Heating your tent isn’t always an option, so insulated tents for winter camping are the next best option to protect you from the cold weather. And this is why we’ve created a list of the best-insulated tents.

Tents with a pipe jack can be heated with a wood-burning tent stove. But you may be camping at places where wood is not available. Luckily, there are also gas heaters for tents; in this case, it is essential to have a tent that preserves the warmth inside.

As we write this article, finding camping brands offering insulated tents is rare. In fact, only Crua Outdoors could be described as a global manufacturer of insulated tents. However, they mainly operate in the European and North American market. So seeing their tents in the list below shouldn’t be surprising.

With insulated tents, you also have the best possible shelters with a dark rest or blackout design. Some almost block daylight entirely, making sleeping easier during the day. This makes them suitable for areas like Norway and Iceland, where you have continuous daylight.

Insulation and dark rest design.
Insulation and dark rest design.

The picture above shows the inner sleeping area in one of the tents in this article. All those openings are closable and have thick insulation, so outside sounds are reduced.

In the list below, you’ll see some tents with a removable inner cocoon that can be used separately or inside any larger camping tent.

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Insulated Tents For Cold Weather Camping

This is our list of tents that we ordered by floor area from smallest to largest:

Note that here you have both polycotton and synthetic tents; the former are breathable, so bear this in mind if this feature is essential for your camping experience.

1. Crua Duo Dome Tent

  • Packed weight: 20 lbs
  • Dimensions: 117.6″ x 58.8″
  • Peak height: 49.2″
  • Floor area: 48 ft²
  • Packed size (L x D): 21″ x 6″

This Crua Duo Dome Tent is a set of two parts; you have a single-layer two-person tent and an insulated cocoon, which are shown in the picture.

The shell is a standard polyester with a huge waterproof rating of 5000 mm. You can use it as a single-layer, 3-season camping tent for two people. The cocoon tent is freestanding and has air beams instead of poles.

The cocoon tent is freestanding that uses air beams instead of poles. The insulated inner cocoon fits nicely inside, insulating it as if you were using a top-quality sleeping bag. The cocoon can be used in wintertime with the shell or without it. It can also be ordered separately, and you can use it with any larger camping tent

Best Seller


  • It can be used with and without the cocoon
  • Provides excellent ventilation
  • Extremely well insulated


  • The cocoon is bulky

Available from:

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The shell tent is supported by quality aluminum poles that are 8.5 mm in diameter. The main tent measures 9.8 x 4.9 ft (299 x 149 cm). The inner area is 35.5 ft² (3.3 m²), and the total covered area is 48 ft² (4.45 m²). The tent is low profile with a 4.1 ft (125 cm) peak height.

As for the weight, the shell tent weighs 5 lb (2.2 kg), and its packed size is (L x D) 21 x 6 inches (53 x 15 cm). The cocoon is very bulky and weighs 15 lb (6.8 kg).

Note they also have their Crua Dome 6-Person Tent, and this Duo tent can be zipped to it, so you have a huge central dome plus the insulated side tent.

2. Crua Outdoors Duo Combo Maxx 3-Person Temperature Regulating Tent

  • Packed weight: 22 lbs
  • Dimensions: 117.6″ x 87.6″
  • Peak height: 49.2″
  • Floor area: 71.5 ft²
  • Packed size (L x D): ‎29″ x 23.9″ x 15.5″

This Crua Duo Combo Maxx is just a larger version of its Duo Dome cousin. Again you have two separate components that can be used together, as you see in the picture, or separately.

Best For Couples


  • Brilliant overall quality
  • Plenty of space for a couple
  • Dark rest technology


  • It’s quite heavy

Available from:

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The functionality and features are the same. You have an inflatable Crua Cocoon Maxx constructed from breathable polyester with 450 g/m² insulation. The shell tent is water-resistant up to 5000 mm. The shell is supported by aluminum poles that are 8.5 mm in diameter.

The floor area is 71.5 ft² (6.6 m²), and the height is 4.1 ft (125 cm). The trail weight of the Crua Duo Maxx tent is 5.5 lb (2.5 kg), and the Crua Cocoon Maxx is 16.5 lb (7.5 kg).

3. Crua Tri 3-Person Thermo Insulated Waterproof Family Tent

  • Packed weight: 48 lbs
  • Dimensions: 126″ x 79″
  • Peak height: 62″ 
  • Floor area: 68.5 ft²
  • Packed size (L x D): 33 x 24 x 19

You have an inner insulated cocoon tent that gives it an R-value of 4. This tent also uses dark rest technology due to the cocoon within the shell tent. This means that there is no light inside when you close the tent. This same cocoon gives it a bit of sound insulation as well. We have also included it in our list of extreme cold weather camping tents.

Its official capacity is 3 people and has 68.5 ft² (6.36 m²) of the total covered area. The inner floored sleeping area is 19.5 ft² (4.6 m²). The rest is a fully covered and protected vestibule or porch, almost like a front room.

Top Pick


  • It’s excellent in extreme colds
  • Very durable & tough materials
  • Great living room area


  • It’s expensive
  • Too heavy for trail camping

Available from:

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The tent weighs 48 lbs (22 kg) and is bulky; its packed size is 33 x 24 x 19 inches (85 x 61 x 48 cm). The overall dimensions are 126 x 79 inches (318 x 200 cm). The peak height is 62 inches (160 cm).

It can be described as a tunnel-type that’s supported by 4 loops. The loop poles are shock-corded strong aluminum, and you also have 2 shorter poles that support the inner cocoon. You have an outer fabric that is a high-quality waterproof but breathable mixture of cotton and polyester, or polycotton, with a ratio of 80/20. The waterproof rating is 5000 mm. The tent is with solid windows.

The ventilation is excellent. You have three separate vents equipped with dual stiffeners and Velcro tabs.

4. Crua Cottage Premium Quality 4-6 Person Family Tent

  • Packed weight: 172 lbs
  • Dimensions: 295.2″ x 295.2″
  • Peak height: 98.4″
  • Floor area: 188 ft²
  • Packed size (L x D): Not Stated

This tent includes two side rooms for sleeping and one large living area under the central dome. There is also a room they call the Sun Room. The sleeping rooms are insulated, and they are also perfect dark-rest rooms. Because of this, it is also on our list of best dark rest camping tents.

The tent is incredibly tall; you have a peak height of 8.2 ft (250 cm). There are 10 solid windows and two doors. The mentioned Sun Room has no flooring, but it’s fully protected from the elements and is designed as a space for sitting and enjoying.

Best For Families


  • Dark rest design
  • Insulated sleeping rooms
  • Made with top-quality materials
  • High-level craftsmanship


  • The price
  • The weight and packed size

Available from:

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Officially, this tent is for 4-6 people, but this massive structure has four rooms, so you could probably fit more. The total floored area is 188 ft² (17.5 m²), plus the Sun Room with an area of 67.3 ft² (6.25 m²). The base is T-shaped, supported by steel poles, and offers an RV connection.

The fabric is excellent. The inner tent is an 80:20 breathable polycotton mix, and the shell is a 70:30 breathable polycotton. The floor is strong and fully waterproof polyethylene. Ventilation is also excellent, the fabric is breathable, but they have added two-floor vents and two wall vents.

5. Crua Loj 6 Person Tent

  • Packed weight: 218 lbs
  • Dimensions: 277″ x 158″
  • Peak height: 83″
  • Floor area: 235 ft²
  • Packed size (L x D): Not Stated

This tent comes with an inner sleeping area which is an insulated tent within the shell tent. Its effective R-value is 4. This sleeping area is also a dark rest zone; it is entirely dark inside, even in broad daylight. They claim that the tent provides a bit of sound insulation too.

The tent is one of the most impressive on the market, so we have included it in several of our lists here on the site. You will see it among the best tents for 4 seasons, the best heavy-duty canvas camping tents, and several more.

It is officially for 6 people only, but you have an inner area of 235 ft² (22 m²). In addition to this, you also have a porch that adds 65 ft² (6 m²). This porch area is floorless, and you can use it for cooking and sitting in your camping chairs.

Most Space


  • Excellent in strong winds
  • Provides plenty of living space
  • Extremely well insulated
  • It has loads of ventilation


  • It’s one of the heaviest on the market
  • It’s super expensive

Available from:

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There are 3 rooms. Two sleeping units are in the insulated cocoon, and you have a huge and floored living room in front of it. There are 3 external doors and 2 inner doors. There are 6 solid PVC windows. The tent allows for an awning configuration.

As for the materials, the frame is steel, and the fabric is breathable; this is a laminated polycotton 80/20. They claim it can handle winds of over 60 MPH. The tent comes with a footprint included and an insulated carpet.

This is a heavy structure, weighing 218 lb (99 kg). The dimensions (L x W) are 277 x 158 inches (700 x 400 cm). The tent is also very tall; the inner peak height is 83 inches (211 cm).

Final Thoughts

So this was our list of the best-insulated tents for winter camping. We hope you realize that it includes a vast variety of sizes, although the official capacity of these tents is in a relatively narrow range of 2-6 people.

The largest offers an inner floored area of 235 ft² (22 m²), so such a tent can accommodate far more users if necessary. The official capacity applies only to the space that is actually insulated.

There are also significant price differences, which is not surprising when you see what some of these tents offer.

Now, how to choose? We guess it is best to check your budget and then consider the best use of your insulated tent. Some of them need lots of area in the camp. Also, because of insulation, these are bulky items, so consider the way of transportation.

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