In the interest of getting ready for the fast-approaching winter months, I decided to research the best winter bike helmets – of which the TurbokSke Summit Series (2023 flagship) Snow Helmet is the best overall option of the bunch.

There are a lot of things that go into picking the best helmet for cold weather. Does it do an excellent job of protecting you from the elements? Is it well designed? Is it comfortable? Will it last a good while?

I had to consider these questions a lot during my research. Getting a helmet that meets all your requirements is no easy task with how much variety there is. However, I’ve found a few options that are a cut above the rest in the areas that matter most. In addition to being adequately geared for the winter, every helmet covered in this review excels in a specific area.

As I’ve already mentioned, the TurboSke Summit Series (2023 flagship) Snow Helmet is my top choice for the best winter bike helmet right now. It simply gives you the most bang for your buck and has no significant design flaws.

It has excellent ventilation, audio compatibility, excellent interior and exterior protection, and other great features that I will cover in more detail below. So, keep reading if you want to know more. Some of them also double up as ski and snowboarding helmets.

While I will give you an overview of each helmet, I will also give you a sense of how the helmets set themselves apart from their competition to help you establish what you’re getting with a specific helmet aside from protection against the cold.

Top 5 Best Winter Bike helmets Reviewed:

Now, let’s dive into my top picks so you can get onto buying yourself that perfect winter bike helmet for the upcoming months.

TurboSke Summit Series (2023 Flagship) Snow Helmet – Best Overall


The TurboSke Summit Series (2023 Flagship) Snow Helmet is an option I put on this list mainly for its price point. Being the 2nd cheapest helmet on this list, the TurboSke Summit Series may seem a little less impressive visually. However, it still has a lot of good features going for it.

Unlike other helmets on this list, the outer PC (polycarbonate ) shell of the TurboSke Summer Series has an additional ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) hard plastic shell. The difference between the two materials is not very major because both do an excellent job offering protection against heavy impacts.

Typically, ABS plastic does not last as long as polycarbonate. Polycarbonate also has more resistance to impacts. However, you’ll have double the protection when wearing this helmet since it utilizes both materials.

Despite being less expensive, the TurboSke Summer Series has many excellent features found in more expensive helmets.

It has three sizes of small, medium, and large to offer maximum accessibility, along with a retention dial that allows for tweaking to find the perfect comfort level. A dual regular ventilation system makes it easy to change up the amount of air flowing in and out of the helmet on either end. And removable, washable ear pads that have audio compatibility.

The interior has standard EPS foam for comfort and protection, and the overall weight of the helmet is 1.3lbs. Not the lightest weight among helmets by any means, but this is a snowboard helmet, so it will naturally weigh more than most cycling helmets.

For the lower price, the TurboSke Summer Series is hard to beat. There isn’t anything to not love about this helmet. So, if you’re looking for something on the cheaper end of things that still performs amazingly, this is your pick.

VICTGOAL VG112 Bike Helmet – Best For Customizability and Accessories


The VICTGOAL VG112 Bike Helmet is next on this list because it has the most customizability and accessories.

This cycling helmet is made with expanded polystyrene and possesses a lightweight design that will keep you from feeling like you are even wearing a helmet.

You might think that such a light helmet won’t protect you as it should, but the VG112 has specialized impact resistance. The helmet interior’s EPS foam is solid and stable, so your head will be well protected when riding.

Fantastic adjustability is another benefit that the VG112 has over many other winter bike helmets, as the helmet straps are fully adjustable.

The VG112 also comes with three main accessories. A rechargeable helmet light, magnetic goggles, and a magnetic visor. The magnetic goggles and visor are seamlessly attachable and detachable, offering a level of flexibility that makes the helmet quite adaptable.

Throw on the visor if you are out riding on a cloudless winter day when the sun is in full effect. If you know you’ll be going through an area where there will be lots of tiny flying debris or even strong winds, bring down the goggles. Both accessories are also wearable at the same time.

The rechargeable helmet light has three different lighting modes that you can switch between on the fly. The modes are steady, fast flashing, and slow flashing. All three will help you stand out regardless of the environment you are riding in and keep your presence known to anyone who might be nearby.

The light lasts for ten hours of use and requires two hours to charge. This lengthy lifespan and quick charging time make the light practically always available for use. 

So, what’s the one drawback to this exceptional helmet? Well, it does not do anything special to combat the cold weather.

However, because of how light and adjustable the VG112 is, it’s easy to pair it with scarfs, ski masks, and other additional accessories that will keep you warm. If you’re okay with that being the case, there is no reason not to consider this helmet strongly.

Smith Level MIPS Snow Helmet – Best Winter Bike helmet For Warmth

Next up on the list is the Smith Level MIPS Snow Helmet for the cold weather.

At first glance, this helmet might not seem entirely as decked out as the VG112 from a customizability standpoint. Still, I have it on this list because it excels at keeping your head warm.

Like the TurboSke Summer Series, the Smith Level MIPS’s snowboarding-based design works just fine for biking. The helmet’s shape does an excellent job of protecting all areas of your head, which you want in any helmet for biking.

The one central point I will mention before diving into the additional features of the helmet is that you likely won’t be able to use this helmet outside of winter at all. It comes with 20 vents, and that allows for a considerable amount of airflow. However, you will be hot if you wear it for an extended period.

The Smith Level MIPS’s shell material features polycarbonate, which offers strong protection against falls. This design has a bit of a downside as the helmet weighs 19 oz. which is heavier than some helmets. While you may not notice the weight upon putting the helmet on initially, you will most certainly feel the heaviness after wearing it for a while.

Don’t be put off by the weight alone, as that is the only con this helmet has, in my opinion.

It comes with added protection for your brain by including a low-friction layer that runs 10-15mm in each direction. Combine that with the polycarbonate shell, and you will have a lot of protection against impacts.

The Smith Level MIPS has earpads for added warmth, and they are completely removable, which makes cleaning them easy.

While I said earlier that the helmet comes with 20 vents, I did not mention the AirEvac 2 ventilation system. The system takes moist air and prevents it from fogging up your sunglasses while you are riding. It can also be used for skiing and snowboarding.

So, suppose you wear sunglasses or goggles when you ride and often find yourself unable to see because of foggy glasses. In that case, this helmet will wipe away that problem.

The final noteworthy feature of the Smith Level MIPS is its compatibility with Aleck, Outdoor Tech, and Skullcandy audio systems. This feature lets you easily listen to whatever media you like to enjoy while riding, be it music, audiobooks, podcasts, or something else.

Having all this in mind, I highly recommend this helmet if you’re looking for something that will help against the cold. Again, it is heavier than the other options on this list, but if warmth is your main selling point, then this is the helmet for you.

WildHorn Outfitters Ski-Helmets Drift – Best For Ventilation Control during cold weather


The Drift ski helmet is another excellent helmet for keeping your head warm. I prefer it over the Smith Level MIPS because it has many of the same capabilities but takes those capabilities a step further in several ways. Its also one of the best snowboarding helmets for the super cold weather.

The Drift has a built-in ventilation system that gives you more control over the temperature you’re experiencing at any given moment. This Drift’s ventilation system has 13 vents instead of the Smith Level MIPS’s 20, but unlike the MIPS, the vents of the Drift can slide open or closed.

Being a ski helmet, the Drift will still feel hotter than an actual biking helmet. However, the level of ventilation control makes it a more versatile helmet that you can wear on hot winter days.

The earpads of the Drift are also audio compatible with WildHorn Alta’s Bluetooth earphones and easily removable if you don’t want to wear them on hotter days. This removability gives you more control over how hot or cold you want to be.

The Drift features the same PC shell and EPS foam as most snow sport helmets, so it sits among the best of the best regarding how much it will protect you from any impacts. While highly sturdy and well built, this helmet manages to be one of the lighter ones on the market and does not feel overly tight on the head.

Assuming you purchase the correct size for your head, the Drift’s fit is just snug enough to be comfortable for extended wearing periods. The built-in knob on the back of the helmet gives on-the-fly adjustability, making it easy for you to find the right fit.

So, with all these great features in mind, you’re probably waiting to hear the big flaw. Surprisingly, I found no significant problems in any areas of the Drift’s design. It does all the essentials of keeping you warm and safe for winter riding and has a sleek look that’s easy on the eyes.

Buying Guide

If you decide that none of the four options above quite meet the standards you’re looking for, here are some things to keep in mind as you keep shopping around for bike winter helmets which can also double up as ski and snowboarding helmets.

Why a winter Helmet?

Interior and Exterior Protection

A helmet’s protection capability is the essential feature since the whole point of buying a helmet is to protect yourself from injury. That said, be sure to check the material of both the exteriors and interiors of helmets, as not all materials are equally strong.

You want PC for the exterior shell, which is easy to find because most companies make their helmets from either PC or ABS. Both are suitable materials, and you can research the differences between the two if interested. The skiing and snowboarding helmets are also a good option for the cycling during snow.

The interior material is not quite as critical, but I recommend helmets with EPS in their interiors. Again, this tends to be the most common form of internal material because it is the most effective, so you should have little trouble finding it.


After protection comes ventilation. Since you’re looking for a helmet for riding in the coldest months of the year, staying warm is going to be a priority, but controlling that warmth is just as important.

Many helmets have ventilation systems that help air come inside the helmet. You want to try and avoid those with ventilation systems that have no adjustability. The last thing you want is to be riding on a cold, windy day while wearing a helmet whose vents are always open and letting cold air inside.

Even though helmets that have adjustable vents tend to cost more money, I would recommend you go with a pricier option if you have the budget for it. Cold winds are sometimes more brutal than freezing temperatures, especially if you’re riding at high speeds, so go ahead and invest in some added protection.

Easy Adjustability

Many helmets come with adjustable straps; however, some strap systems are more accessible than others. Preferably, it would be best if you look for an adjustment system that you can use easily with one hand.

Once you find your preferred level of tightness with a helmet, you probably won’t find yourself changing it much. Suppose you need to adjust it, though. In that case, it will be convenient to have a helmet that allows you to do so quickly, as some helmets require you to take them off before making any adjustments.

There are many different strap systems out on the market, and the majority of them work well. Personally, the designs I like most are the ones that have a simple knob or dial that adjusts tightness by turning.


Many helmets that I came across had much higher prices than the four I covered during my research. Feature-wise, none of them possess anything additional that warrants paying an extra hundred dollars.

For example, some helmets have a built-in tracking system that allows rescue services to locate you quickly in an emergency. This feature is undoubtedly a worthwhile add-on, but for your purposes, it probably is not necessary. Not when you can opt for cheaper helmets that are still exceptionally high quality.

It’s completely okay to go for a more expensive option. Just do your research first and know what you’re paying for, so you don’t wind up with any buyer’s remorse.

Wrapping Up

So, of these four excellent winter bike helmets, which one is the best?

I recommend the TurboSke Summit Series (2023 Flagship) Snow Helmet. It has the most well-rounded set of offerings, looks good, combines both APS and PC protection, and has a dual ventilation system that will keep you nice and warm.

Its asking price is right in the range of what I would consider the sweet spot for winter biking helmets. It also has an incredibly high amount of positive reviews from buyers. I usually try not to put too much stock into customer reviews. However, it is hard to do this when a product has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

You can buy the TurboSke Summit Series (2023 flagship) Snow Helmet on Amazon and all other helmets covered in this review.

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Happy trails!

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