We tested 9 of the best power pedals on the market and found the Favero Assioma Duo to be the best power pedals in 2022 for on and off-road cycling.

Power pedals and meters can take your biking skills to the next level. Installing a power meter will improve your fitness, heart rate, and performance. While there are many options out there on the market, only one can be the best. 

We tested and researched a wide range of power pedal designs and styles and decided the Favero Assioma Duo is the best overall power pedal option.

This power pedal has everything you need to improve your cycling performance. Designed for road bikes, the Assioma Duo uses two-pedal sensors to provide extremely accurate data about your ride.

The pedal is built from the highest quality components, is incredibly durable, and can withstand long and difficult rides without a problem. It’s also easy to install and can be quickly transferred to your other bikes. 

All these features make the Favero Assioma Duo our pick for the best power pedals in 2022.

The 9 Best Power Pedals

Of course, this pedal might not be right for everyone. There are many factors to consider before choosing a power pedal, and we’ll go over them after we review a selection of power pedals. 

Ready to learn more about the best power pedals? Keep reading below to learn more about the best power pedals on the market. 

Favero Assioma Duo – Best Overall Power Pedal


Favero has been a leader in the bicycle power meter industry since 2015. The Favero Assioma Duo is their flagship pedal and will provide precise measurements for riders of any skill level. 

These pedals feature dual-sided power meters and sensors on both pedals that will give you detailed info specific to each pedal. You’ll also get amazingly accurate power and cadence information while riding. 

Accurate data is also provided through IAV power and a gyroscope. This allows Assioma to detect instantaneous angular velocity and irregular pedal in any outdoor conditions.  

Installing the Assioma Duo is as simple as installing a basic bike pedal and requires no additional tools. The additional spindle system also allows you to transfer the pedals to other bikes and convert them for use on mountain bikes.

Outfitted with ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART connections, the pedals will provide accurate information to Strava, MapMyRide, and many other bicycling applications.

If you enjoy long rides, the Assioma Duo has you covered with a 50-hour rechargeable battery. 

  • An extremely accurate IAV Power system guarantees 99% accuracy.
  • The Auto-calibration system ensures accurate measurements on every ride.
  • Shimano pedal compatibility.
  • Favero power meter pedals are waterproof, dustproof, and durable. 

All these features make the Favero Assioma Duo a genuinely remarkable and accurate pair of power meter pedals that will last for years. 

Favero Assioma Uno – Best Single Pedal Power Meter


Do you prefer a single pedal power meter? Favero also offers a single pedal version of their bike power meter systems. This system uses a sensor mounted on the left pedal.

Choosing a single pedal meter will save you money but will still provide you with accurate biking measurements. The system takes your left leg power measurement and doubles it to determine your total power while biking. 

You still get all the fantastic features of the DUO systems in the Uno power pedal, including ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, 50-hour battery life, and incredible accuracy levels. 

  • Simple to install bicycle power meter pedal.
  • IAV Power Technology provides exceptionally accurate measurements during biking. 
  • Auto-Zero calibration means there’s no need to set up your bike computer every ride.
  • Assioma Uno pedals are waterproof, dustproof, and incredibly durable.  

Favero Assioma DUO-SHI – Best Shimano Compatible Pedal Option


Shimano is one of the most popular bicycle component manufacturers in the world. Their pedals are amazing and are already installed on countless bikes around the world. If you own a set of Shimano pedal bodies and want to convert them into a power pedal, the DUO-SHI is the product for you.

You’ll get all the high-tech features from the Assioma line in these components. Connection is provided by Bluetooth and ANT+, and you’ll have no problem connecting to your favorite bike computer or fitness applications. 

This meter was specially designed to work with most Shimano road pedals to become a combined pair of “Favero Shimano pedals”. You can keep your current pedals and add these precise sensors to your pedals to track your performance.

  • Compatible with Shimano road pedal bodies, including PD-8000, PD-R7000, PD-6800, PD-R550, and PD-R540.
  • IAV Cycling Dynamics provides accurate power measurements.
  • Easy to install and remove. This allows the rider to use the sensors on several bikes. 
  • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last at least 50 hours on a single charge. 

Garmin Rally RS200 – Best Road Racer Power Pedal Meter


The Garmin Rally RS200 shines on the open road. This dual pedal system has an ultra-slim design that can improve cornering and stack height performance while racing. 

The Rally RS200 gives detailed left-right data concerning total power, cadence, and more. The data can be accessed using Garmin’s advanced cycling dynamics data, your bike computer, or your favorite smartphone fitness app. Fast and accurate data transfer is performed through Bluetooth and Ant+.

Do you use Shimano SPD-SL cleats? You’re in luck. The Garmin Rally RS200 is the first pair of Garmin power meter pedals compatible with these popular cleats. 

  • Simple installation and transferable spindle design let you use the RS200 on many different bikes.
  • Upgraded battery compartment ensures safe operation for over 120 hours on one charge.
  • Precise tracking of seated and standing positions during your rides. 

Garmin Rally RS100 – Affordable Road Bike Power Pedal Meter


The RS100 is the single-sided version of the Garmin Rally RS200. This power pedal features a single-side sensor that provides detailed and accurate information for road biking and racing. 

The left-side mounted sensor is accurate to +/-1% and will provide ample cadence, leg-power, and more data. 

The Rally RS100 is an excellent option for bikers on a budget. You can start with one pedal and upgrade to the dual-sided option when you are ready without purchasing a new system.

The transferable spindle design also allows you to use the RS100 on any bike. It’s also easy to install and remove, making this power pedal an excellent buy for riders who own multiple bikes.

  • Shimano SPD-SL compatible.
  • The upgraded battery can last up to 120 hours and is replaceable. 
  • The Modern pedal design improves cornering and stack height while on the road.  

Garmin Rally RK200 – Best Bike Pedal for Multiple Biker Owners


If you ride on road and mountain bikes, the Garmin Rally RK200 offers plenty of features that make it easy to use on all your bikes. With a simple installation and transferable spindle, the Rally RK200 can be installed on road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross, touring bikes, and more.  

The RK200 uses the same technologies in all of Garmin’s high-end pedals and will provide highly accurate data, including cadence, total power, gauge position, left/right balance, and more. Edge cycling computer compatibility, Bluetooth, and ANT+ give you fast and easy access to all your biking data as well.

  • 120-hour battery life allows you to train for long sessions. 
  • Compatible with LOOK KEO cleats. 
  • Compatible with Strava, TrainingPeaks, TrainerRoad, and more. 

Garmin Rally XC200 – Best Dual Sensor Mountain Bike Pedal Meter


Tracking pedal power and energy output while mountain biking presents a unique challenge. While mountain biking, you will constantly be changing pedal power, stance, and energy output. You need a sensor that can keep up with these changes. 

After countless runs, we found the Garmin Rally XC200 to be the best power pedal for mountain bikers. These pedals are designed from the ground up for off-road riding and will work great on MTB, XC, or cyclocross bikes.

The dual side sensors provide accurate measurements, including total power, cadence, balance, time standing, and time sitting. All this data can easily be transferred to your bike computer or favorite app through ANT+ and Bluetooth technologies.

Do you also ride a road bike? The Rally XC200 can easily be transferred between all your bikes with an additional spindle. 

  • The durable design is ideal for the dangers of off-road and downhill mountain biking.
  • The included rechargeable batteries can last up to 120 hours on a single charge.
  • XC200 pedals are easy to install and transfer to other bikes. 

Garmin Rally XC100 – Best Single Pedal Mountain Bike Pedal Meter


If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to a dual power pedal for your mountain bike, you should check out the Garmin Rally XC100. Based on the same technologies as the XC200, this power pedal is great for mountain bikers who want accurate stats on a budget. 

This single pedal metered system is ideal for mountain bike trails, gravel roads, XC, or cyclocross biking. 

  • Upgradeable to a dual pedal system for more accurate measurements.
  • Simple installation and the pedals can be converted into road bike meters. 
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connections provide data to bike computers and smartphone apps. 

Look Exakt Dual – Best Lightweight Dual Power Pedal 

In a bike race, every gram of weight can slow you down. If you are looking to cut down the weight of your bike while still receiving vital and accurate data, the Look Exakt Dual pedal should do the trick. 

Coming in at 155 grams, this is the lightest option on our list. The carbon fiber body provides lightweight durability, while the stainless steel platform adds durability to the pedal. The design is also waterproof and dustproof due to its double seal system.

This dual-sensor pedal provides a wealth of data, including total power, force, and efficiency. Data is accessed through your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth or ANT+ connections.

  • An extremely lightweight pedal is ideal for bikers concerned with cutting grams off their total weight before a ride.
  • The rechargeable battery lasts over 100 hours on a single charge.
  • The Innovative and modern design improves the aerodynamics of the pedal. 

Power Pedal Buying Guide

Still confused about power meters and pedals? Below we’ll cover what to look for when researching your next purchase, pedal alternatives, and additional important info about bike power meters.

Single or Dual Pedal Meter?

Power pedals come in dual and single varieties. While both can provide highly accurate performance, a dual pedal meter will be even more precise. It can also provide detailed information that can help you compare how each of your legs is performing during a ride. This data can be extremely important for experienced or professional bikers. 

The drawback of dual pedal meters is their cost. Since there are sensors mounted in both pedals, they will cost nearly twice as much. If costs are an issue, consider starting with a single pedal meter. Many of the options on this list offer an upgrade option where you can purchase the second pedal in the future when you are ready to upgrade your system. 

Left/Right leg data can only be captured by using a dual pedal meter. If you need to know the exact power output of both your legs individually, you will need to invest in a dual pedal meter. 

Type of Rider and Terrain

Some power pedals will work better under different conditions. If you are an avid mountain biker, you should invest in a specially designed pedal for mountain bikes or cyclocross bikes like the Garmin Rally XC200. 

If you dabble in many different riding styles, you can always choose a power pedal that offers interchangeability. These types of pedals will save you money since you won’t have to purchase a different pedal meter for every bike you own. 

Measurement Accuracy

Accurate data is essential if you want to improve as a rider. Luckily all the bike pedals we reviewed provide amazingly precise power data. You’ll find the accuracy to be within 1% or less on all the above power pedals.

Single pedal systems use a sensor on the left pedal and double its results to provide accurate readings. While this is entirely accurate, you miss out on data from your right leg. If you want the most accurate data possible, you will have to invest in a dual power pedal system so you can record data from both right and left legs. 

Component Weight

Every component you add to your bike adds weight. Luckily, power pedals are made of high-end and lightweight materials. None of the pedals we reviewed weighed between 150 and 300 grams per pedal. This is equivalent to other high-end biking pedals, and you won’t gain too much bicycle weight by adding a power pedal to your bike.  

Reliability and Durability

Bike pedal meters are not cheap. You’ll want a pedal that will withstand challenging rides and last for years. When researching bike pedals, look for pedals that are waterproof, dustproof, and offer extended warranties to ensure you’re always safe while riding. 

Installation and Transferability

Out of all the bike meter components, pedals are one of the easiest to install. They require no special tools and can be installed in minutes. This also makes it easy to transfer to another bike if you own more than one bicycle. You won’t need to be a pro bike mechanic to install power pedals. 

Many of the pedals on this list also offer Shimano cleat and pedal compatibility. This allows them to be used in addition to your current gear. 


All the power pedals we reviewed include ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity options. These wireless protocols allow you to connect to most modern bike computers and a wide range of fitness apps on your smartphone or tablet. 

Some of the most popular apps available include Favero App, Strava, Garmin Connect App, and Exakt Power. If you have a preferred application you like to run, you should choose a pedal that works well with the app. 

Do you Need a Pedal Meter?

If you’re a casual bike rider, you probably don’t need a pedal meter. A pedal meter is an excellent investment if you take biking seriously and need accurate data to improve your biking. 

  • Power pedals are essential for experienced cyclists, biking coaches, and sports scientists. 
  • Power pedals remove the guesswork in training and provide accurate, quantifiable data.
  • Meters can improve a structured training program.
  • You’ll be able to track your fitness and growth more accurately in apps like Strava and TrainingPeaks.
  • A meter will improve your race pacing and performance.
  • Coaches can monitor you anywhere you are riding through apps and software. 
  • Using a power meter can keep you motivated and on track with your training. 

Power Pedal Alternatives

A pedal isn’t the only way to monitor your cycling performance. Bike manufacturers have added sensors to many other bike components as well, and they can provide accurate and detailed information while you are on or off-road. 

  • Crank arm meters are the most common, inexpensive, and easy to install. 
  • Spider power meters have excellent accuracy but can be difficult to install.
  • Hub power meters are accurate and can be quickly changed to a different bike.
  • Handlebar meters use wind measurements, elevation sensors, and an accelerometer to measure your power. 
  • Bottom bracket power meters replace your current crankset.

All these components are viable options for bike powering metering and compete well with bike pedal meters. 

What Else Do You Need Besides Power Pedals?

Once your pedals are installed, you’ll need a way to read and analyze the data. The most common way to read pedal data is by investing in a cycling computer or using a biking app on your smartphone or tablet.

Most power meters will use Bluetooth and ANT+ to connect to the computer or app. Be sure you choose a pedal that is compatible with your cycling computer or favorite application. 

Which is the Best Overall Power Pedal?

After extensive research and testing, we can reliably say that if you’re looking for the best, go with the Favero Assioma Duo power meter pedals. It features extremely accurate data from dual-side sensors, excellent connectivity, long battery life, and Shimano compatibility. 

Of course, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, the Favero Assioma Uno has plenty of the features of the Duo but in a single pedal option.

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