I recently moved to a house without a garage, and I needed a convenient space to keep my bicycle safe. I searched for the best outdoor bike storage sheds, and the internet hit me with hundreds of models of outdoor bicycle storage sheds, most of which wouldn’t even fit a single adult bicycle. 

I did a whole lot of legwork, and I even ordered a shed that I ended up returning. It didn’t accommodate anything besides my one bike, and it just barely fit. It was more of a cabinet than something I could call the best bike storage.  There are various ways to store bikes indoor as well as outdoor.

So, I kept searching, and I finally found the best outdoor bike storage shed the Rubbermaid large storage box. 

It has the right size to accommodate my bike, all of the bike accessories I have, and even some other outdoor equipment and tools. All that, and I didn’t need to pour a foundation, get a building permit, or hire a crane to put it in place. It’s even quite affordable for a storage shed for outdoor bike keeping. 

If you’re like me, you’re looking for a simple storage solution that’s best for an adult bicycle or two, with some room left over for accessories and other storage. Waterproofing and protection from the elements are a plus. 

I did all the research on outdoor bike storage sheds already, so let’s see what the best bike storage sheds have to offer. 

Bike Storage Sheds: The Best Reviewed

These are the best options for outdoor bike storage solutions. 

Best Overall Storage Shed For Bikes: Rubbermaid Large Storage Shed


Rubbermaid is probably the biggest name in outdoor storage solutions. This resin plastic shed comes in your choice of two colors, and in this, its largest configuration of 76 x 55 x 77 inches, it has ample room for up to four bikes, especially if you hang them up on the walls. And is also our Best Bike Storage Shed.

Hanging your bikes will preserve the rest of the internal storage space and maintain the floor for other items. 

This unit is a lockable bicycle storage unit to keep your bikes safe, and it won’t rot like cheap wooden bike sheds. This bike storage shed is perfect for multiple bikes, and there will be more storage space left over for cycling gear and other stuff, like garden tools and outdoor gear. 


  • The resin will not rot 
  • Lockable doors
  • Accessories kits available (sold separately)
  • Protects against the elements
  • Floor included
  • Maintenance-free
  • Limited warranty


  • Not waterproof
  • Not as solid as some other bicycle sheds

Best for Temporary and Budget Outdoor Bicycle Sheds: Yardstash 3


If you’re struggling to find a suitable bike storage solution that doesn’t break the bank or saddle you with permanent outdoor storage shed, consider this portable, temporary outdoor bike storage shed. 

Made of plastic, it’s more of a tent than a shed. Using a system of fiberglass poles to support a vinyl tarp makes this a viable answer for someone who wants to keep their bikes secure but doesn’t want to build a shed with plastic panels.

The biggest issue will likely be if there is enough space, so consider how many bikes you want to store and if other bicycle storage sheds might be worth the hassle of assembly. It’s much easier to assemble than typical metal sheds, but it’s certainly a viable option for a simple bicycle shed.

At 74 x 30 x 65 inches, there’s plenty of room for up to two bikes inside of the “˜winter warden,’ but three might not fit well in this outdoor bicycle storage unit.

There are two flaps for easy access, and there is a dedicated place for passing a chain through the tent material to add a lock and chain to your bike for secure storage. But you probably can’t fit a bike stand inside, and more than one bike will take up all the capacity. 

If you think this isn’t enough space for your outdoor bicycle storage, but you still don’t want a metal, or plastic bike shed, consider stepping up to the Yardstash IV for an upgrade to W74″ x D32″ x H68.” You might find enough room for up to three bikes, especially if one is a kid’s bike. 



  • Won’t stand up to the weight of much snow
  • Limited space
  • Tarp may rip 

Best for Big Outdoor Bicycle Storage Sheds: Lifetime Storage Shed


Have a lot of space in a reasonably flat area of your yard? Have lots of stuff you want to keep out of the elements in a massive, tidy shed with plenty of access? Then this Lifetime metal bike shed is for you. 

It is absolutely enormous at 240 x 96 x 96 inches compared to the other outdoor storage solutions on the market. Featuring steel trusses and additional reinforcements, the roof and sides of this outdoor storage shed will withstand the elements. 

The high-pitched roof speeds drainage and snowmelt, and the steel-reinforced doors are all lockable. Metals sheds are much sturdier than plastic sheds, and this one will definitely keep your bikes secure. 

Shatter-resistant windows, integrated storage hooks and shelves, two skylights, handsome siding, and a fully integrated floor round out the features of this massive shed with lockable doors.

It needs a flat place to live, so you may need to build a pad if you don’t already have a level area in your yard for this nearly thousand-pound monster. But once it’s in place, you could put a whole family’s worth of adult bikes, kid bikes, bike racks, toys, tools, lawn equipment, and more inside this metal bike shed. 

This is an ideal outdoor storage solution for those who need more space than a simple small bicycle shed and have a few dollars to spend. You’ll never feel like you don’t have enough space. 

Just be careful to make sure you have all the parts before you begin building. There are a lot of pieces, and missing one or two from the kit will slow you down, so just check everything out and contact customer service for a remedy if you discover an issue. 


  • Waterproof
  • Integrated floor
  • Maintenance-free siding
  • Ten-year limited warranty
  • Very large and sturdy storage unit 
  • Most secure bike storage shed
  • Can handle snow loads and wind
  • Lockable to keep an outdoor bicycle safe


  • Assembly is a bit of a project
  • Instructions aren’t great
  • Check for missing pieces

Best for Combination Bike and General Outdoor Storage Unit: Rubbermaid Outdoor Shed


This shed is a great option for those who want a larger storage area but don’t need something as massive as the Lifetime shed. At about seven feet by seven feet, this Rubbermaid shed is like a small extension of a garage, and up to four bikes should fit easily. 

You can fit a tractor, some bikes, and a whole bunch of tools inside its 332 cubic feet of space. It needs a flat place to live, but it can be a lot more than just a bicycle storage shed. Consider building a small pad to level and support it. For a bit of convenience and style, add a ramp leading to the double, swing-out doors. 

You can also upgrade this bicycle shed to come with optional storage accessories like utility hooks, a rack for hanging bikes and tools, and a shelf with fifty pounds capacity to get things up off the floor. 

You’ll have a bit of work to do to assemble this plastic bike shed, expect it will take two people about three hours. Then you’ll have a bicycle storage shed for much more than one bike. This is a comprehensive outdoor bicycle storage shed, with the bonus of a general outdoor storage shed’s capacity. 


  • Waterproof
  • Lots of floor space
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • 10-year warranty must register with the included card
  • Ample space for multiple bikes and other equipment
  • Lockable


  • Probably won’t stand up to powerful winds
  • The floor is pretty thin

Best for Kids Bikes: Rubbermaid Split-Lid Storage Shed

This is a minimalist option that might work if you don’t necessarily need a shed and aren’t storing anything bigger than a kid’s bike. You won’t be able to fit all kinds of tools, supplies, and equipment in this one. 

But, it’s a quick and relatively affordable solution to keeping a kid’s bike out of the elements. The top opens in two sections, each supported by a strut. The front doors swing wide, granting full access to the modest interior that is just about four feet wide, which should give you just enough room for your little guy’s bike, scooter, and some other toys. 

Be sure to double-check your desired dimensions. The outside of this shed measures about 4’7″ L x 2’4″ W x 3’H, but the inside is closer to 3’11″ x 1’9″ x 2’5.” Be sure to carefully consider what size bike shed you need, before purchasing this relatively small outdoor bicycle storage unit. 

This shed is light enough to move with a helper, weighing just under 55 pounds. It requires only household tools to put together its seven pieces, and it comes with a handy wooden shelf. It’s also lockable and has a sturdy floor. 


  • Weather resistant
  • Quick and convenient assembly
  • Enough space for kid bikes
  • Integrated floor
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Limited warranty
  • Portable with a helper


  • Limited space, bike racks won’t fit
  • Fit and finish of plastic panels isn’t always perfect
  • Some rain or snowmelt may get inside

Buying Guide: Finding the Best Bike Shed

When you’re buying an outdoor shed for bikes, think about these factors while you shop. 

What Are You Storing?

If you’re storing bikes, you want a bicycle storage shed that is pretty much waterproof and at least weather resistant. A little bit of moisture trapped inside your shed during a period of disuse could see your bikes turn rusty. 

So, it’s important to look for something that can stand up to the elements. 

If you’re also going to store yard equipment, tractors, seed, and the like, you might want something tough enough to stand up to not only the weather but nuisance critters as well. Even the best bike shed could become the target of curious animals, so consider taking extra steps to protect it. 

If you have sharp tools that could possibly puncture your bicycle shed, consider something sturdier. Sharp or heavy objects may need additional support, so the sturdier your base, the better, especially if you’re looking at plastic bike sheds. 

How Big Do You Need To Go?

How many bikes do you need to store? If your storage needs stop with just a single bike, you can opt for any storage solution that it fits inside of. But, if you want to put more than one bike, other outdoor toys, garden equipment, tools, and supplies out of sight as well, you’re going to need to step up the size of your shed. 

If you measure a bike and decide it fits in a particular shed, consider if it’s worth it to upgrade your bicycle storage shed size a bit, to make storing that much easier and convenient. 

Do you really want to struggle to fit two bikes inside your shed, or have to remove the front wheels to make it work? Or trip over your bikes to reach the tools you have hidden inside our outdoor shed?

Consider your needs carefully, and if you’re dealing with kid bikes today, be mindful that they’ll need bigger bikes down the road. 

Bike Shed Potential Issues

When planning your bicycle shed purchase and installation, keep a few things in the back of your mind to avoid problems.

Get Flat

Make sure you have a solid, level pad for your shed. It doesn’t need to be concrete, but none of these models want to sit on anything that is only supported at the corners. And if it sits crooked, it won’t last. 

A metal bike shed can handle a little bit of unevenness, but plastic sheds will probably crack if not almost perfectly level. And once cracked, it won’t keep your bikes safe. 

Do You Need a Permit?

Depending on where you live and the size of your yard, you may need to factor in local zoning ordinances. For instance, you might not be able to place a large metal bike shed without a permit, or even small plastic sheds close to the property line. 

Snow is Heavy

If you live in an area that sees significant snow, you should be prepared to remove it from the top of your shed promptly after a storm, especially if it’s a lightweight model like some of the plastic sheds we’ve seen. 

Even with weather resistant outdoor bike storage sheds, removing the snow will preserve your shed’s structural integrity and help prevent snow from melting and dripping inside. 

Remember, even the best bike storage shed needs some occasional TLC. 

Could You DIY a Wooden Bike Shed?

Building a simple wooden bike shed isn’t that difficult. But even the best wooden sheds tend to break down a bit over the years, so you’re much more likely to see outdoor bike storage sheds made from plastic these days. 

And, since the price of lumber is very high right now, a wooden bike shed could be prohibitively expensive to build. But, if you’re very handy and have access to discounted lumber, wooden sheds are certainly a viable option. You may even be able to find a vendor that sells and delivers wooden sheds either pre-built, or as a kit. 

For various bike storage options.

The Three Types of Outdoor Bike Storage Sheds: Pros and Cons

When it comes to the construction of outdoor storage shed, there are three main types. 

Wooden Storage Sheds

A wooden bike shed is a good option for a DIY builder, whether for bike storage or other needs. But even the best wooden bike shed has some limitations.


  • Build to whatever size and specs you want for adult bikes and more
  • Paint to match your home


  • Wooden sheds tends to rot
  • Wooden bike sheds are expensive

Metal Storage Sheds

Metal construction is quite sturdy, especially when compared to a plastic bike shed. But, there are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering metal bike sheds.


  • Perfect for heavy-duty outdoor bike storage
  • Metal bike sheds are sturdy 
  • Won’t rot like wooden bike sheds


  • Corrosion and rust is possible with metal bike sheds
  • Might be overkill for a simple outdoor bicycle storage shed

Plastic Storage Sheds

Plastic storage sheds are in many ways ideal for storing bikes. 


  • Common construction for bike sheds
  • Won’t rot like wooden sheds
  • Won’t rust like metal sheds
  • Best bike storage sheds for the money
  • Lighter than storage sheds made from metal or wood


  • Not as sturdy as wooden bike sheds
  • Not as durable metal bike sheds
  • Not as fancy as other storage unit options

The Best Bike Storage Shed: Bottom Line

For most homeowners looking to store a bike or two, the Rubbermaid Large Storage Shed is the best bike shed. It’s got plenty of room for two bikes and more, but it doesn’t take up too much space. 

You’ll have to be pretty organized and neat if you want to fit a lot of supplies and equipment in addition to your bikes, but that’s made easier with Rubbermaid’s suite of accessories, sold in optional kits to complement your new sturdy shed.

For a few dollars more than the standalone cost of this reasonably priced shed, you can add wire baskets, corner tool racks, wall hangers, pegboards, shelving, racks, and more. 

It won’t rust or rot, it’s easy to assemble with two people, and at under 200 pounds, it’s sturdy without being a behemoth. You can lock it to keep your bikes and other toys and equipment safe. The double doors swing wide open for easy access, making putting bikes inside easy. 

If you’re looking at outdoor bicycle sheds to store bikes, you just found an ideal solution. Check it out today and see if your bikes will fit in the Rubbermaid Large Storage Shed.

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