Outwell Airbeam Tents are among the largest on the market, with multiple rooms, and are built from polycotton and synthetic materials. Here you have some of their best examples.

You can be easily confused with the terminology Outwell Airbeam Tents uses for their fabric. Their tents are built from what they call the Outtex Airtech Technical Cotton and also Outtex polyester. The former is a polycotton fabric, and the latter is synthetic.

Outwell Airbeam Tents Outtex Airtech Technical Cotton fabric

A key point of Outwell Airbeam Tents is that they use a mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This material is breathable and waterproof due to the cotton threads that swell when wet, closing the spaces between the yarns in the weave. As a result, you have a tent free from condensation.

Furthermore, Outwell Airbeam Tents claim this ensures high water resistance while allowing water vapor to escape. To ensure this works properly, you need to weather the tent. Doing so speeds up the cotton’s ability to absorb water and swell. You can weather a tent at home by pitching it and soaking it with the garden hose. Once your tent is entirely wet, leave it to dry, then repeat the process a few times.

It is worth noting that o ensure this works properly, you need to weather the tent. Doing so speeds up the cotton’s ability to absorb water and swell. You weather a tent at home by pitching it and soaking it with the garden hose. Once your tent is entirely wet, leave it to dry, then repeat the process a few times.

It is worth noting that Outwell Airbeam Tents recommend weathering your new tent. However, they say it is not strictly necessary, as weathering will happen naturally while you camp. Although, you might see some water ingress the first time the tent is exposed to rain.

In addition, sewing can leave noticeable needle ‘holes’ along a tent’s seams when a tent is made in the factory. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about this with Outwell Airbeam Tents, as the seams seal themselves when the fibers swell. Having said this, if you experience leaking, you can remedy the problem with Outwell Airbeam Tents Seam Guard sealer.

Outtex polyester

Outtex polyester is a synthetic material with a very high waterproof rating, typically 4000 mm and 6000 mm in the newer models. You will never need more in a family camping tent.

Tents supports

Outwell Airbeam Tents have poled tents and tents with inflatable beams. But the focus here is on Outwell air tents; they are far easier to use, and one person can easily pitch one of these tents regardless of size. Air beams may leak, but this is extremely rare. On the other hand, beams can never break, which is not the case with solid poles.

Our list of the best Outwell inflatable tents

The tents in the list below are ordered by the floor area, from smallest to largest.

1. Outwell Chatham 4 Person Air Tent

This tent is the smallest here regarding the official number of users and the floored area. The official capacity is 4 people, but you still have an inner floor area of 131.3 ft² (12.2 m²) and a porch that adds around 65 ft² (6 m²). Consequently, the total protected area is enormous.

By and large, this is a 3-room structure, plus the mentioned porch, which is practically a floorless room, completely enclosed with solid windows and a door that can be closed.

Best Seller


  • Huge area.
  • Excellent organization.
  • 3 Rooms + porch.
  • Huge waterproof rating.
  • Very tall.
  • Great packed size.


  • Heavy.
  • Expensive.

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We have added this tent to our list because of its inflatable air beams. Additionally, the bedrooms are made from a darkened material to reduce glare, coupled with solid tinted windows and large doors.

The shell fabric is the Outtex 4000 Select, which means a 70D durable polyester with a 4000 mm waterproof rating. The floor is made from double-coated polyethylene with a 10000 mm rating. By the same token, the inner tent is breathable polyester.

The peak height is great at 82.68 inches (210 cm). The weight is 47 lb (21.3 kg), and its overall dimensions are 20.83 x 10.17 ft (635 x 310 cm). Its packed size is 35 x 19 x 19 inches (88 x 49 x 49 cm). We have also added it to our list of the best 4-person car camping tents.

2. Outwell Woodburg 6A Air Tent

This tent is a typical tunnel-shaped structure, with an inner area organized into 4 rooms. But as illustrated in the picture, there is also a large porch. The dimensions are 23.12 x 10.83 ft (705 x 330 cm), and the tent is very tall, with a peak height of 220 cm

Inside, the inner tent contains two bedrooms, making it suitable for 2 and 3 people. In addition, it has a large living room between these inner rooms and the porch.

The tent is officially for 6 people, but the total floored area is impressive 189 ft² (17.59 m²), and you still have the extra porch. For light, this tent has 6 separate solid and tinted windows and 2 external doors with 2 windows. There are 6 inner doors and many storage pouches at various places.

Best Seller


  • The overall design and organization.
  • The height.
  • Impressive waterproof rating.


  • The price.
  • The packed size.

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This is a synthetic tent, so the shell is the Outtex polyester with a 4000 mm waterproof rating we mentioned earlier. The inner tents are made from breathable polyester. It is worth noting this material is thick, making it a dark-rest tent. The floor has a double-coated and sewn-in waterproof 100% polyethylene.

This tent is supported with air beam tubes which Outwell Airbeam Tents call the Rigid Air System frame. This allows for a maximum pressure of 9 psi/0.6 bar. They claim it can withstand wind force 9, or 47-54 mph. The tent weighs 54.7 lb (24.8 kg), and the packed size is 36.6 x 19.3 x 19.3 inches (93 x 49 x 49 cm).

3. Outwell Wood Lake 7ATC Air Tent

This massive tent has dimensions 311 x 185 inches (790 x 470 cm). The inner tent contains 3 dark rest bedrooms with removable dividers and a vast living room. In addition, there is a large, fully protected porch, so the tent can be described as a 5-room construction.

The fabric is Outwell Airbeam Tents Outtex Airtech polycotton. Equally important, the inner tent’s floor is made from PU-coated taffeta polyester, and there is yet another main floor made from fully waterproof polyethylene. Furthermore, the tent is supported by 7 air beams with a maximum of 9 psi (0.6 bar). We have included this tent in our list of the best Outwell Polycotton Tents.

Best Seller


  • The space organization.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Ventilation.
  • Magnetic doors.


  • The price.

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Even though this tent’s official capacity is 7 people, due to the number of places in the bedrooms, it can easily accommodate 7 more people in its large living room. The total floored area is around 269 ft² (25 m²), plus the porch.

The tent’s magnetic closure on the inner doors is one detail that sets the tent apart. This system uses magnetic strips sewn into the vertical seam of the internal doors. They allow for quick and quiet bedroom entry. But you still have the option of zips for a more secure closure when required.

Here are a few more numbers. The weight is 125 lb (56.8 kg), the packed size is 41.3 x 25.6 x 25.6 inches (105 x 65 x 65 cm), and the peak height is 86.6 inches (220 cm). Please see more in this video:

Final thoughts

So this was our selection of Outwell Airbeam Tents, or inflatable tents, as people sometimes call them. Firstly, they are all large, but inflatable beams make them easy to pitch. All these tents come with a manual pump, so setting them up is easy and relatively fast. In fact, any of them can be set up by one person, despite their size.

As can be seen, the official capacities of these tents range between 4 and 7 people. However, the differences in their floored areas are enormous, by a factor of 3 or so. Additionally, they all have very useful and fully protected porches, which are practically like additional floorless rooms. These spaces are ideal for camping furniture without worrying about the floor. In addition to this, you can also use them for cooking.

Please also check our list of the best Outwell Polycotton Tents. Thank you for reading, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions or thoughts in the comment box below.

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