If you have had enough of dealing with tent poles, here’s our selection of Coleman air tents, or inflatable tents, that use air beams instead of poles, making them easy to use, reliable, and pleasant. Keep reading!

Coleman is at the forefront of the tents industry, and this includes this particular niche of air tents or inflatable tents, as some call them. This brand is also best known for its dark rest tents, and you will see that the tents presented here combine both of these features.

If you are new to camping, it’s worth knowing that Coleman is a brand that has been around for over a century, building outdoor equipment. They are globally present and have their Coleman US, Coleman EU, and Coleman AU branches.

Our List Of The Best Coleman Inflatable Tents

The tents in the list are ordered by floor area, from smallest to largest:

This short list shows representatives of a more extensive series; we talk more about this below.

1. Coleman Unisex Adult Weathermaster 4 Air Tent

  • Packed weight: 42.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 184.8″ x 122.04″
  • Peak height: 78.74″
  • Floor area: 113 ft²
  • Packed size (L x W x D): 26.77″ x 14.96″ x 9.06″

This is a pleasant tent with three rooms and features Coleman’s BlackOut bedroom design, so sunlight is completely blocked. It is considered a tall tent with a peak of 78.74 inches (200 cm).

The Coleman Weathermaster has many great features, including barrier-free access, three solid windows, and an E-cable port. It also features three inflatable beams that hold the tent up, and that’s why it’s on the list.

Most Packable


  • Two bedrooms and a living room
  • The tent is extremely easy to set up
  • It offers excellent protection


  • It’s pretty heavy
  • Felt flimsy in strong winds

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The shell is a 75D polyester with a substantial waterproof rating of 6000 mm. They claim that it has UVGuard technology and offers protection of 50+ against UV rays. The floor is fully integrated, sewn-in, and sealed and features bathtub-style polyethylene. The inner bedroom is a tent within the shell, with yet another sewn-in extra floor.

Here are some numbers. The weight is 42.3 lb (19.2 kg), and the dimensions are 15.4 x 10.17 ft (470 x 310 cm). The area is 113 ft² (10.5 m²), more than enough for 4 people.

This is the smallest tent in the Weathermaster series. They also have the Coleman Weathermaster 4XL Air BlackOut, Coleman Weathermaster 6XL Air BlackOut, and Coleman Weathermaster 8XL Air BlackOut.

2. Coleman Tent Meadowood Air 4 Person

  • Packed weight: 43 lbs
  • Dimensions: 470″ x 300″
  • Peak height: 78.74″
  • Floor area: 118 ft²
  • Packed size (L x W x D): 29.5″ x 20.9″ x 15″

The Coleman Tent Meadowood Air 4 Person is a tunnel-type tent with 3 inflatable beams instead of classic poles. The only solid pole you have is the short one that supports its front brim, which is visible in the picture below.

The tent is built as a 3-room structure with an inner tent, a removable divider, and a large living room. The sleeping area includes its well-known feature, the BlackOut Bedroom technology. They claim that it blocks up to 99% of daylight.

Best Seller


  • It provides great protection from the rain
  • Excellent blackout abilities
  • It has excellent ventilation


  • Some people claimed they had problems with leaks

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The tent is quite tall, with a stand-up peak height of 78.74 inches (200 cm). You have two doors and several solid windows. One of the doors has a drop-down barrier-free design, which is visible in the picture.

As for the fabric, you have a 75D polyester shell with a waterproof rating of 4000 mm. You have a fully waterproof and sewn-in bathtub-style polyethylene on the floor. Note that the inner tent has its own floor. You also have two E-cable ports, plenty of wall pouches for storage, and a lantern loop.

The weight is considerable, the tent weighs 43 lb (19.5 kg), and the floored area is 118 ft² (11 m²). So this is plenty of space given its official capacity of 4 people. No doubt it can accommodate at least 6 users. The packed size is 29.5 x 20.9 x 15 inches (78 x 53 x 38 cm).

Again, this is about a series of tents, and this Meadowood 4 Air is the smallest. They also have Meadowood 4, Meadowood 4L, and Meadowood 6L, but these three all have solid poles.

3. COLEMAN Valdes Deluxe 6 XL Air BlackOut Tent

  • Packed weight: 84.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 291.3″ x 173.2″
  • Peak height: 84.6″
  • Floor area: 301 ft²
  • Packed size (L x W x D): 30.7″ x 22.8″ x 20.9″

This huge tent is officially for 6 people, and for this, you have 3 sleeping rooms, one gigantic living room, and a large porch. So the total area is 301 ft² (28 m²). The peak height is 84.6 inches (215 cm), so you have a stand-up height practically everywhere in the tent.

It’s on the list because of its 5 inflatable beams; the only small solid pole is the one that supports the small brim above the side door; you can see it in the picture on the right. The other much larger door is under the porch.

Top Pick


  • Excellent selection of windows
  • Perfect construction
  • Loads of storage space


  • The packed size is far too big

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Note that the porch has a huge zippered door, which is just like an additional room; the only difference is that this is a floorless area. You can use the porch area with your camping chairs without thinking about the floor, and you can also use this space for cooking. The mentioned bedrooms have BlackOut Bedroom technology that blocks up to 99% of daylight.

As for the materials, the shell is polyester with PU coating, and 4500 mm waterproof rating, and fire retardant. The floor is polyethylene. The weight is 84.7 lb (38.4 kg), but don’t worry, the carry bag has wheels, and the packed size is 30.7 x 22.8 x 20.9 inches (78 x 58 x 53 cm).

They also have the smaller version, the COLEMAN Valdes Deluxe 4 XL Air BlackOut Tent.

Final Thoughts

This was our selection of the best Coleman air tents; as you can see, these are large, tall, and easy to use. These tents completely block the sunlight, which is helpful if you camp with small kids; they can sleep during the day. And this is thanks to the BlackOut Bedroom feature.

If you need something warmer, check our list of the best-insulated tents for winter camping.

You might also want to check these Berghaus Tents with large air beams, in the same class as the Vango air beam tents and Coleman tents presented here in this article. Let me know if you have questions; there is a comment box below.

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