Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes under 2000 dollars
Best Full Suspension Mountain bikes under 2000 dollars

What are the best full suspension mountain bikes under 2000? This is a question that has been asked by many people who want to buy their first bike. If you’ve never ridden on dirt before, it can be difficult to know what type of bicycle will work for your needs. With all the different types of bikes out there, how do you find one that’s perfect for you? We’re here to help with this blog post!

I tested nine full suspension mountain bikes and found the Elecony mountain bike by Shimano, is the overall best bike under $2000 for conquering rough terrains.

Riding bikes is not only a means of transport to some people but also a fun and beneficial activity (you can burn about 298 calories if you ride at 15.9 miles per hour for 30 minutes).

Regardless of your experience riding bikes, picking the right choice from the vast selection in the market can be quite a daunting task. I know how overwhelming it can be when shopping for a mountain bike which prompted me to research and come up with some recommendable options.

The Elecony mountain bike by Shimano’s TZ500 shifter and the front and rear derailleurs allow you to shift between 21 different gears, making it the perfect bike for sailing different terrains. 

We have looked at quality of both rear suspension as well as front suspension.

Although this is my top pick, I understand that every rider has their preferences and choices, so I have included other best full suspension mountain bikes under 2,000 to consider for mountain biking lovers or even beginners.

Read on.

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes under 2000 Follows

The Elecony Mountain Bike by Shimano (Overall Winner Best Full Suspension Mountain bike)

When looking for a full-suspension bike for cruising forest paths, mountain roads, and highways, then don’t look beyond the Elecony mountain bike by Shimano. 

As mentioned, the Elecony mountain bike offers 21-speed options to adapt the bike to different terrains. Also, the Elecony bike has a sturdy 26-inch steel frame that acts as a shock absorber. 

If you are moving on slippery ground or down slopes, you don’t have to fear the risk of slipping off or overspeeding. The bike’s mechanical disc brakes, combined with its high-quality rubber tires, will give you more controlled and precise riding. 

The bike is easy to assemble. Given that the manufacturer assembles 85% of the bike, you only have 15% of the components to assemble. You can refer to the manufacturer manual in case you encounter any difficulties when assembling the parts. 


  •  Easy to assemble
  • Can move on all terrains


  • Replacing the lithium battery can be costly.

 Magna Echo Ridge Bike 26.” :  Best for Females full suspension mountain bike

Ramp up miles on the trails and mountainous roads using the Magna echo bike 26″. This magnificent ride by Dynacraft BSC features a pink-steel frame with purple custom graphics giving the bike a touch of elegance.

Whether you need a bike for commuting to a job, racing, exploring nature or fitness purposes, you will fall in love with the Magna Echo ridge bike 26″. This ride is perfect for all your needs because it is fitted with:

  • Front shocks to allow for comfortable rides on rocky and uneven grounds
  • 18 index shifters to enable you to move at 18 different speeds depending on the terrain and your speed needs
  • A padded seat protects your skin from friction during long rides and gives the seat a more defined look. The seat is also fitted on an adjustable clamp to let you fix it in your preferred most comfortable position.
  • Linear pull brakes on the front and rear wheels for stopping the bike or controlling your speed on sloped and slippery grounds

The Magna echo ridge bike 26″ is safe, comfortable, and durable. It gives the rider confidence to cover long distances on mountains and trails with zero excuses. 


  • Allows for safe and comfortable rides
  • Easy to assemble and maintain

Huffy Valcon Mountain Bike 20″ : Best for Boys full suspension mountain bike

Is your boy a biking enthusiast? If yes, then you can gift them a Huffy Valcon Mountain Bike during their special occasion. 

This Huffy Valcon 20″ is ideal for boys aged between 5 and 9 years or riders of height ranging between 44 and 56 inches. The charcoal gray color with orange accents gives Valcon 20″ an outstanding outlook. The bike is easy to assemble using the manufacturer’s manual.

If your son loves taking outdoor rides or mountain biking, the Valcon 20″ will allow them to take their fun to the next level while ensuring their safety. The enhanced safety is due to the bike’s special features, which include:

  • A rugged hi-ten steel frame to prevent the bike from breaking while pedaling on mountainous and uneven grounds.
  • 20-inch solid rubber tires to prevent minor abrasions and punctures
  • A full suspension (rear suspension too!) to ensure smooth rides and avoid injury to the legs, back, and other body parts
  • Optimized six-speed options to ensure that the kid can ride at manageable speeds
  • Great brakes on the front and rear wheels to make stopping a walk in the park
  • A padded seat to reduce the friction between the seat and your kid’s skin


  • Nice looking bike
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable 


  • Lacks a tracking system for checking the child’s whereabouts

Mongoose Maxim Bike For Girls : Best for Girls Full suspension mountain bike

If your girls love exploring the world on two wheels, then Mongoose Maxim Bike is their perfect exploration machine. It is ideal for persons of heights between 48 to 56 inches.

The two-wheeler machine features an aluminum full suspension (rear and front suspension) frame that makes the bike lightweight for excellent performance for mountain biking. The light aluminum frame also makes it easy to carry the bike to the nearest repairs shop should you get a major breakdown.

Other features that adapt this bike for different terrains include:

  • The suspension forks allow  smooth and comfortable rides on all terrains
  • Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) shifters for changing gears between 21 different speeds
  • Linear pull brakes for both wheels to help regulate your speed, especially when riding on sloped and slippery terrains
  • 24-inch quality rubber wheels to ensure a firm grip to the ground and resist the minor abrasions from the external environment

Getting this bike for your favorite girl will offer them the best way to explore new places and break up from bad experiences of the day.

The bike is ideal for riders of height ranging between 64 and 74 inches


  • Offers 21-speed options
  • Easy to control given its quality tires, lightweight, and the fork suspensions


  • The SRAM shifters cannot work when the battery is low 

Mongoose Status 2.4 Bike : Best for Rough Terrains Full suspension mountain bike

When cycling to a job along the highway, you may use any mountain bike that comes your way. However, you will need the mongoose status 2.4 bikes to secure an edge in racing or taking smooth rides on rough terrain. 

The sturdy 2.4 bike by mongoose features a durable aluminium frame making the bike lightweight. The integrated dual suspension helps in shock absorption allowing a smooth ride.

The bike’s 2.3-inch wide tires will give you the stability you need to come out successfully when riding along slippery and rough roads. Further, the bike’s adjustable saddle allows you to fix the seat to your most comfortable height.

If you want to tackle a long, tough terrain, the integrated alloy rims and 2.3-inch rubber tires combined with the dual suspension will give you a smooth ride to your destination. Moreover, the 21 rear derailleur allows you to shift between 21 different speeds.

The rugged mongoose 2.4 bike’s front and rear brakes will instantly help you stop the bike with a single linear pull. 


  • It has an elegant design
  • Easy to assemble 


Requires regular replacement of the brakes and the battery for SRAM shifters. This can end up being expensive.

Shimano Carbon Steel Bike : Best mountain bikes for Speeding

Bike racers deserve quality bikes. If you are a racer and want to take your racing skills to the next level, you need a bike tailored to your needs, such as the Shimano Carbon Steel Bike.

This two-wheeler machine features double disc brakes on the front and rear tires for enhanced control and safety. Besides the brakes, its wheels are fitted with suspension forks and 26-inch steel rims for more stable and safe maneuvers in the wasteland.

If you want to train for speed in different terrains, the steel bike offers you 21-speed options. All you need is to shift the gears with your thumb and the index finger to experience an ultra-smooth gear shifting.

The bike’s steel frame and stylish spoke rims are sturdy enough to withstand your weight. The rims and the frame also help the suspension shocks outstandingly absorb shock from the ground, giving you a comfortable ride. Its seat is well padded to guarantee you comfort all through your race.

In a nutshell, the Shimano Steel Bike is an all-terrain machine that allows you to pedal for miles on gravel paths, highways, mountain roads, and other racing trails. 

The machine comes in a quality package, with all the tools and assembling instructions.


  • Ideal for all terrains
  • Easy to install (taking 15 to 30 minutes)

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid : Best Mountain bikes for both Men and Women

If you love commuting to shop, job, or touring the neighborhood, Discover Schwinn’s Hybrid bike is your perfect companion. This elegant bike comes in black color with colorful accents. It is ideal for riders of heights ranging between 5 feet and 7 to 10 feet.

You can also check our detailed review on Schwinn Mountain Bike.

The bike is known for its excellent performance features. You can better understand its various features and functions by looking at the following aspects:

Safety and comfort

The Schwinn bike is fitted with suspension forks for absorbing the shock from the ground. Its saddle is adjustable and padded for extra comfort. Further, its rubber tires are well treaded to ensure a firm grip on the ground. It uses a lion lithium battery to power its SRAM gear shifters, meaning it doesn’t release harmful emissions to the environment.


The Schwinn bike’s speed shifters with derailers allow you to choose high gears from 21-speed options when you feel the urge for speed. You can select low-speed gear if you need a comfortable ride or high-speed gear if you want to ramp up your racing skills. 

Moreover, the Schwinn machine features linear-pull brakes for front and rear tires, which allow you to stop the bike when necessary.


If you love riding to the market, you can use the Schwinn bike’s rear carrier to carry your grocery stock or other cargo.


  • A versatile bike you can use for racing, carriage, or for exploring outdoors


  • The speeding system is not independent

Sirdar S-700 S-800 Mountain Bike : Best Mountain bikes For All Generations

Are you a top racer looking for a suspension bike with exceptionally high speed? If yes, then you should not look beyond Sirdar S-700 S-800 Mountain Bike. With 27 speed derailleurs, three front derailleurs, and nine rear derailleurs, you can easily pedal the machine for acceleration and speed. 

The 27 derailleurs allow you to shift the gears to make the pedaling exercise easier in rough and smooth terrains.

Additionally, the aluminum alloy frame makes the bike lightweight for easy handling. The aluminum material is also weather-resistant, hence assuring you a long-term service.

Not good at assembling? You don’t have to worry. The Sirdar Mountain Bike comes with 95% of its parts assembled. You only have 5% of the parts remaining for assembly, which you can quickly fix using the manufacturer’s manual.

The ergonomic rubber tires and steel rims, combined with the fork suspensions, further adapt the bike for tackling rough terrains. However, you need to replace the tires when they become treadless to keep the bike’s peak performance.


  • Perfect for racing given the 27-speed options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can move on all terrains


  • This high-speed bike can be risky, especially for the curious kids below 12
  • Not independent, needs an external lithium battery to function optimally

The Aiwish Folding Mountain Bike For Men And Women : Best for Compact Spaces

The Aiwish folding mountain bike for men and women is your solution if you have small storage space for keeping your bike. The folding mountain bike is durable since its frame is made from hard carbon steel. 

Whether you need the bike for racing or riding for leisure, this bike’s derailleur will allow you to select your most preferred speed from its 21-speed options. 

Other features that adapt the bike to different terrains include:

  • The Anti-skid tires and linear front and rear brakes for enhanced control
  • A quick-release clip that allows you to fold and unfold the bike for storage quickly


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage and handling

Buying Guide

A mountain bike is a valuable investment that requires a well-thought buying plan. Here are vital factors to consider when purchasing a new suspension mountain bike:

The Style

Mountain bikes come in four main styles: cross country, downhill, trail, and enduro/all-mountain. Each style has a designated purpose, so you should clearly understand how you plan to use the bike to choose the best. Here is a brief look at the four styles and their purpose designations:

  • Cross Country

Cross country bikes are known for fast speed and efficiency. They are light, with an average weight of 25 pounds.

The wheels are fast-rolling with an average size of 28 inches. The suspension cushion is relatively less when compared to that of other bikes. The suspension reduces the overall weight of the bike and increases the bike’s efficiency. 

Buy cross country if you ride for long distances, and speed and efficiency are your main concerns. 

  • Trail Bikes

Trail bikes are the most versatile. They are the bikes that can do everything, from moving downhill to uphill. Bikes with this design are sturdy and handle the rough terrains comfortably, yet they are lightweight.

These do-it-all bikes will keep you happy when descending or ascending a mountain, mainly because of their sturdy nature.

Buy a trail bike if you haven’t yet decided on the riding you need yet, or you need to try all types of riding.

  • Downhill

As the name implies, downhill bikes are designed to move downhill. They have very few gears, and this is what makes it impossible for them to move uphill. You can go for the downhill bike if you are a speed junkie and you have other means for helping you move uphill.

Buy downhill if you need an efficient bike to move downhill efficiently.             

  • All-Mountain Bikes

Just like the trail bikes, all-mountain bikes come with a wide array of uses. The bikes can comfortably move uphill or downhill. They can move on different terrains too. Due to their wide range of uses, the all-mountain bikes come at a costly price.

Buy all mountain bikes if you need a comfortable bike that you can use on all types of terrains, whether you are moving uphill or downhill.

The Components

The functional components of a mountain bike include brakes, handlebars, gears, shifters, and much more. The efficiency of the bike components determines the price, speed, and effectiveness of the bike.

When buying the bike, you should carefully examine each component to check its function and position. You can even go for a road test to know the functionality of the components.

 The Size

The frame size categories are small, medium, and large.

However, there’s no standardized measurement for what constitutes a small or large bike. For instance, you can find that one brand’s medium size is another one large size.

For this reason, you should emphasize testing the bike and going for a road test. If you are buying online, you should ensure that the company offers a warranty so that you can return the bike if the size doesn’t fit your needs. 

The Accessories

Mountain racing is quite risky and requires one to have the right accessories. While you can ride with your regular clothes on, extra accessories such as padded shorts and gloves can make your riding more fun and comfortable.

Some mountain bike brands come with some accessories, while others don’t. When buying your new bike, it’s essential to check its price, features, and accessories.

The Wheel Size

The wheel size for a mountain bike can be as small as 24 inches or as large as 29 inches. Usually, bikes with large wheels are designed for tough terrains, although they can be hard to handle and maintain.

When buying your new bike, carefully examine the wheel size to ensure that it’s right for your body weight and can comfortably ride on your desired terrain.

The Frame Material

Bikes come in multiple materials, with the main ones being aluminium and carbon fiber. The materials used in the frame determine the overall weight of the bicycle and its sturdiness. 

Aluminium is a light material; hence it’s the most commonly used material. When buying a mountain bike, ask the type of frame material used to get the best bike for your needs.


After hours of reviewing multiple suspension mountain bikes, I found the Elecony Mountain bike to be the best overall. The bike boasts of TZ500 shifter, with front and rear derailers to allow you to shift between 21 different speeds. 

The bike features quality disc brakes and rubber tires to prevent sliding downhill or on slippery grounds. Additionally, it has an excellent suspension system that guarantees you a smooth ride.

Click on the link on any of the mountain bike of your choice to proceed with the purchase and unlock the world of convenience, fun, and fitness (bike riding).

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