In this article, we review the best kids camping cots which can be useful during your next camping adventure or even outdoors.

Camping or traveling shouldn’t prevent you or your kids from getting a good night’s sleep. One way to do that is by using camping cots for additional comfort while you’re traveling. 

I have tested and tried with my kids various best camping cots for kids and then arrived at best portable cot or air mattress which can fit for kids.

But some kids’ camp cots are better than others. We researched the options thoroughly and compiled a list of criteria we used to determine the best kids’ camping cots. 

Of these, one of my and my kids favorite was the Regalo Portable Kids’ Camping Cot. It’s easy to travel with, equally easy to set up, includes a fitted sheet, and has a comfortable, well-supported mattress. 

But it’s not the only kids camping cot out there, so here’s a list of what we think are the best kids’ camping cots to choose from for your next camping trip. 

Our Reviews of Best Kids Camping Cots:

Best Overall Portable Camping Cot:  Regalo Portable Kids Camping Cot


There are several reasons that the Regalo camping cot for kids ranks as best overall on our list. 

First of all, we appreciate that it’s a lightweight cot that folds up easily. Whether you’re sleeping in a tent or are bringing your camping cot to granny’s, that’s a must. Young children especially require so much extra stuff when they travel that the last thing you want is a bulky, heavy, or awkward-to-pack camping cot. 

Regalo condenses effectively into a 9″x8″x24″ unit. You’ll still have plenty of room for your other travel supplies. 

Another reason we like Regalo is that there’s no setup required. All you need to do is unfold the bed, and it’s ready for use. Additionally, it has a sturdy steel frame, so even though it’s lightweight and requires minimal setup, you can feel confident it will hold your child’s weight. 

There’s a central support bar to make sure your child is safe, but it can’t be felt by the sleeper, so they stay comfy even as parents gain peace of mind. 

The canvas sleeping area is comfortable and includes a fitted sheet for sleeping under. However, many reviewers say they prefer using the sheet as an extra layer of comfort and bringing their own sleeping bags or blankets. 

While you can store the Regalo in a company-issued carry case, it isn’t sold with the bed. So, if you want the convenience of ready storage, you need to buy that separately. 

Best Kids Camping Cot With Bunkbed: Disc O Bed

Some kids like sleeping in their own bed best, and we sympathize because given the option, so do we. But one way to combat that preference is by offering them the novelty of bunkbeds.  Its a bunk bed cot for kids which can be easily used for camping.

There are several bunkbed camping cots for kids on the market, but we like Disc O Bed’s model best for several reasons. 

Unlike the Regalo bed, there’s some setup involved with this bunk bed. But it’s minimal, and you can rig the bed up without any tools whatsoever. Since we’re hopeless with everything from tin openers to wrenches, this immediately got our attention. Instead, you snap the cots into place. Once you get the hang of it, you can have this kids’ camping cot set up in ten minutes. 

Disassembly is equally straightforward. So, if the novelty of sleeping on top of each other wears off, you can quickly separate the beds and give kids their own space. 

Each cot holds up to 200 lbs, ensuring you get several years of use out of these cots. 

Additionally, the corners on the Disc O Bed are rounded, so no one will catch little fingers or snag their clothes on the edges. This has the further advantage that they won’t damage the floor of your tent. 

Moreover, because of the structure of these camping cots, there’s no middle bar running down the center. That makes for a more comfortable sleep overall. 

Finally, the Disc O Bed comes with a waterproof mattress, so you won’t have to worry about packing a sleeping pad. 

That frees up car space for other camping essentials. The mattresses- surfaces are washable, ensuring that when you get home they clean up quickly. They’re also waterproof, so in the event they get wet, they should absorb the water and your child’s sleep won’t be disturbed. 

Buyers should know that the space between bunk beds may seem close, especially for older children. We recommend the taller child sleep on the top bunk to avoid feeling too squished. Alternatively, reserve the top bunk for the more claustrophobic sleeper. 

Best Camping Cot for Kids with Canopy: Baby Delight Go With Me Cot for Kids 


This is another easily-assembled camping cot for kids. The frame unfolds and snaps into place. You can then attach the canopy. This comes attached to poles that slide neatly into slots at the corners of the cot. 

There’s also a pre-attached net that stops more mobile sleepers from falling out of bed. 

We like the canopy because it’s an effective way of keeping your child shaded from UV light while still ensuring they can enjoy the outdoors. It also offers a partially-enclosed sleeping space, which many children find comforting. 

The frame is sturdy and can hold up to 75 lbs. However, it can’t accommodate sleepers taller than 50 inches, so may not be ideal for tall children or sleepers who sleep stretched out. 

It’s quite heavy, so may not be ideal if you need to carry it long distances. That said, it does come with a carry case that includes an over-the-shoulder strap.

While you likely won’t need the canopy inside a tent, it’s worth knowing that the feet are set far apart to avoid damaging the tent floor. 

Best Kids Camping Cot with Sleeping Bag: Disney Frozen II Foldable Slumber Cot 


While you can always bring your own sleeping bag, we appreciate that the Foldable Slumber Cot includes one. It’s one less thing for you to worry about packing, and you can store it with the cot, saving space when you pack. 

The polyester sleeping bag features Disney’s Anna and Elsa from Frozen, a design young children will appreciate, even if the attraction for parents has since worn thin. 

It also includes an integrated pillow, saving you from having to pack one of your own. However, depending on your child’s preference for pillows, especially the number and density, you may find yourself doing that anyway. 

This kids’ camping cot has a durable steel frame and holds up to 88 lbs. So, while it won’t work for older children, it’s a fantastic camping cot for young kids that stores conveniently and needs minimal setup. All you need to do is unfold the bed. That done, pick a spot in the tent and set it on the floor. 

The sleeping bag detaches and is machine washable. However, we recommend paying close attention to the washing instructions before throwing them in for a cycle. 

In addition to the pillow and sleeping bag, the Foldable Slumber Cot for kids includes a carrying case for storage between uses. This makes it easy to transport and to store between holidays. 

However, the position of the central support bar can be awkward for sleeping, and we recommend lining the bed with something soft before using it. 

Best Camping Cot for Toddlers: My Cot Deluxe 

The My Cot Deluxe kids camping cot and toddlers is an incredibly popular sleeping bag and cot combination for parents camping with young children. Its a cot portable toddler bed for your toddler.

It features an attached sleeping bag and pillow for a comfortable night’s sleep. It also has a sturdy steel frame with feet designed to protect the tent floor. However, children who prefer their own blankets or don’t want to use the sleeping bag can choose to detach it or lie on top of it for extra comfort. 

There’s a steel support bar across the middle, but the sleeping bag ensures this is unobtrusive and holds up to 75 lbs safely. 

We also appreciate that this camp cot for kids is easy to set up. Once it’s unfolded, you can put it anywhere without extra assembly. It also folds up compactly. However, parents should note that there’s no carrying case, so transporting it across large distances without a car may be challenging. 

Some customers expressed concern about the lack of netting or side mesh for toddlers that roll in their sleep, but otherwise, it’s a comfortable cot that goes over well with toddlers and young children. 

Finally, the pillow and sleeping bag detach and wash easily, making it easy to clean them between trips. 

Best Camping Cot for Tall Kids: REDCAMP Extra Long Kids Cot  


This kids’ camping cot is ideal for taller kids. It’s longer than the standard kids’ camping cot and will prevent their feet from falling off the edge and reduce the need for awkward or cramped sleeping positions. 

Setup is easy since the cot is a single unit that unfolds similarly to a folding chair. It also includes a handy pocket for storing things like:

  • Glasses 
  • Books 
  • Flashlight/headlamp 

In addition to being long, the cot is wide, allowing the sleeper to move freely without fear of falling off. It has a sturdy frame with crossbars for extra security across the legs. It holds up to 220 lbs. And because there are no bars or meshes at the head or foot, the child using it gets maximum use of the extra sleeping space. 

Despite the extra length and the steel construction, this kids’ camping cot is lightweight. That said, it’s too heavy to carry long distances, so it’s not the bed to take wilderness camping. There’s too much steel for that. But when folded up, it reverts to a compact tube and doesn’t take up too much space in your vehicle. 

Customers appreciate being able to sit on the cot with their children without experiencing sagging. However, some feel this kids’ camping cot could be even longer than it already is. 

Best Lightweight Kids Camping Cot: Joovy Foocot Kids Camp Cot  


If you need a lightweight kids’ camping cot, the Joovy Foocot children’s cot is an excellent choice. 

Like other camping cots for kids we recommend, this one assembles easily. All you need to do is unfold it and lock the pieces in place, and it’s ready for use. 

We also like that there’s a pocket on either side of the cot to safely store things like glasses and water bottles on your way to bed. 

The Joovy Foocot cot comes in various colors, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your child’s tastes. Additionally, the mattress is firm and won’t sink the way some camp cots for kids do when in use. 

While it can be used with extremely young children, it’s not enclosed, so is better for toddlers who have outgrown rolling. It holds up to 75 lbs, so is suitable for children up until approximately age four and a half. However, this varies depending on the height and weight of the child. 

Additionally, this camp cot for kids includes an over-the-shoulder bag for easy storage. This also makes it easy to transport if you decide to hike between campsites since the cot itself weighs 6.5 lbs. 

However, it does not include a fitted sheet. If you want to cover the canvas before use, you’ll need to bring one of your own or look for something that will fit over the mattress. 

What to Look for in a Kids Camping Cot  

So, those are our top picks for camp cots for kids. But what makes them stand head and shoulders above other cots out there? 

When researching camp cots for kids, we had several criteria we considered. These included:

  • Setup
  • Camp cot weight 
  • Maximum weight camp cot could bear 
  • Inclusion of a carry case 
  • Storage/pockets 

Not every bed met every criterion, but we weighed our selection towards camp cots for kids that met as many of these as possible. Alternatively, we emphasized beds that excelled in one or two particular areas.

Easy Assembly 

There’s a lot to do when setting up a campsite. How much varies depending on whether you are:

  • Wilderness camping 
  • RV camping 
  • Camping at a site that offers cooking/bathing area 

But whatever you choose and however you travel, you still don’t want to lose hours setting up your child’s camping cot. This is doubly true for families with more than one child. 

With that in mind, we prioritized beds that could be set up quickly. Ideally, the camp cots for kids we looked at all unfolded and locked in place the way camping chairs do or had a different but equally prompt setup style. 


Since our reference point for camping is wilderness camping, we naturally looked for lightweight, easily transportable beds. When we camp we do a lot of canoeing, and there’s nothing like carrying awkward and heavy equipment across a portage site. 

Even if you aren’t wilderness camping, a lightweight bed still has merit. Heavier doesn’t necessarily mean more secure, and there’s no reason to heft 12 lbs of bed into your car if you can make do with six and experience the same degree of child safety. 

Carry Cases 

We also looked for camp cots for kids that came with carrying cases. Partly this goes back to our portaging experience and trying to duck under trees and climb over rocks with our hands free. 

But carrying cases has other benefits, too. They make storing the cot between camping trips easier, for instance. They also minimize the space the cot takes up in the trunk when you pack the camping gear up at the end of the day. 

Weight Limit 

Another thing we looked at when choosing what camp cots for kids to recommend was weight limit. This varies between beds. Some can take up to 250 lbs, while others can’t hold more than 75 lbs. 

Both have their advantages, and we found that the size of the kids’ cot tended to affect the weight limit. 

With that in mind, we included beds that cater to a range of weights because while in a perfect world you’d be able to buy a camp cot for a child at two that lasted them for life, it’s not realistic. The beds that take higher weights are typically too big for younger children, and beds with lower weight limits are obviously unsuitable for older ones. 


Our final criteria when selecting the best camp cots for kids was pockets. They weren’t essential, so you won’t find them on every camp cot model we recommend, but we did appreciate a camp cot that included them. 

We wear glasses and used to go to contortions to keep those somewhere safe without a nightside table. That’s extremely difficult if your default position is the tent floor. 

But camp cots offer an excellent opportunity to safely store accessories that might otherwise get lost in your backpack or suitcase. 


While there are many excellent kids’ camping cots to choose from, the one we like best is the Regalo Portable Kids’ Camping Cot. 

It’s sturdy and well supported, but also comfortable. It includes a fitted sheet, and it sets up and deconstructs without involving any tools. When collapsed, it takes up minimal space. Our only regret is that it doesn’t include a carrying case.

But its combination of affordability, comfort, support, and compactness make it the best kids’ camping cot on our list.  

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