfortable due to the lightweight convertible mode, the Bell Super Air R MIPS is not as heavy-duty as some of the other options on this list. Riders may find that the helmet is less worth its weight when it comes to protection and durability. 

3. 7Protection M1
Best in Budget Full Face MTB Helmet


The 7Protection M1 makes our list for riders on a tight budget. We would never recommend sacrificing safety and protection for a lower price, so the 7Protection M1 is a great option for those unable to spend the high prices for top-notch brands and models.

The 7Protection M1 mountain bike helmet rates high on comfort and is acceptable for protection and safety. Riders may, however, find that the helmet lacks in ventilation quality compared to other top models. It may also not have the same durability as more expensive options with high-quality design and material. The 7Proection M1 is a good choice for a low budget.

4. Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon MIPS


 The Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon MIPS is a great option for mountain biking helmets based on overall protection and price. The structure of this helmet is as good as it gets on the market. The top-quality design lives up to its reputation and guarantees comfort and safety.  Also popular amongst the downhill helmets.

The only downside to the Tony Lee Designs D4 Carbon MIPS? The all-carbon structure of the helmet means that the price is slightly higher than other mountain bike helmet options. The D4 also comes equipped with kevlar reinforcements making this helmet nearly indestructible during crashes and falls. 

5. Smith Mainline MIPS
Best in Comfort Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet


If you’re looking for the most comfortable mountain biking helmet on the market, the Smith Mainline MIPS is the top choice. This helmet comes with super comfort and high quality ventilation to make your ride as comfortable as possible.

Riders find the weight of the Smith Mainline to be the perfect balance between lightweight comfort and robust durability. The cost comes in a little higher than some but still falls below some of the highest-priced options on the market. Another downside is that the Smith Mainline doesn’t offer the same level of protection as models such as the Tony Lee and Fox Racing. However, the security and safety are still there and entirely adequate for more riders.

6. Giro Switchblade MIPS
Most Popular Full Face Mounttain Bike Helmet


The Giro Switchblade MIPS offers riders a sought-after combination of convertible design and technology with downhill safety and protection. The Giro is the best of both worlds! We like that this model offers a removable chin bar for convenience and comfort. 

The Giro Switchblade offers incredible structure and strength in its design. Riders can feel confident that this model will last and offer protection for speedy downhill rides. The helmet also comes with high-quality interior padding made of hydrophilic materials to absorb moisture quickly and keep skin dry and comfortable throughout a long ride. 

7. Leatt DBX 4.0 – Best Downhill Helmet


The Leatt DBX 4.0 is a convertible option made of a lightweight polymer compound. This model rates high in rider comfort thanks to the high-quality liner made of dri-lex moisture-wicking material. We like this option for enduro rides because of its lightweight quality. The helmet also features twenty-two breathing ports for unbeatable airflow.

This helmet may not be the right option for riders looking for heavy-duty options with high rating protection and robust material. However, the Leatt still rates high in safety and offers quality protection for downhill mountain bike riding. 

How to Choose the Best Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmet

When choosing a full-face mountain bike helmet, remember to keep in mind that you want to prioritize protection over speed and aerodynamics. A mountain bike helmet should have a full-face visor to protect against the sun and crashing.

We’ve rated the Fox Racing Rampage Pro Carbon Weld as the best overall mountain bike helmet. However, this article offers a range of other top-quality options for mountain bike helmets with full-face visors and convertible options.

A mountain bike helmet can protect riders from serious injuries to the head, such as concussions. While downhill riders may want higher protection, enduro riders may look for comfortable options. We hope that this list of our top picks for full-face mountain bike helmets has made the shopping process a little easier!

Get the most out of your mountain biking experience! Remember to look for high-quality designs and prioritize safety and protection above all. Stay safe, and have fun!

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