Are you planning to camp this winter? Then check out our list of the 9 best extreme cold weather tents in 2023, custom curated with the outdoor enthusiast in mind.

When considering which best extreme cold weather tent is best for you, there are several essential features to look for:

  1. Insulation
  2. Using tents ready for a wood-burning tent stove
  3. Going for an enclosed construction with solid windows and without mesh
  4. Using multi-layer tents

At the time of publication, there aren’t many globally available options for insulated tents for cold-weather camping. To the best of our knowledge, only one globally known brand manufactures these exceptional quality tents.

Several tents on the market come with a stove-pipe jack and other features that allow you to heat the tent. Some of these aren’t big sellers but don’t worry; we have some of the best tents listed here.

As for enclosed tents with solid windows, many are available in the EU and UK markets. The best-known manufacturers of tents of this type are located in this area.

The tents of this type are built with a large living area which you need because you need to stay inside most of the time. For the same reason, they tend to be tall, so you can walk inside and feel comfortable.

In a cold environment, you do not want mesh on the tent; you will want as many layers as possible. This is why extreme cold weather tents have closable vents.

Our List Of The 9 Best Extreme Cold Weather Tents

In the list below, you have our list of the best extreme cold weather tents with the features mentioned above. They are ordered by the floor area from smallest to largest:

1. Crua Duo Dome Tent

  • Packaged weight: 20 lbs
  • Floored area: 48 ft²
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.8′ x 4.9′ x 4.1′
  • Packed size: 21″ x 6″

First on our list of the best extreme cold weather tents is the Crua Duo Dome Tent. This is a synthetic tent, so the shell is made with polyester and has a 5000 mm waterproof rating. The picture below shows it on the right. As such, you can use it just like any other single-layer, 3-season camping tent for two people.

But the picture on the left shows that it has an insulated inner cocoon that fits nicely inside and insulates it as if you were in a top-quality sleeping bag. You can use the cocoon in wintertime with the shell or without it.

Best Two-Person


  • Features amazing versatility
  • Provides excellent insulation
  • Excellent overall quality


  • It could be considered bulky

Available from:

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Note that the cocoon has air beams instead of poles, while the shell tent has quality aluminum poles that are 8.5 mm in diameter and 13 aluminum stakes 7 inches (18 cm) long.

The dimensions of the main tent are 9.8 ft x 4.9 ft (3.05 m x 1.47 m), with the front porch included. The inner area is 35.5 ft² (3.31 m²), and the total covered area is 48 ft² (4.46 m²). The tent is moderately low with its peak height of 4.1 ft (1.25 m).

The shell tent weighs 5 lb (2.2 kg), and its packed size is (L x D) 21 x 6 inches (53 x 15 cm). The cocoon is very bulky and weighs 15 lb (6.8 kg), but you choose to leave this if you’re camping in the summer.

Ventilation is excellent with this design. There is a floor vent plus two roof vents. Note that the tent has a vestibule, the inner door is double-layered, and mesh is one of the layers.

The Duo Tent can be combined with three others to form the Crua Dome 6-Person Tent, creating a central dome and insulated side tents. This combination is known as the Crua Clan, making it a versatile 4-season outdoor shelter.

2. Crua Tri 3-Person Thermo Insulated Waterproof Family Tent

  • Packaged weight: 48 lbs
  • Floored area: 68.5 ft²
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 93.6″ x 78″ x 62.4″
  • Packed size: 33″ x 24″ x 19″

It is hard to imagine a tent that would deserve to be on this list more. This is one of just a few insulated tents on the market, and we would dare to claim that this is the best.

We will start from outside first. What you have here is something completely unique. The shell is a waterproof but breathable 80/20% mixture of cotton and polyester, known as poly-cotton. The picture shows its solid windows. The structure is tunnel-type, as you can see from the picture, and 4 steel loops support it.

Most Insulated


  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Very well insulated
  • Made with durable & tough materials


  • Very expensive
  • Too heavy for long distances
  • Too big for a backpack

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To get inside, you have an inner tent constructed as an insulated cocoon that gives it an effective R-value 4. The cocoon is made with a dark-rest material, so it blocks the light completely and offers quite a lot of insulation. This cocoon is a single-room space, but don’t no worry; there is a large and fully protected porch without a floor where you can cook and store all your gear.

The tent’s official capacity is 3 people, where you have 19.5 ft² (4.6 m²) in the cocoon while the total protected area is 68.5 ft² (6.36 m²). The weight is 48 lb (22 kg), and the packed size is 33 x 24 x 19 inches (85 x 61 x 48 cm). Without the cocoon, the weight is 30 lb (13.6 kg), and you can indeed use it that way as a pleasant canvas tent, so this is a true 4-season tent. The peak height is 62 inches (160 cm).

3. Russian-Bear Hot Tent with Stove Jack Cuboid 2.20

  • Packaged weight: 44.1 lbs
  • Floored area: 52.5 ft²
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 
  • Packed size: 61″ х 9.8″ х 9.8″

This is a true 2-layer structure with a wood-burning stove included. It is designed for the most extreme weather conditions and for all seasons. The tent can be described as a cabin-type with pop-out walls and an instant setup.

It has an integrated stove jack and a stainless-steel stove, so you have everything needed to heat the tent. The doors have 3 layers: a panel, a mesh door, and an inner fabric door.

The windows are incredible 5-layer structures that include a panel, then a solid translucent layer, an inner flap, a mesh, and an inner panel. There are Velcro stiffeners that allow you to keep the windows open for ventilation.

Best Stove tent


  • It pops right up
  • Made with durable & tough materials
  • Includes a wood stove
  • It provides great protection from the elements


  • Extremely heavy
  • Very large pack size

Available from:

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One wall can be unzipped to create an awning where you can sit and relax. The wall that can be unzipped has a mesh as a third layer. The poles for this are included. They also included a floor protection flap when you use the stove.

The frame is an aluminum/steel combination; the poles are 10-11 mm in diameter. The inner fabric is a very durable 210D Oxford with PU coating that gives it a 2000 mm waterproof rating, and the outer layer is a 300D Oxford with PU coating and a 4000 mm rating.

The floor has 3 layers, and it is insulated, zippered and removable. and all of the above are very strong reasons why this makes the cut of the best extreme cold weather tents.

The area is 52.5 ft² (4.9 m²), the peak height is 75 inches (191 cm), and the weight is 44.1 lb (20 kg). The packed size is 61 х 9.8 х 9.8 inches (155 x 25 x 25 cm).

4. Russian-Bear Dome Hot Tent with Wood Burning Stove

  • Packaged weight: 55.1 lbs
  • Floored area: 88 ft²
  • Dimensions (D x H): 134″ x 74″
  • Packed size: 55.12″ х 11.81″ х 11.81″

Fourth on our list of best extreme cold weather tents is the instant-setup tent that you open like an umbrella and has some truly unique features. It comes ready for heating, so a pipe jack and a wood-burning stove are included. Around the pipe jack, you have a fire-resistant material that can withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees.

The tent is a double-wall construction with 2 doors that are 3-layers and 2 windows built with 5 layers where one of the layers is translucent and solid. The two windows are designed to serve as vents as well, they are with support bars so you can keep them open as vents. Note that it also comes with a removable hinged door for ease of access.

Top Pick


  • Very easy to set up
  • The wood stove is included
  • Excellent overall protection


  • Too heavy for long-distance treks
  • The packed length is too large

Available from:

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They built the tent in 3 sizes under the names UP-2 Mini, UP-2, and UP-5. Our focus here is on the UP-2, which is a 5-person tent. This is a single room fully freestanding structure. The area is 88 ft² (8.17 m²), and the weight is 55.1 lb (25 kg), while its packed size is 55.12 х 11.81 х 11.81 inches (140 x 30 x 30 cm).

The picture above shows that this is a nicely designed aerodynamic dome, and it comes with all stakes and guylines to secure it properly. The frame is a combination of steel rods and aluminum В95Т1 alloy, with a diameter of 8 and 10 mm.

The stakes are very strong but simple steel. The shell is Oxford 300 with a PU coating that gives it a 4000 mm waterproof rating. The inner layer is Oxford 210, also waterproof and with a 2000 mm rating. There are also two aluminum rods for the awning.

5. Big Agnes Mad House Mountaineering Tent 6 Person

  • Packaged weight: 21.8 lbs
  • Floored area: 94 ft²
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 31″ x 23″ x 14″
  • Packed size: 26″ x 15″ x 10″

Here, you have a simple full two-layer tent and it is nicely ventilated. There are closable mesh sections on the canopy that match the fly vents. All these vents are closable to preserve the warmth if you feel cold.

Today we’re talking about the 6-person version, but just to know that they also build it for 8 people. The tent has two rooms, two doors, and two vestibules. So the organization is great and you have plenty of space for gear, note that you have no less than 16 storage pouches on the walls.

Best Storage


  • Brilliant build quality
  • It packs down well
  • Excellent storage features


  • It could be considered too expensive
  • Not the best insulation

Available from:

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It could be described as an extended dome, but it is indeed elongated and looks almost like a tunnel tent. You have a full-coverage fly for complete protection.

The poles are aluminum, and fly is a polyester ripstop with high-tenacity yarns and a 1200 mm waterproof rating. The inner tent is breathable polyester ripstop, and the floor bathtub style polyester Oxford with a 5000 mm polyurethane coating.

The inner area is 94 ft² (8.7 m²) plus two vestibules that have 25 + 6 ft² (2.3 + 0.5 m²). The tent weighs 21 lb 8 oz (9.75 kg) and the packed size is 26 x 15 x 10 inches (66 x 38 x x 25 cm). The peak height is 68 inches (173 cm). Note that we have included it also in our list of best 4 season family tents for camping.

6. The North Face 2-Meter Dome 8-person tent

  • Packaged weight: 51 lbs
  • Floored area: 125 ft²
  • Dimensions (D x H): 78″ x 83″
  • Packed size: 32″ x 23″

Here you have an almost perfect hemisphere designed for the harshest winter conditions. This is a freestanding double-layer full-cover expedition tent with a radius of around 2 meters, and this explains the words 2-Meter in its name. The peak height is 83 inches (211 cm), so the tent is very pleasant to stand in.

This is an incredibly stable and strong structure with aluminum poles and 12 corners, and more than 40 intersections of the poles. The floored area is 125 ft² (11.6 m²), so this looks huge, but unfortunately, there are no vestibules, so it is best to downgrade the number of users by half or so.

Best Bad-Weather


  • It has a very spacious shape
  • Made of extremely high-quality materials
  • It provides great protection from bad weather


  • It has a high price due to the brand
  • Not easy to use

Available from:

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This is a true winter tent with a few windows with panels, and the picture above shows that it has a very peculiar top chimney vent. To improve ventilation, they have added mesh on the doors. All openings are with zippered panels.

Now about the numbers and materials. The tent weighs 51 lb (23.1 kg) and its packed size is 32 x 23 inches (81 x 58 cm). The 12 poles are top-notch Easton 7075-E9, with 11 mm diameter.

The fly is a heavy-duty 210D nylon oxford with 1500 mm PU coating, and observe that the inner canopy is the same fabric and the same waterproof rating. The floor is a heavy-duty 420D nylon taffeta with a 10000 mm PU coating.

7. Robens Klondike Tent

  • Packaged weight: 35.5 lbs
  • Floored area: 127 ft² 
  • Dimensions (D x H): 157.48″ x 106.3″
  • Packed size: 31.89″ x 12.6″ x 11.02″

We added this tent to our list of extreme cold tents for two reasons. The first is that this is a top-quality canvas tent, that’s a 4-season tent. The second reason is that it comes equipped with an integrated pipe jack; this is the black section on the top where you have the openings for the pipe.

Best Teepee Style


  • Lots of headroom
  • It comes with a stove jack
  • It offers plenty of ventilation
  • Durable & reliable


  • It’s not freestanding

Available from:

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The tent is nicely ventilated with several floor vents and roof vents, but this is also a breathable fabric made with a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. The central pole is an anodized alloy 30.8 – 52 mm in diameter. The floor is a zip-in type, removable, and fully waterproof quality 210T Oxford polyester with a 10000 mm waterproof rating.

The tent is very tall, with 106.3 inches (2.7 m) in peak height. They also claim it has passed wind tests to withstand winds of up to 168 km/h. To continue with numbers, this is a 6-person structure with an area of 127 ft² (11.8 m²). The weight is 35.5 lb (16.1 kg). It is included also in our list of top-rated 6-person camping tents.

8. Marmot Lair 8 Person Tent

  • Packaged weight: 26 lbs
  • Floored area: 129.167 ft²
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): Not stated
  • Packed size: 19.69″ x 11.81″ x 7.87″

This Marmot Lair 8-Person Tent has been around for many years, and we have an expedition tent designed for cold weather in general. The structure is fully enclosed and with two layers. 10 DAC poles support the tent, so the structure is very strong and stable. They use DA17 10.2 mm and 9.5 mm poles, and this is a great material from the best-known brand.

Best Construction


  • Great height
  • The shape is perfect for strong winds
  • Excellent weather protection


  • It’s pretty expensive
  • It’s not easy to set up

Available from:

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The tent is freestanding and self-supporting dome-style construction, and it is very tall, with 96 inches (244 cm) peak height. The canopy is a 40D 100% nylon ripstop with a combined silicon/PU coating and 1800 mm waterproof rating, and the same material is used for the fly. The floor is s 70D 100% nylon with a 5000 mm waterproof rating and is removable. Again you have two waterproof layers.

Here are some numbers. The floor area is around 12 square meters, plus 40 ft² (3.7 m²) under the vestibule. It is officially for 8 people. The weight is 26 lb (11.8 kg).

9. Crua Loj 6 Person Tent

  • Packaged weight: 218 lbs
  • Floored area: 235 ft² 
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 277″ x 158″ x 83″
  • Packed size: 56″ x 40″ x 40″

This tent follows the same basic idea as their Crua Tri tent. But this Crua Loj 6-person tent is one of their largest camping tents on the market. You have an inner area of 235 ft² (22 m²) plus a porch that adds 65 ft² (6 m²) to it. Its porch doesn’t have a floor, so this is the place where you can store your gear or use it for cooking.

This is again an insulated tent where you have a 3-room structure plus the fully enclosed porch with a vestibule. Note that only the sleeping area is insulated. The inner cocoon offers insulation that is equivalent to an effective R-value of 4. The sleeping area is a dark rest zone, it is completely dark inside, even in broad daylight, and it provides a bit of sound insulation too.

Largest Tent


  • It’s very well insulated
  • Features blackout technology
  • It’s huge


  • It’s expensive
  • The weight and packed size

Available from:

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The tent has 3 external doors and 2 inner doors, you have a large living room inside, and it is in front of the insulated tent. Observe that the tent has a footprint included and an insulated carpet. The frame is steel, and the fabric is a breathable laminated poly-cotton 80/20.

There are several solid PVC windows, 6 in total; the tent offers an awning configuration shown in the picture. This is a true 4-season tent; you can use it with or without the inner cocoon. They claim it can handle winds of over 60 MPH.

You will not like its weight, the tent weighs 218 lb (99 kg), and its dimensions (L x W) are 277 x 158 inches (700 x 400 cm). The inner peak height is 83 inches (211 cm). It is also included in our list of the best heavy-duty canvas tents for camping.

How To Choose

So this is our list of the best extreme cold weather camping tents, and we hope you realize how great these tents are. There are several possible aspects when it comes to choosing one of them. Here are some hints and tips to consider:

Choosing A Tent That Can Be Heated Or Not?

For extreme cold, this can be the best option. But this will also depend on the environment; if you are above the tree line, you will have to go for other options, like an insulated tent or an enclosed two-layer model.

Choosing A True 4-Season Tent Or Not?

Some of the tents here are for all seasons and will perform well in all seasons. This holds in particular for poly-cotton and canvas tents. But some may not be so pleasant in the warmer part of the year; these are tents for experts built specifically for a cold environment.

Portable Tent Or Not?

Some of the tents here are enormous, and they are also very bulky when packed and very heavy. There is no way to carry them anywhere. But some are indeed portable, or you can transport them easily.


These are advanced structures, and some of them are very expensive, for all the good reasons. But there are differences, so check your budget, and you will know what to do.

You will need a suitable sleeping bag in a cold environment, so check our list of best-rated cold-weather sleeping bags. Sleeping off the ground will make you feel much warmer, so check out some heavy-duty camping cots.

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