Many people find choosing a suitable gravel bike helmet challenging. Even though Gravel bike helmets look similar, they are not the same. Just like there are various types of bikes, gravel bike helmets are also unique to the riding conditions.

I’ve tested over 20 models of gravel bike helmets and highlighted the best gravel bike helmets for adventure.

If you are looking for the best gravel bike helmet, Specialized Airnet MIPS is the best overall choice.

We have also exhaustively reviewed the best gravel bike helmets for ventilation, best for style, best for mountain riding, best budget, best for commuting as well as the best of the rest.

Keep reading to discover the best gravel bike helmets available for you now!

1. Specialised Airnet MIPS (Best Overall)


Made by the cycling industry juggernaut Specialized, this is the best all-around model in the market today. This is the best gravel bike helmet because it offers everything that an average rider needs daily. 

It has excellent ventilation, which makes your head cool even when you ride at high speeds. Its adjustable straps make sure that they fit well every time without any hassle. And its light weight ensures that you won’t feel like wearing a heavy piece of equipment while cycling. 

This bike is also equipped with MIPS technology- Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.


  • MIPS equipped.
  • Ultra-Light Mindset construction with height adjustability for the best fit.
  • Adjustable strap system to ensure comfort and security during long rides.
  • 4G Dimension Cooling System provides maximum airflow through the vents.
  • Composite matrix internal reinforcement structure helps reduce impact force transfer from the frame into the shell.
  • Tri-Fix web splitter increases airflow around the face area, providing a better cooling effect.
  • Fit system is ANGI ER’s new patented design allowing easy adjustment, so you get the perfect fit each time.
  • Reflective decals add visibility in low light situations.
  • Lightweight 4x Drylite Webbing + Carbon Fiber Reinforcement.


  • It provides superior protection against impacts from falls or crashes.
  • The material used to manufacture the helmet is lightweight yet durable.
  • Its ventilated design allows rapid evaporation of sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Adjustable straps allow you to customize the helmet according to your preference.
  • This helmet comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Very affordable price tag compared to other similar products available in the market.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Best for those who want a good quality product but don’t want to spend too much money.

2. Zacro Adult Bike Helmet Lightweight (Best For Ventilation) 


It is one of the most popular models among riders. The reason behind its popularity lies within its affordability as well as its excellent performance. Many people are using this helmet due to its simple features such as reflective stickers, mesh lining, and carbon fiber reinforced plastic. 

But what sets it apart from others is its ability to provide adequate ventilation. Thanks to its open-back design, you can easily breathe freely while riding. If you are not satisfied with the current level of the ventilation supplied by the previous model, this might be just what you need.


  • Special aerodynamic design for improved breathability
  • Mesh liner keeps out dust and debris
  • Carbon fiber reinforced plastic protects against hard knocks
  • Flexible foam padding absorbs shock and vibration
  • Reflectors help increase safety
  • Anti-slip rubber pads keep the helmet secure on your head
  • Removable visor included


  • It provides adequate ventilation
  • You’ll enjoy increased safety thanks to reflectors
  • It is very affordable
  • Great value for the money

Best for those looking for a gravel bike helmet with adequate ventilation because this helmet has been designed specifically for that purpose.

3. FROFILE Bike Helmet (Best For Style) 


This is an entry-level model, which makes it ideal for anyone starting off their biking journey. Its main selling point is its stylish look coupled with its excellent durability. 

Although it does have some minor issues like poor adjustability and lack of anti-fog capabilities, these problems do not affect its overall rating. With its high-quality materials and sturdy construction, this is something worth considering if you’re thinking about buying a first-ever bike helmet.


  •  Urban style well-crafted shell made up of handcrafted components
  • 300g lightweight EPS inner core
  • Protective brim shield – This protects your eyes from the sun’s glare
  • Anti-fogging coating – It keeps fogging away even when exposed to extreme weather conditions
  • Adjustable chin strap – Allows easy adjustment according to your comfort


  • Protects against UV rays
  • Keep your vision clear
  • Helps prevent eye fatigue
  • Comfortable fit.

Best for those wanting a stylish yet comfortable bicycle helmet at an economical price.

4. NEESKIN Adjustable Cycling helmet (Best Mountain Riding Helmet)


Mountain bikes require different types of helmets from the ones used for road bicycles. They usually come equipped with more vents to better deal with the cold winds that blow in during the winter months. 

In addition to providing adequate ventilation, this particular model also comes with adjustable straps. This allows you to customize the size of the helmet based on how big or small your head is. 

Another thing that makes this model stand out is its unique shape that helps protect your neck and spine. As far as other specifications go, there’s nothing extraordinary about this particular model except for its sleek appearance and innovative technology.


  • Properly padded and ventilated interior – This helps reduce pressure points while riding
  • Adjustable back strap – You can quickly tighten or loosen them depending on what type of terrain you are going through
  • Rear airflow channel – It helps calm down your head by drawing hot air from the inside of your skull
  • Integrated visor – provides shade from direct sunlight


  • Reduces risk of injury due to impact
  • Prevents overheating
  • Improves visibility

Best for those who ride mainly on mountainous areas, trails, and roads.

5. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet (Best Budget)


It features a complete face design that provides maximum coverage without obstructing your view. The helmet itself is very lightweight but still offers enough protection. 

There are no significant drawbacks associated with this product aside from its slightly low level of ventilation. However, given its affordable price tag, most people will be happy with this piece of equipment.


  • Full Face Design – This means that the entire front surface area of your head is covered. This includes both sides of your forehead, nose, cheeks, ears, jawline, etc.
  • Lightweight Construction – Made using only top-quality materials, this helmet weighs just 400 grams. That’s less than half of what many similar products weigh.
  • Ventilation System – Thanks to its fully open structure, this helmet has been designed to provide ample airflow throughout.
  • Impact Absorbent Foam – A layer of foam located between the outer shell and liner absorbs impacts. This reduces any chance of getting injured.


  • Light Weight – This helmet weighs around 400 grams making it one of the lighter models available today.
  • Protection Level – Since it covers almost every part of your body, it ensures that your head remains safe from injuries caused by falls.
  • Noise Reduction – Due to its superior soundproof properties, this helmet keeps noise levels to a minimum.
  • Flexibility – Unlike rigid shells, this helmet allows you to move freely thanks to its flexible material.

This is best suited for casual cyclists since it lacks sufficient safety measures.

6. Giro Isode MIPS Adult Road Cycling (Best For Commuting)

The first thing you’ll notice when looking at this gravel bike helmet is its color scheme consisting of bright yellow accents and black trimming. It looks great and stands out among others because of its bold colors. 

Aside from being eye-catching, these colors make sure that you’re always visible even under poor lighting conditions.


  • Integrated chin guard –  Makes riding more comfortable as well as safer. You can also adjust the angle of the chin bar according to your preference. 
  • Chin guard rotates 360 degrees – This gives you complete control over how it fits into place. 
  • Adjustable strap – Lets you secure the chin guard firmly onto your head. 
  • Two large vents – Allow adequate fresh air to enter through.


  • Comfortable fit – With its lightweight construction, this helmet feels like nothing compared to other helmets in its class. It won’t feel heavy or bulky on your head.
  • Adjustable Chin Guard – The chin guard adjusts easily, allowing you to customize its position depending on your preferences.
  • Durable Material – As mentioned earlier, this helmet uses high-grade polycarbonate plastic. This material withstands extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, dust, etc.

This is ideal for commuters who want something light yet sturdy. 

7. Vibrelli Commuter Bike Helmet (Best Of The Rest)

When we talk about gravel bike helmets, one of our top picks would be the Vibrelli Commute Bike Helmet. This is because they not only look good but their durability has been proven time after time. 

They are designed using impact-resistant materials, so you know that you’re safe no matter what happens. Their sleek styling allows them to blend right in wherever you go without drawing attention. What else can I say except that they deserve to take home the crown!


  • Impact Resistant Materials – Made from ABS Plastic, Polyethylene Terephthalate, and Styrene Copolymer, this helmet is built to last.
  • Efficient Ventilation System – Four small vents strategically placed around the front help cool down your head while providing ample airflow. 
  • Removable & Rotatable Chin Protector – Quickly remove the chin protector if needed and then reattach it whenever necessary.
  • Three Different Sizes Of Ear Plugs- These are perfect for blocking noise pollution.
  • Lightweight Construction – At just 2 pounds, this helmet doesn’t weigh much. That means less fatigue on your part.


  • Impact Resistance – Built with a combination of different plastics, these helmets provide maximum protection against any accidents. Even when exposed to severe impacts, the helmet remains intact.
  • Efficiency – Thanks to four ventilation slots located in strategic areas, this helmet keeps your head feeling cooler than ever before.
  • Removable And Rotatable Chinstrap – When you need to change the chinstrap, pull off the old one and put on the new one. Then replace the visor cover.
  • Lightweight Design – Since it weighs just 2 lbs., this helmet won’t add extra weight to your bicycle. Therefore, it’ll make sure that you get plenty of energy throughout the day.

Buying Guide

Highlighted below are the factors that you should consider before buying a gravel bike helmet.


This should include any protective gear like pads, visors, chin straps, etc. But more importantly, make sure this particular model has features that suit your style of riding. Some riders prefer padded helmets, whereas others don’t mind if there isn’t much cushioning inside. 

If you’re going to ride long distances, then you’ll want something comfortable but durable enough to withstand bumps and bruises. You may even find yourself doing longer rides where comfort becomes less of a priority. 

A good example will be if you plan to use the same helmet for commuting and weekend rides. For commuting, you might not care about comfort, but you’d probably want something lighter weight for weekends.


Weight plays a significant role in how comfortable a helmet feels. Weighing under 1kg, lightweight models tend to feel very light on the head, which allows them to move around better and offer increased mobility during longer rides. 

However, these helmets often lack sufficient safety equipment such as EPS foam liners and impact-absorbing material. On the flip side, heavy-duty models weigh between 2kg – 4kg. These helmets usually feature thick inner shells made of hard plastic materials that provide excellent protection against impacts. 

While they are generally considered safer because they are built more robustly, they aren’t always the comfiest option due to their largeness.


Many problems are associated with wearing a helmet, including headaches caused by poor fitting, pressure points, and discomfort. Most people who suffer from these symptoms wear helmets incorrectly. 

Make sure you follow our guide below to ensure you buy the right size and fit correctly. Also, check out our list of the best motorcycle helmets for beginners.


Comfort comes down to personal preference. Do you like soft helmets? Or perhaps you prefer ones with vents? How does the strap work for you? These factors play a part in determining whether or not a specific type of helmet fits comfortably.


Choose a color that suits your personality. Are you looking for something flashy or classic? Maybe you want something plain black. Whatever your choice, remember to match it with your clothing. Please don’t go overboard though, keep it simple.


As mentioned earlier, price doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Cheap helmets won’t last forever either. Look for reputable brands that sell high-end products at affordable prices.

Size Chart

Before purchasing anything online, know exactly what size you need. Many companies now offer size charts online so you can easily compare sizes.


Always read through the warranty information carefully before making a purchase. Not only does it tell you how long the manufacturer guarantees its product lasts, but it also tells you how easy it is to replace parts and repair damages.


Specialized Airnet MIPS is the best gravel bike helmet available today. It’s one of the few models we’ve tested that offers excellent performance without being too bulky. 

The MIPS uses an innovative design that provides maximum ventilation while keeping the helmet lightweight and compact. 

Its vent system keeps air flowing smoothly throughout the entire helmet, giving you full coverage when needed. With a low profile and sleek look, the MIPS will turn heads wherever you take it!

Fun Outdoors Team

The FunOutdoors team is comprised of seasoned writers and editors with a passion for outdoor living. 

Happy trails!

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