Top 12 Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 (Budget-Friendly e-bikes)

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We’ve tested and reviewed several excellent best electric bikes under $1000 for those budget-minded people. After the extensive resarch by out team we found that the best overall choice was the Natko eBike.

We understand your desire to lessen your carbon footprint. We are right there with you. That’s why we are such fans of electric bikes. Not only can you lower your monthly gas bill, but you can also do your part to reduce car emissions by opting for an eBike. 

Of course, if saving money is on your mind, you’re in the right place. We have a full list of the best electric bikes under 1000. Topping our list is Natko because of its overall balance, available options, and affordability.

Of course, if the Natko isn’t your style, we have options for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros. 

If you want a shortlist and not a lot of detail, we’ve listed a compacted version of our reviews with links to the eBike’s for ease of access. Keep reading to find your next affordable eBike!

Our Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

  1. The Natko eBike – Best Overall
  2. The Heybike Mars Electric Bike – Best Fat Tire Electric Bike
  3. The SwagCycle EB-5 Pro – Best Simplistic & Lightweight
  4. The Gyroor C3 eBike – Best Rear Suspension
  5. CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Bike – Best Stable Mountain eBike
  6. The Yiilove Electric Mountain eBike – Best Folding Electric Mountain Bike
  7. The Jetson Bolt 14-inch – Best Compact Option
  8. The Vivi S1 – Best for Casual Riders
  9. The Ancheer 26-inch eBike – Best for the Short Commute
  10. The Ecotric Fat-Tire – Best for Less Effort
  11. Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike – Best City Cruiser
  12. The Kemanner 26-inch Electric Mountain Bike – Best Customer Service

12 Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 Reviewed

Electric bikes are on the rise, and with the wave of innovation and technology comes more accessibility to things that may have cost a small fortune back when they were just getting started. When you need the best electric bikes under $1,000 and have to keep to a tight budget, it’s no longer impossible to find high-quality choices!

So let’s explore a few choices, compare pros and cons, and you can decide for yourself what suits your needs. 

Best Overall – Natko eBike

The Natko eBike is our favorite choice for this list, given its stylish appearance, decent battery life, and excellent price. It’s a perfect choice for beginners or seasoned electric bike commuters who want a small backup on hand.

Featuring a 36V10AH lithium battery, this eBike can travel up to 35 miles on a single charge, making it great for traveling around town or commuting to work. Additionally, it reaches an average speed of 25 mph that can boost to a max of 35 mph, both with throttle and pedal-assist modes. 

The battery is removable, too, if you want a classic pedal bike for any of your trips. Moreover, the removable battery adds to the overall value, as you can charge it without needing the bike nearby whatever charging station you might be using.


  • Plenty of colors and styles to choose from, all within a similar price range
  • A lot of miles for one battery charge
  • Removable battery 
  • 300 lbs weight limit 
  • Foldable or non-foldable options
  • Speedy and boasts a superior battery life


  • Potential structural malfunction

Natko’s eBikes are an excellent choice in general because they have such a wide range of options for any taste, style, or need for power. So whether you want something foldable, storage heavy, or built for off-roading, Natko has plenty of options within the budget range. They’re a well-balanced eBike, and that’s why they’re at the top of this list.

If you’re willing to go above budget, they have higher-end models too that are even better. But, overall, this one is our top choice for a reason. Natko’s eBikes are, simply put, some of the best out there.

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike – Heybike Mars Electric Bike Foldable

The Heybike Mars Electric Bike is one of the best fat tire electric bikes under $1000. It’s high on our list, given its stylish appearance, stellar battery life, and incredible versatility. It’s perfect for those who want a smooth ride with little effort involved.

Featuring a 48V 12.5Ah lithium battery, this eBike can travel up to 37 to 48 miles on a single charge, making it great for traveling around town or commuting to work. Additionally, it reaches a speed of 20 mph with its 500W motor.

Similar to the bike mentioned previously, the removable battery adds to the overall value, as you can charge it without needing the bike nearby whatever charging station you might be using.

An additional perk is that taller riders – those that measure up to 6’3” – can comfortably ride this eBike thanks to the adjustable seat and stem. 


  • Perfect for all types of weather 
  • Protected battery and motor 
  • Excellent at rough terrain and keeping a smooth ride


  • Almost hits that $1k mark
  • A bit bulky

This Natko Fat-Tire eBike is great because it has the horsepower of some of the strongest eBike’s on the market without sacrificing smooth ride quality. Overall it’s excellent if you want to enjoy comfort and speed in one bike.

Best Simplistic, Lightweight, & Adjustable Electric Bike- SwagCycle EB-5 Pro

The SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Ebike is a great choice if you need something lightweight, compact, simple, and easy to use. This bike features a smaller 250W motor, reaching a maximum speed of around 15.5 mph.

The battery on this eBike features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, allowing you to reach that max speed quickly when it’s 100% full. However, it lacks heavier power output, and a full charge will only take you about 15 miles. The lack of power is a significant drawback for most, but it could simplify things for those who want some more casual riding.

Additionally, it features excellent braking power if you’re concerned about such a thing. All these features combine to make this one of the best folding electric bikes under 1000.


  • Full-throttle speed up 
  • Can reach max velocity quickly
  • Exceptional braking quality


  • Low max speed
  • Not ideal for rough terrain

This bike is excellent for beginners who don’t need a lot of power or mileage. If you don’t venture too far from your home most of the time, this is a good electric bike to start out with since it is one of the cheaper ones on this list. Commuting long distances or over rough terrain probably isn’t recommended if you don’t want to stop mid-ride to haul it back to your home or vehicle. 

Overall, its performance and power might be lacking, but its simplistic design and lightweight build make it suitable for riders who don’t need much out of their eBike beyond light riding around town.

Best Rear Suspension – Gyroor C3

The compact Gyroor C3 eBike sports 14-inch tires and reaches up to 18.6 mph on its 450W brushless rear-wheel hub motor. Its battery lasts about 28 miles with its 360Wh battery, giving it plenty of life for an average commute. Additionally, it has a max weight limit of 265 lbs, making it a decent runner for cargo holding.

Moreover, this eBike model features sophisticated aspects such as mechanical disc brakes and rear shock absorbers. So when you’re cruising through the city on bumpy streets, this is the bike that will give you the most comfort.


  • Decently high amount of miles for one battery charge
  • Some of the best suspension and shock absorbers
  • Three riding modes
  • Manufacturer claims it can climb 15% grade hills


  • Small tires mean less stability
  • Battery is not removable

While this is a good model for beginners, seasoned eBike users may find it a bit clunky to work with and recommend investing in something with a bit more life to it. Still, it has a decent model setup and good features. 

Best Stable Mountain eBike – CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Bike

One of the more powerful folding eBikes on this list, the CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Bike is an excellent choice for those who want a little more oomph behind their motor. 

Featuring a 350W rear hub motor and a 36V 8AH lithium battery, this Cliensy model will knock your socks off when it reaches its max speed of 20 mph, going on strong for up to 31 miles on a single charge.

Additionally, it comes with well-sized 26-inch tires and boasts superior control compared to similarly made eBikes. Its foldable design may not be easy to carry for long periods, but it’ll fit easily in your car trunk or closet.


  • Great battery life
  • Removable battery
  • Carbon steel design 
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Charger is hard to replace
  • Slightly complex assembly

Overall, this one is a mid-range price, but it’s a powerhouse when it comes to getting you where you need to go without losing battery life.

Best Folding Electric Mountain Bike – Yiilove Electric Bicycle 26”

The Yiilove Electric Mountain eBike is one of the less powerful on this list, but its model specs make it a good option for mountain bikers who want a little extra power behind their feet. 

As one of the best electric mountain bikes under 1000, it’s lightweight and stylish, composed mostly of aluminum. The battery is on the smaller side, powering in at 36V 8AH, and the motor is a small 250-watt brushless model that can reach 17 mph and run a distance of 18 miles before needing a charge. However, what it lacks in power, it makes up for in durability.

If you aren’t using it for commuting or hauling groceries, you’ll enjoy using it on rough mountain trails. It gives a more traditional feel compared to most of the other eBikes on this list.


  • Durable build and lightweight specs
  • Thick tires
  • Ideal for mountain biking
  • Folds surprisingly well compared to others of its type 


  • Very short battery life
  • Almost always requires the use of pedaling

It’s a great eBike for the mountain bikers who want more power behind their pedaling, but not for those who would use it for traveling around town or commuting to work. 

Overall, it’s a decent choice for those who want a compact, yet traditional feeling, electric mountain bike.

Best Compact electric Bike – Jetson Bolt 14-inch

One of the cheapest on this list, the Jetson Bolt 14-inch is a great little eBike for those who don’t need a whole lot of power but don’t want something as demanding as a mountain bike like above. 

Its 350W motor will reach a maximum of 15.5 mph, and the battery will carry you for about 13 miles before it needs another charge. At about 4 hours per charge, it’s best to weigh other options before choosing this bike, but its price adds to the appeal.

It’s easy to carry and fold up, and its motor rests inside a compartment that protects it from the weather.


  • Concealed motor inside of a case, protecting it from the elements
  • Very compact, easy to carry, and relatively durable
  • Can carry upwards of 215 lbs 
  • Does well riding over dirt


  • Has very minimal power output
  • Not good for much but cruising through town

This eBike is a great low-budget option, and Jetson has quite a few different models to choose from if you go digging. Overall, you get what you pay for in terms of power and ability, but its compact nature and sleek design nonetheless make it a good pick.

Best electric bike for the Casual Rider – Vivi S1

The Vivi S1 is an excellent pick for the casual rider who needs an all-purpose sort of eBike. It can serve as a commuter or a mountain bike, as versatility and comfort seem to be this model’s goal.

The motor is a 350W that’ll take you about 20 mph on a full charge; the battery is a removable 288Wh 10.4Ah and will take you about 20 to 25 miles in throttle mode and 30 to 35 miles in pedal assist mode before it needs another charging session. 

The tires are on the larger side at 26 inches, and when the motorized features run out, it serves just as well as any traditional bike. So if you aren’t too serious about what you need your eBike for and just want to try one out, this is a good choice.


  • Excellent all-terrain model
  • Electric or traditional features.
  • Great long-haul trips or commutes.
  • Motor and battery are contained within the framing
  • Looks more traditional while protecting essential parts from the elements


  • Somewhat low max miles per hour
  • No foldability

Overall, the Vivi S1 eBike isn’t built for excessively heavy terrain, but it can make your rides far more comfortable and last a little bit longer than some of the others on this list.

Best Electric Bike for the Short Commute – Ancheer 26-inch Electric Bike

The front-powered Ancheer 26-inch eBike is another traditional take on an all-terrain electric bike. This one is built similarly to the Vivi, with a motor of about 350W that’ll take you to a max speed of 20 mph. 

The Lithium-ion battery is on the more neutral side, clocking in at 36V 10.4Ah. Depending on how rough the terrain is for where you’re riding, it’ll take you anywhere from 25 to 40 miles on a single charge.

This eBike features excellent braking systems and great front suspension for a smooth ride.


  • Variable mileage
  • Reliable even at the lowest amount of miles on one charge
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Aluminum build
  • Motor is strong enough to help in climbing reasonably steep hills


  • Does not fold
  • A bit clunky – the battery rests in an awkward spot

This model is an excellent option for those who want a little more versatility. A similarly priced foldable version called the Ancheer Folding Mountain Bike has similar specs if you want something a little more rugged.

Overall, this Ancheer and its sibling are excellent choices for those who need something practical, stylish, and practical over most terrain while not sacrificing comfort.

Best for Less Effort – ECOTRIC 20″ New Fat-Tire Folding Electric Bike

The Ecotric Fat-Tire model is great for those who either don’t want to put as much effort into pedaling or cannot pedal vigorously due to physical limitations. It boasts doing most, if not all, of the work for you, much like a scooter.

Due to its thicker model tires, it can handle almost all terrains fairly easily with as much power as most other eBikes on this list. 

The battery is a 36V/12AH that will take you 18 to 24 miles before needing another charge. The motor is a 500W that reaches a max speed of 20 mph. Both of these features combined give this small eBike more punch than might be outwardly visible at first.


  • Removable battery – more effortless charging
  • Versatile and comfortable, no matter the terrain
  • Battery is one of the best on this list


  • Can be occasionally squeaky

Ecotric has some excellent models in addition to this fat-tire eBike, meaning you can browse through their roster of excellent choices if this one doesn’t seem to suit what you need. Overall, this model is one of the best electric folding bikes under 1000 because it’s great for those who need versatility and comfort with less effort.

Best ebike for City Cruisers – Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

The Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike is a charmingly traditional take on an electric bicycle. The motor and battery are structured to blend seamlessly with the frame, so it’s not as intrusive as some of the others on this list.

It’s a class-3 model, meaning it will take you upwards of 20 to 25 mph with its 350W rear-wheel motor for up to 40 miles on its 36V10AH battery before needing another charge or simply turning into a traditional bike. The only downside is that it does better over flatter terrain, and you’ll need to put in quite a lot of effort to get up steep hills.

It weighs a little over 30 lbs, making it one of the lightest on this list despite its intimidating size. Its aluminum frame is durable and sturdy while maintaining the stylish feel of a classic bicycle.


  • Has one of the smoothest rides on this list – comfort takes precedence
  • Premium feeling handlebars and seat
  • Versatile as a traditional bike or an electronically assisted bike
  • Comes partially pre-assembled – easy to put together the rest of the way


  • Not as powerful as some on this list

The Heybike Cityscape is an excellent eBike for those who prefer the look and feel of a traditional bicycle that doesn’t scream ‘mountain bike’ and works well on flatter terrain. 

Overall, it’s a perfect choice for seasoned cyclists who are used to doing more of the pedaling but want a bit of help without breaking the bank.

Best Customer Service – Kemanner 26-inch Electric Mountain Bike

The Kemanner 26-inch Electric Mountain Bike is a great electric mountain bike that aims to deliver value with durability and practicality. While it is cheap, it’s also relatively high quality.

This model will take you upwards of 21 mph with its 250W motor for up to 31 miles on its 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery in assisted mode before needing another charge or simply turning into a traditional mountain bike. It does well in all types of terrain and even in bad weather, despite its battery sitting outside of the frame.

It weighs a little over 37 lbs and sports extremely durable 26-inch tires. Its aluminum frame is durable and sturdy while maintaining the stylish feel of a classic mountain bike. Additionally, it comes with brakes on both the front and rear wheels for a quick and safe stop.


  • Incredible customer service
  • Compact and lightweight style
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Versatile as a traditional bike or an electronically assisted bike


  • Doesn’t fold, making it difficult to store
  • Requires a lot more manpower from its rider

The Kemanner 26-inch Electric Mountain Bike is an excellent eBike for those who need a little more kick behind their pedals while on any terrain or in any weather conditions.

Overall, it’s a perfect choice for seasoned mountain bikers who want a compact eBike that gives them more bang for their buck without sacrificing style, quality, and practicality.

Essential Aspects of an eBike to Consider

When choosing the right electric bike for you, factors such as the size and battery life are all crucial. For example, if you need to fold it out of the way once you get where you’re going, a bulkier eBike may not be what you need. 

You can also check our guide on :

  1. Best Electric Bikes Under 500 dollars
  2. Best Electric Bikes Under 2000 dollars

Let’s explore the various aspects of an eBike that you should consider before purchasing your new ride.

The Motor

There are two types:

  • A hub motor is located on the hub of the rear wheel, hence its name. It essentially works as a rear-wheel drive but can make changing a flat back tire difficult.
  • A mid-drive motor is located at the bottom of the eBike’s bracket; they’re excellent for pedal-assist bikes and aid in a more natural feeling when they kick on and help your eBike reach the desired speed.

The Frame 

While many eBikes are lightweight and can fold up to smaller sizes when not in use, you can still have one that uses more durable materials such as aluminum in lower-end models and titanium in the more expensive versions.

In addition to the frame, the size of the eBike as a whole is something to keep in mind. Will you be storing it in a large backpack? The trunk of your car? These things matter and ultimately may determine which model you purchase.

The Wheels 

eBikes are similar to regular bikes in that their wheels determine the type of terrain they can handle or how smooth the ride is. Wheels, however, may be interchangeable as long as you ensure they fit your bike properly!

The Seat

This one is often overlooked, but if you’re not comfortable sitting on your bike, then you’re not going to have a very good time riding it. Many eBikes (or any bikes, really) come with adjustable seats so you can make them more comfortable.

The Brakes

There are two main types: hydraulic and mechanical. With hydraulic brakes, you’re going to have a safer time when braking an electric bike if you need to stop on a dime, and many of the cheaper eBikes feature this anyway.

The Battery

Much like a phone, you want something with a battery that will last you as long as you need it to last between charges. Paying attention to the full-charge battery life is critical to ensuring you aren’t stuck hauling your bike around looking for a charging station. Additionally, the way the bike folds and the battery’s location could cause issues down the line, so be sure to assess battery location when buying an eBike.

The Warranty

Like any major purchase, electronic or otherwise, carefully go over the warranty to see what’s covered by the manufacturer if something goes wrong or a part breaks. You’d be surprised what companies do or don’t cover!

While all of these features will be readily obvious on a manufacturer listing or website, it’s also crucial to look at consumer reviews for any product. See what other people are saying about it, weigh the pros and cons, and take a look at any patterns for problems or issues other people seem to face.

When you do thorough research, you’ll feel good about a big purchase like this. Even when you’re sticking to a budget of under $1,000, several hundred dollars is a lot to drop on something!

The Style

While it may not be as crucial, you should also consider the bike’s style. No one wants to ride around on an ugly, clunky eBike, regardless of its usefulness.

Make sure the style and color gits your look so you can proudly ride through the streets on your commute.

Plus, consider the terrain and street quality on your commute. If you need to take a shortcut through bumpy terrain or ride down cobblestone streets, make sure the style is sturdy enough to survive the daily trek.

The 3 Classes

Electric bikes are divided into three main classes, typically due to their speed, weight limit, and throttle power. Most, if not all, eBikes utilize some form of pedal assistance from the rider, but some have modes that mitigate the need for pedaling. 

Class 1

This is the cheapest and slowest of the three classes, making it excellent for the commuter or eBiker who isn’t too busy or doesn’t mind using the pedals more often, as the motor only begins to kick in once you start pedaling for most of these classes of eBikes.

Class 2

This class has a top speed of about 20 mph, utilizing a power throttle mode if activated. If you do use the power throttle mode, you can ride this bike without pedal usage.

Class 3

The most powerful and most expensive of the three classes, bikes in this class reach above 28 mph and use pedal assistance most of the time. As a result, it can carry more weight than the other two classes, making it a good choice if you have a heavy grocery load or a lot of gear with you. Additionally, it’s the best of the three for climbing or riding over rough surfaces.

Above the Third

After you surpass the third level of traditional eBike classes, you get into motorcycle territory and run the risk of needing a particular driver’s license, which we cover in the following subheading.

Considerations for eBike Users

Riding an electronic bike may be a completely new experience for you, so there are some final things to review before bringing your bike home.

Driver’s Licenses & eBikes

Because their assisted speeds are relatively low, a driver’s license isn’t required to use one. However, some of the faster ones may legally qualify as motorcycles, so it’s essential to make sure they’re a class-3 or below if you don’t want to have to get a license for it.

Battery Life

When talking about the bike’s lifetime, most electric bike manufacturers guarantee that their batteries last over 800 to 1,000 charges. As for the charge it sustains when you’re using it, the average battery on a single full charge will last you about 20 to 30 miles of use before it needs a charge or begins losing power.

Paying attention to the type of battery, where it’s located on the eBike, and if it’s weatherproof are all things that may go into how long your battery lasts. Don’t get caught in the rain with a battery that isn’t waterproof!

Making It Worthwhile

Before you invest in any product, you want to ensure the product is worth your hard-earned money. 

Thankfully, electric bikes are absolutely worth your money. Granted, for most of these, your commute shouldn’t be longer than 40 miles to mitigate the risk of a dead battery and an inconvenient walk the rest of the way. 

Other than that, electric bikes are a fantastic investment, and they’re much more affordable than a car. They’re also a great way to regain quick mobility after an injury, loss of a vehicle, old age making it hard for you to get around, or if you suffer from chronic pain.

Of course, we cannot forget to mention all the money you save on gas. With rising gas prices, investing less than $1,000 on a bike will likely pay for itself in no time.

Now, the only potential downside is that you need to pedal. If you have a long commute and aren’t quite up to pedaling to and from the office every day, an electric bike might not be worth it. Perhaps an electric scooter might be an equally affordable and eco-friendly option. 

How Much Money Should I be Willing to Invest?

Our list above covers the lower-end of electric bikes, meaning most of these choices are not super-premium. However, if you can go above the $1,000 range, we recommend investing upwards of $1,300 on an eBike that will have better features overall.

Still, you can get a durable and high-quality electric bike under $1,000. Just ensure you purchase one from a reputable brand – like the ones listed above. 

Our Verdict

Owning and utilizing some of the more affordable options for eBikes is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and spend less money on things like gasoline for your everyday trips.

When we looked through all of these electric bikes under $1,000, we found that Natko’s options were the best among many, from high-end to budget, in terms of balance, battery, and smoothness of the ride. We may have personally preferred the Natko eBike and their long line of affordable models, but everyone’s circumstances and needs are different, and we hope this list gives you some insight.

So what do you think? Now that this innovative technology is more accessible to those on a budget, you have plenty of options to choose from. Once you decide, we hope your affordable electric bike gets you wherever you need to go!