In this article we are reviewing the best camping chairs with side tables or tables for your camping needs.

Sometimes it’s fun to go camping and “rough it,” taking as little as possible with you and eating out of your hands – caveman style. But other times, it’s nice to have a more relaxing and comfortable camping trip, equipped with a sturdy, comfy chair. 

And if you want to take the comfort and convenience up another notch, getting a camping chair with a table will help you do just that. 

Camping chairs with tables provide a nice opportunity to relax in the outdoors while still eating and drinking without spilling all over yourself. 

In addition to the table, features like water-resistant material, lightweight design, weight support, and storage pockets may be important to you when choosing the right chair. 

That said, we believe the best camping chair with a table overall is the Woods Folding Directors Camping Chair With Table & KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Chair due to its high-quality materials, padded support, lightweight design, and many features. 

In this article, we’ll get into eight camping chair options so that you can choose the best one for your needs. They all have a table, so we won’t discuss the table feature specifically but instead focus on what makes these chairs stand out among the rest.

Our Top Picks For Best Camping Chair with Side Table

1. KingCamp Heavy Duty Camping Directors Chair – Best Heavy Duty Directors Chair With Side Table for Non-Slip Grip


Weight: 9.7 lbs 

Weight Support: 396 lbs 

Fabric Material: Oxford fabric 

Frame Material: Waterproof-coated steel 

Cup Holder?: Yes 

Storage Pockets?: Yes, 4 

The KingCamp camping chair with a folding table has durable and breathable oxford fabric, which is typically a combination of cotton and polyester to provide both strength and comfort. 

We found that it was a very stable structure for heavy duty people.

It also includes a frame with waterproof coating and a multifunctional pocket with four places to put items. You’ll get one large pocket, two smaller sealed pockets, and a water bottle pocket. 

There is an integrated cup holder on the table, padded armrests for comfort, and carry straps for easy portability. 

But what makes this camping chair stand out is its large foot covers on the bottom, which prevent the chair from slipping.  


  • Sturdy and safe non-slip foot covers 
  • Breathable Oxford fabric
  • Waterproof coating
  • Four pockets
  • Padded armrests 
  • Easy-to-carry straps


  • It can be difficult to open and close 
  • Lacks features of gravity chair with side table

2. Woods Folding Directors Camping Chair With Table – Best Folding Chair with side table Heavy duty

Weight: 8 lbs 

Weight Support: 350 lbs 

Fabric Material: 900D polyester 

Frame Material: Powder-coated steel  

Cup Holder?: Yes 

Storage Pockets?: Yes

The Woods Folding Directors Camping Chair is the best camping chair with a table because of its high-quality materials and other features. 

Firstly, this camping chair has 900D polyester fabric that runs throughout the chair for full backside support, as opposed to some of its competitors with more narrow back support. 

Additionally, the weight to weight support ratio is outstanding, only weighing 8 pounds but able to support up to 350 lbs of weight. 

Plus, this chair prioritizes comfort with padded armrests and emphasizes quality with a highly durable rust-resistant and powder-coated steel frame. 

The features don’t stop there, as this chair includes a molded and recessed cup holder as well as two places to store personal items. You’ll get a mesh organizer pocket and zipper pocket on the side to hold your phone keys and snacks safely and securely. 

Further, this chair is truly built for the outdoors, as it was tested in Canada to ensure that it can handle extreme conditions. 

The Woods camping chair has excellent reviews, and we don’t imagine you’ll be disappointed, but just in case, Woods offers a 100% risk fear guarantee for one whole year. 


  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Powder-coated, rust-resistant frame 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Heavyweight support
  • Padded armrests
  • Stable recessed cup holder 
  • Two storage pockets
  • Can handle extreme weather 
  • One year warranty


  • It can be difficult to open and close 
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3. Oniva Sports Chair with Side Table – Best for Storage


Weight: 9.2 lbs 

Weight Support: 275 lbs 

Fabric Material: Polyester

Frame Material: Aluminum 

Cup Holder?: Not on the table 

Storage Pockets?: Yes, 6

The Oniva Sports Chair provides you with seven different color options to choose from, which people tend to appreciate to display their individual style. 

But what’s truly special about this camping chair is its accessories panel, which can hold a wide variety of personal items. 

With six different types of pockets, this panel can hold multiple drinks and bottles, small items like keys and chapstick in the top pockets, and large items like a kindle or a phone in the large bottom pocket that is secured with a zipper. 

However, instead of a cupholder on the table, there is a mesh can/bottle strap on the side. This should be suitable for most users, but some may prefer a table cup holder. 

Plus, this chair has extra-wide seating, which is suitable for wider bodies, and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carry. Many people may find this way of carrying easier than hand straps. 

Lastly, there is a lifetime guarantee on this item, ensuring users that this chair is built to last for as long as you’ll need it. 


  • Six storage pockets
  • Seven color options
  • Wide seating
  • Shoulder strap for most effortless carry
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • No cup holder on the table

4. Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table – Best Padded Comfort


Weight: 8.82 lbs 

Weight Support: 225 lbs 

Fabric Material: Weather-resistant fabric 

Frame Material: Alloy steel and aluminum 

Cup Holder?: Yes

Storage Pockets?: No

The Coleman brand is known for its high-quality, comfortable items. This coleman camping chair with side table adds a positive mark to the brand’s reputation, offering a camping chair with a side table that is comfortable as ever.

This chair has cushioned back, padded armrests, and an angled seating position allowing users to relax in an ultra-comfortable position. 

Plus, you can flip the side table up and down, making it easy to put away when you are not using the table and want more surrounding space. 

This Coleman product has a one-year warranty, so you can just contact customer service if anything is not to your liking. 


  • Padded armrests
  • Cushioned back
  • Angled seat
  • Flip-able table
  • One year warranty 


  • Smaller and not as heavy-duty as some of its competitors 

5. Portal Compact Folding Director’s Chair – Best for Getting In and Out Of


Weight: 10.3 lbs 

Weight Support: 225 lbs 

Fabric Material: Polyester 

Frame Material: Alloy steel 

Cup Holder?: Yes

Storage Pockets?: No 

The Portal Compact Folding Chair has an off-ground height of 17 ¾”, which makes it easy to get in and out of while still folding up to a portable and lightweight size. 

Plus, it has an antique painting style design that style-focused users will appreciate. 

Additionally, the side table folds in to make space when not in use. However, the table does not withstand rain very well.

Still, this is overall a very suitable camping chair at a relatively affordable price. 


  • Optimal height for getting in and out of the chair
  • Foal-able side table
  • Stylistic design


  • It does not have great weather-proofing, especially on the table 
  • It does not hold as much weight as some of its competitors 

6. Harbor Freight Foldable Aluminum Sports Chair – Best for Lightweight Design

Weight: 6.6 lbs 

Weight Support: 250 lbs 

Fabric Material: Unstated 

Frame Material: Aluminum 

Cup Holder?: No, bottle holder

Storage Pockets?: Yes, three 

This aluminium folding directors chair with side table Harbor Freight camping chair does not have a cup holder, but it has a bottle holder on the side that can support bottled and canned beverages. 

It also includes a folding side table, extra-wide seating, and long-lasting materials. Many users claim to have used this chair for multiple years without any issues.

Plus, this is the lightest chair of all the camping chairs with tables on this list, so if going camping with as little weight as possible is important to you, this might be the best chair for you. 


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Bottle holder 
  • Folding side table
  • Wide seating
  • Long-lasting materials 


  • No cup holder on the table 
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7. Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Director’s Chair with Side Table – Best Camping Chair with side Table for Heavyweight Support

Weight: 21.2 lbs 

Weight Support: 500 lbs 

Fabric Material: 600D polyester

Frame Material: Powder-coated steel 

Cup Holder?: Yes 

Storage Pockets?: No 

If you need a chair that holds much more weight than the ones described thus far, then Cabela’sBig Outdoorsman is a heavy-duty chair that might work perfectly for you. 

This camping chair holds up to 500 pounds, about twice as much as the average chair on this list. 

However, it comes at a slight cost, as it is also the heaviest chair on this list.

But despite the heavier weight, it has a folding side table, is easy to fold up, and is still convenient enough to take with you on your next camping trip. 

Plus, it is equipped with 600D polyester that is durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. Additionally, this chair has padded seating for even more comfort. 


  • Heavyweight support at 500 lbs
  • Folding side table
  • Easy to fold
  • Durable, water-resistant fabric
  • Folding Directors Chair


  • Significantly heavier than the other chairs on this list
  • Pricier compared to some of its competitors 

8. Kamp-Rite Outdoor Camp Folding Director’s Chair with Table – Best Camping Chair with side table and Cooler

Weight: 14 lbs 

Weight Support: 350 lbs 

Fabric Material: Water-resistant polyester 

Frame Material: Aluminum 

Cup Holder?: Yes 

Storage Pockets?: No, but it includes a cooler 

Instead of side pockets, this Kamp-Rite chair is equipped with an entire side cooler to keep your cold drinks exactly how you like them – chilled! 

It also has water-resistant polyester material and angled, ergonomic armrests for comfortable hours-long support. 


  • Cooler
  • Water-resistant material
  • Ergonomic armrests
  • One year warranty 


  • Pricier than some of its competitors 
  • Not as lightweight as some of its competitors 

Buying Guide

Below are the factors that might influence whether or not you select a specific camping chair with a table.

Weight and Weight Support

It’s helpful to get a chair that has high-weight support, especially if you are a heavier set person. However, for ease of portability, the lighter the weight of the actual chair is, the better. 

Finding a balance between the chair’s weight and its weight support is key. 


The fabric material is important, especially if you live in a wetter environment and want something water-resistant. However, in terms of long-term durability, the frame material is crucial.

Select a chair with either steel or aluminum material. Steel is stronger, so it is less likely to warp over time than aluminum, but it is heavier than aluminum. Thus, aluminum is a fine choice if you still want to minimize the overall weight of the chair. 

Cup Holders and Storage Pockets 

Having designated places to put your belongings is essential on a camping chair. 

It’s helpful when the chair has a cup holder right on the table, as most people like to have their drink near their food. 

It’s also nice if the chair has pockets to store items like sunglasses, keys, wallets, phones, tablets, kindles, and more.  


All of the camping chairs with tables that we’ve listed in this article are excellent choices for different reasons, but we think the best camping chair with a table overall is the Woods Folding Directors Camping Chair With Table. 

We believe this is the best chair because it has high-quality materials, has everything you want in a camping chair (e.g., cup holder, pockets, water resistance, etc.), and comes at a reasonable price. 

We hope you have a clearer idea of which camping chair with a table is best for you. If you decide to purchase any of these items, using the product link we’ve provided would benefit our website at no additional cost to you. 

Happy camping! 

Fun Outdoors Team

The FunOutdoors team is comprised of seasoned writers and editors with a passion for outdoor living. 

Happy trails!

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