Best Ski Gloves for men for snowboarding

If you’ve been looking for a new pair of ski gloves, we have you covered. Below, we review the best ski gloves on the market for 2021.

When you’re skiing, the weather can change really quickly. A day that starts out sunny and warm can turn into a cold windy day. You need to be prepared by having the right equipment with you at all times. One of those pieces of equipment is ski gloves. Skiing without proper hand protection is not only uncomfortable but it’s dangerous as well. Wearing ski gloves will help prevent frostbite and blisters while also keeping your hands warm on those cold winter days! When choosing ski gloves, make sure they are comfortable and high quality since this piece of gear will be protecting your hands for several hours at a time!

When shopping for the best ski gloves, you’ll want to find a pair that are warm, comfortable, and able to keep your hands dry. You’ll find a wide range of gloves out there that can accomplish these tasks. Luckily, we’ve tested many different ski gloves and have chosen the best overall ski glove. 

After countless outdoor research on ski and snowboard rides, our choice for the best ski glove is the Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove. This glove is excellent for downhill, cross country, snowboarding, and backcountry skiing. It is waterproof, windproof, and stylish. 

Of course, it might not be the best option for everyone. Many ski gloves offer advanced or niche features that you might be interested in. From electric heaters to wrist guards, we’ve tried a wide range of different ski gloves and mittens. 

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24 Best Ski Gloves after countless outdoor research

Read below to learn more about all the ski gloves and mittens we’ve tested for 2021. 

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove – Best Ski Gloves Overall

If you’re looking for an all-around glove that will work great for any ski conditions, The Heli Ski Glove from Hestra is our first choice. This glove is designed from the ground up for harsh conditions and will keep your hands warm and dry all day long while on the slopes.

This glove will keep your hands dry and warm from experienced ski patrollers to snowboarders on their first run. We particularly like the goat leather back and palm on this glove. 

The innovative eagle grip design also allows you to have great dexterity while wearing the gloves. You’ll have no problems snapping in your bindings or adjusting your equipment while wearing a pair of Heli-Ski gloves.

  • Hi-tech polyester fibers retain warmth even in wet conditions.
  • Hestra Triton fabric provides soundproofing and water resistance.
  • Hook and loop snow lock closure on the long cuffs keeps your hands dry.
  • The removable liners can be replaced with thinner or thicker insulation.
  • Stylish design is available in black, navy, royal blue, grey, and red. 

Flylow Super Mitten – Best Mitten for Skiing To Keep Your Hands Warm

If you have trouble keeping your hands warm or have poor circulation, you’ll want to invest in a pair of mittens to keep your hands warm. We found the Super Mitten from Flylow to be one of the best ski mittens on the market.

The Super Mitten features PrimaLoft insulation and a rugged pigskin leather palm. The glove also features a waterproof lining and gauntlet cuffs that will help keep water and moisture away from your skin. 

  • Leather palm gives skiers ample grip.
  • The glove is insulated by 240g back and 120g front of PrimaLoft insulation.
  • You lose dexterity while wearing mittens.

Tough Cold Weather Glove – Best Budget Ski Gloves

For the price, these gloves are amazing. You’ll get a glove filled with features for a fraction of the price of some of the other gloves on this list. These ski gloves from Tough will keep you warm and stylish while on the slopes.

The glove is designed around a nylon shell and a synthetic leather palm that will protect your hands. Inside the glove, you’ll find a breathable membrane that will let moisture escape the glove. This combo ensures hours of warmth for your hands while skiing or snowboarding. 

  • Touchscreen compatible fingers let you use your smartphone on the slopes. 
  • The nylon exterior is not as durable as leather or other options.
  • If you prefer a short cuff length, these gloves are comfortable. 

Burton Waterproof Touchscreen Gloves – Best Gloves for Smartphone Use

Whether you’re looking at an amazing view or want to video your friends riding moguls, you’ll need to access your smartphone, GoPro, or another camera. These gloves for Burton make it easy to use any device with a touchscreen without taking your gloves off. 

The fingers of this glove allow total control of any touchscreen. This is perfect for those below-freezing days where it could be dangerous to remove your gloves on the slope. The five-finger design is also extremely comfortable and gives you plenty of hand dexterity.

  • Thermacore insulation offers excellent heating properties and great hand mobility.
  • The microfiber liners are breathable and will wick away any moisture from your hands. 
  • Touchgrp palm is waterproof, durable, and offers excellent grip.

Level Fly Snowboard Mittens – Best Gloves with Wrist Guards

Whether you are brand new to the slopes or an expert, protecting your wrists should always be on your mind. Wrist injuries are one of the most common injuries while skiing or snowboarding.

These snowboard mittens from Level offer the best wrist protection on the market. Biomex wrist guards are sewn right into the mitten. Other safety features include Kevlar palms that will withstand heavy abuse on the slopes. 

These gloves also offer plenty of other features including a nose wipe, goggle cleaner, and storm leash. All around these are some of the best mittens available for extreme skiers and snowboarders.

  • Membra-Therm Plus insulation is water-resistant, windproof, and breathable. 
  • The Five-finger liner inside the mitten is removable. 
  • The air exchange vent allows moisture to escape the gloves. 
  • Gauntlet cuffs keep snow away from your skin. 
Best Skiing Gloves for women

Burton Gore-Tex Gloves – Best Skiing Gloves Womens

These incredibly stylish gloves are more than just pretty. While the throwback retro styling looks like it came right out of the 1980s, the materials in this glove are modern.

A premium leather palm gives the wearer added comfort while protecting the skier from moisture. The microfiber lining and Thermacore insulation ensure your hands are always safe and warm. The glove also features a DryRide membrane that wicks away moisture and provides ample soundproofing for the glove. 

Stylish and functional, this is our choice for the best women’s ski glove of 2021. 

  • Screen Grab technology allows easy touchscreen use.
  • Premium leather makes the glove durable and stylish.
  • The Knit ribbed cuff keeps hands dry and makes it easy to put the glove on.
  • A removable wrist leash ensures you won’t accidentally lose your gloves on the slope.

Hestra Moje CZone Mitten – Best Mitten for Women

Hestra designed an amazing mitten for women. The CZone mitten is ideal for women who need added warmth while on the slopes. The design of these gloves keeps the warmth in while keeping moisture out. This makes them ideal for novice or experienced skiers and snowboarders. 

The exterior of this glove features a leather and neoprene surface that gives excellent comfort, durability, windproofing, and water resistance.  Inside, you get plenty of PrimaLoft insulation that wicks away moisture while retaining heat. 

  • The neoprene gauntlet cuff is snug and ensures a secure fit.
  • CZone Waterproofing membrane prevents snow and moisture from entering the glove. 
  • Specifically designed for women’s hands.
  • Mitten styling makes it hard to use touch screens without taking the glove off. 

Hestra Power Heater Mitten – Best Heated Skiing Mitten

Hestra outdid themselves when they designed these mittens. Designed from the ground up for backcountry and extreme winter sports, these mittens feature gauntlet cuffs, goat leather exterior, Flextron softshell interior, and brushed polyester shell.

Heated mittens are ideal for skiers who have poor circulation or can’t keep their hands warm. They will also keep you warm on the coldest days of the year and during the worst weather conditions. 

  • Heat is provided by integrated heating loops and is charged by a lithium-ion battery. 
  • USB charging is quick and reliable.
  • The outer material is windproof, waterproof, and breathable.
  • The liner is removable and easy to clean. 

Flylow Savage Gloves –  Best Gloves for Backcountry Skiing 

If you like to spend time off the groomed trails, you’ll need a glove that offers some added protection. These gloves from Flylow offer excellent protection from impacts while hitting the backcountry. 

The exterior of the glove consists of triple-baked cowhide leather that is extremely durable. Inside, the glove features impact-resistant foam that will protect your knuckle if you fall, hit a tree, or bang them on rocks. You can feel safe and secure while skiing in these gloves.

  • PrimaLoft Silver Eco Insulation provides ample warmth on the slopes. 
  • Full finger design gives the rider excellent hand dexterity.
  • Ideal for halfpipe, backcountry, or extreme skiers.

Mount Tec Explorer Glove – Best Heated Ski Gloves

If you have trouble keeping your hands even while wearing mittens, you might need to upgrade to heated gloves. Today’s heated gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and dry in any ski conditions. Mount Tec Explorer is our favorite option for heated ski gloves. 

The heating system is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide all-day heating for your hands. Three different power levels ensure you always have enough heat to continue hitting the slopes.

Other great features include touchscreen-compatible fingers, waterproof insulation, and a moisture-wicking liner.

  • Gauntlet-style cuffs prevent moisture and cold from hitting your skin.
  • PrimaLoft insulation is waterproof and provides long-lasting comfort.
  • Goatskin and Neoprene exterior provides waterproofing and windproofing.

Vgo Winter Gloves – Best Glove for Extreme Cold Weather Skiing

Even if the temperatures drop way below freezing these gloves from VGO will keep you warm and safe. 

The 5-layer structure cold proofs these gloves. Starting with a tough goat leather exterior, the glove consists of 100g of insulation, a breakable layer, and 150g of Thinsulate insulation. This is more than enough protection to keep your fingers warm and toasty on extended ski trips. 

We also liked the gauntlet-styled cuff and waist buckle that secured the gloves to our hands. You won’t have to worry about your glove falling off or snow getting inside the glove while wearing a pair of these. 

  • The ergonomic design gives you excellent hand dexterity.
  • A special synthetic leather thumb lets you clean your ski goggles.
  • Fingertips of this glove are touchscreen compatible.

Burton Gondy Glove – Best Leather Ski Glove

Do you need a glove that looks great off the slopes while still providing excellent warmth and protection? Burton has you covered. These all-leather exterior gloves are stylish and will look great while in the city or on the slopes.

Outside, the Gnar Guard leather provides a breathable and weatherproof exterior. Inside the Thermacore insulation gives your excellent warmth while allowing for hand dexterity.

  • This stylish leather glove comes in dress blue, true black, and rawhide designs. 
  • The ergonomic design makes adjusting your equipment simple. 
  • Touchscreen compatible fingers let you access your smartphone on the slopes.

Burton Kids Vent Glove – Best Kids Ski Gloves

Your kids need warm and dry hands all day while on the slopes. Luckily, Burton makes their Vent glove in kid sizes. These gloves are extremely versatile and can keep you warm during the coldest days of the year. 

Inside you’ll have a brushed microfiber lining and Thermacor insulation. There is also an added pocket that gives you plenty of room for an added hand warmer if your kid’s hands are extra cold. The exterior of the glove is Dryride fabric and is waterproof and breathable.

  • Touchscreen compatible fingers let your kids access their phone at anytime
  • A removable wrist leash prevents losing your gloves.
  • Comes in several unique color styles that your kids will love. 

Columbia Youth Whirlibird Mitten – Best Mittens for Kids

Kids that need added warmth for their hands should try a pair of mittens instead of gloves. These mittens from Columbia provide plenty of warmth while still letting kids have some mobility and hand dexterity. 

They feature an amazing palm that is abrasion-resistant and gives kids ample grip so they won’t drop their ski poles. 

Columbia also has a patented Omni-Heat system that captures body heat while allowing moisture to leave the mitten. These mittens will keep your kid’s hands dry and warm all day while on the slopes. 

  • Waterproof and windproof technologies keep your children dry and safe.
  • Specifically designed for smaller hands. 
  • Nose wipe, pairing clip, and wrist buckles are all welcome additional features. 

FRDM Elevate Gloves – Best Glove for Accessibility , Rain compaitable

These gloves from FRDM let you use your fingers without having to remove your glove. This makes the glove ideal for anyone who needs to use tools or equipment in the cold. You can quickly convert the glove while wearing it, complete your task, then zip the gloves back up. 

We found these gloves work great for ski resort staff, snowmobile riders, or anyone who has to work in the cold. 

  • The Interior of the glove is accessible through a waterproof zipper.
  • The glove is composed of a Hipora breathable insert, goat leather palm, and 30z of fleece insulation.
  • Waterproof, windproof, and breathable design keeps you warm in all conditions. 

Lucent Mitten – Best High-Tech Mitten

These mittens from Lucent are designed for those long days on the mountain in extremely cold temperatures and adverse conditions. 

Electronically heated by their AltiHeat system, you can enjoy three heat settings on these mittens. Power is provided by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last all day even on the highest temperature settings. 

The build quality of this mitten is second to none as well. We found the goat leather and GoreT exterior to provide ample waterproofing and windproofing on our test runs. Insulation is provided by 100% polyester EnduraLoft insulation that ensures warmth even if it is wet.

  • Electronically heated mitten offers three heat settings.
  • Moonlite fleece liner is smooth and comfortable against your hands. 
  • The palm grip is excellent and you’ll have no problem gripping your ski poles. 
  • Mitten style is slightly bulky and can cause problems if you need to adjust equipment. 

Hestra Vertical Cut Czone 3-Finger Glove – Best 3-Finger Glove 

Do you like the idea of a mitten but don’t want to lose any dexterity. A 3-finger glove might be right for you. Hestra makes the Vertical Cut CZone glove that is the perfect combination of a mitten and glove.

You’ll get amazing protection from the elements while wearing these gloves.  This pro-level glove is ideal for expert riders who spend days in the backcountry or anyone who needs added protection while on the slopes.

Inside there is a 5 finger Bemberg lining, and G-Loft Insulation. Outside, you get a 3-layer polyester and leather exterior that is incredibly tough and durable. These gloves are waterproof, windproof, and can take a beating while on the slopes. 

  • Reinforced exterior protects your hand while freeriding or backcountry skiing. 
  • Neoprene gauntlet cuffs keep you dry all day.
  • The shock-absorbing backhand is designed to protect you from impacts. 

Barnett NBG-03 – Best Cross Country Ski Glove

Cross country skiers need a different type of glove. It can be a tough workout and you’ll often start sweating on long XC ski adventures. You need a glove that will keep you warm but also dry. 

We found the Barnett NBG-003 to be extremely effective for cross-country skiing. The neoprene exterior is amazing at keeping water and moisture out of your glove. Meanwhile, the ventilation system in this glove lets sweat and moisture escape keeping your hands dry and warm. 

We also like the small and comfortable design of this glove. It gives you excellent mobility and hand dexterity while providing more than enough warmth and protection for the coldest days.

  • Effective at cold temperatures down to -10C.
  • Excellent at wicking away moisture while preventing exterior moisture into the glove. 

Smartwool Merino Wool Liner – Best Ski Glove Liner

Are you planning on skiing on an extra cold day? You might want to invest in a pair of ski glove liners. Liners are lightweight and can be worn under most ski gloves. They can also be worn on warmer days where you may not need a full glove. 

Smartwool makes an amazing liner that is soft and comfortable. The 100% merino wool liner is lightweight and thin. 

  • Touchscreen compatible fingertips mean you can use your phone without taking the glove off. 
  • Ideal for any winter activities including skiing, hiking, or shoveling snow.  

Dakine Storm Liner – Best Ski Glove for Spring Skiing and Snowboarding

Spring skiing can be fun and exciting but you still need to protect your hands. A heavy glove might be too much protection when the temperatures rise. Dakine makes an amazing liner that provides ample protection from water and moisture while letting your hands breathe.

The Dakin Storm line features a silicone exterior that will keep your hands dry. Warmth is provided by 280g of polyester. 

  • Can be worn as a glove or additional liner for your other gloves and mittens.
  • Machine washable materials make this glove easy to clean.
  • The silicone palm offers a great grip while the fingertips are touch screen compatible. 

Level Half Pipe Mitten – Best Mitten Gloves for Snowboarding and Half Pipe

If you’ve spent any time in a halfpipe, you know how dangerous riding can be for your wrists. The level has designed these mittens specifically for halfpipe and snowboard park riding. 

The Biomex wrist protection keeps your wrists and hands safe during any type of hand plant. You can feel safe and secure while attempting tricks and stunts on the slopes. 

These mittens are also incredibly comfortable and offer ample warmth and water resistance.

  • Five-finger removable liner inside provides added warmth. 
  • Thermoplus 3000 insulation keeps you warm down to -17C.
  • Kevlar reinforced wrist guard offers the best possible wrist protection.
  • Gauntlet cuffs keep water out and warmth inside the mitten.

Burton Wrist Guards for Ski Gloves – Best Ski Gloves for Additional Wrist Guard Protection

These wrist guards are the perfect addition to your current ski gloves. They offer amazing protection for your wrist and will fit comfortably under most gauntlet-style ski gloves and mittens. 

The wrist guard is held tightly around your wrist with adjustable hook and loop straps. Support comes from a heavy-duty polyethylene insert and tapered splints. 

  • Ideal for skiers with wrist issues. 
  • Great for halfpipe, backcountry, and extreme skiing. 

Reusch World Champ Ski Glove – Best Ski Gloves for Racing

These racing ski gloves from Reusch give you added protection so you can break the world record downhill. Whether you are a slalom or mogul rider, these gloves will keep you warm and safe on those dangerous downhill rides.

When you first look at these gloves, you’ll instantly notice the reinforced palm, index finger, and knuckles. Inside your hands will be warm and comfortable thanks to R-Loft insulation and a Microactive liner. 

  • The Tight cuff and ergonomic construction ensure a great fit.
  • Goatskin shell gives the glove increased durability. 
  • The PrimaLoft Gold Insulation will keep you warm on the coldest days. 

Burton Formula Glove – Best Low Profile Ski Gloves 

Sometimes, you don’t need a heavy-duty ski glove. Whether the sun is shining or you’re skiing during late spring, you might be more comfortable with a low-profile glove. These stylish gloves from Burton offer amazing comfort and just enough warmth for those warmer days on the slope.

The exterior of the glove is Dryride water-resistant material that will stay dry most of the day. The glove also features a silicone palm for added grip and Burton’s patented touch screen fingertips for cell phone use without taking your glove off.

  • Low profile cuff design and ergonomic styling. 
  • A removable wrist leash is included. 
  • Suede fingertips for cell phone control. 

How to Choose Ski Gloves: A Buyers Guide

Now that we’ve covered our picks for the best ski gloves, it’s time to choose a pair that is perfect for you. Below we’ve compiled a list of the most important features you should look for when buying a new pair of ski gloves.


The main job of a ski glove is to keep your hands warm. This is achieved through the glove’s insulation. While gloves with thick insulation tend to provide ample warmth, they are not always the best option. 

With advances in technology, glove manufacturers have created many high-tech synthetic insulations that are relatively thin as compared to leather gloves. These gloves can provide excellent warmth while providing as much dexterity as possible. Snowboarders or skiers that need to adjust their equipment will appreciate a thinner glove.

Down is popular glove insulation as well but needs to be kept dry. If the down gets wet it will no longer keep your hands warm and could lead to frostbite.

Waterproof and Breathability

A waterproof glove will let you enjoy the slopes for hours without your hands getting cold. Ski gloves employ a variety of waterproofing technologies including Gore Tex glove, Entrant, and Omni-Tech. These materials will keep the lining and insulation of your glove incredibly dry even during wet days on the slope.

A breathable glove provides airflow inside the glove. Even on the coldest days skiing, your hands can sweat. Breathable gloves wick this moisture away from your body and help keep your hands dry and warm. 


While all gloves will have an interior liner, many offer removable liners. This makes it easy to clean and maintain the liner. You can also replace the liner with a thicker or thinner liner depending on the weather. 


It is extremely important to find the right fit for your new gloves. When trying on gloves you’ll want to test them. The glove should allow room for your fingers to stretch fully. Gloves that are too big will need more body energy to keep them warm. Gloves that are too small will be tight, limit dexterity, and could expose parts of your wrist or hands to the elements. 

Cuff Length

When shopping for new ski gloves, you’ll notice a variety of cuff lengths. Short cuff length gloves end at your wrist. These gloves are easy to put on and offer great movement. Long cuff gloves extend past your wrist and are placed over a portion of your jacket. They offer better waterproof protection and heat retention, but can be difficult to put on correctly and may limit your dexterity.

Leather or Synthetic Palm?

While you don’t need a full leather glove, you should look for ski gloves with a leather palm. These are the most durable gloves and will last longer than gloves without a leather palm. 

You’ll find most gloves offer deerskin, goatskin, or cowhide leather palms. Deerskin gives you the most mobility while cowhide is the most durable. Choose a leather palm that meets your needs on the slopes.

Dexterity and Grip 

Hand movement and grip can be extremely important for skiers and snowboarders. Riders and skiers who ski half-pipes or who perform extreme skiing need excellent grip and great dexterity during their rides. Soft leather offers the best grip on ski gloves.

Mittens or Gloves?

Choosing between mittens and gloves is a personal preference. You may lose some dexterity with mittens but they are much easier to keep warm. Skiers who have poor circulation will find mittens keep their hands warm much easier than gloves. Ski gloves are the best option if you need hand dexterity on the slopes and are the best option for skiers that adjust their gear often.

Touchscreen Compatibility

Many modern gloves have fingertips that are compatible with touchscreens. This means you don’t have to remove your glove to access your phone or take pictures. Gloves are usually a better option if this feature is important to you since they give you better hand dexterity. 

Added Features

There are also plenty of added and niche features for gloves. Some unique glove features to consider include battery-powered heating, removable liners, wrist guards, wrist leashes, small pockets, goggle lens cleaners, and more. 

What is the Best Overall Ski Glove

After countless trips up the ski lift, we can confidently say the Heli Ski Glove from Hestra is an amazing glove. 

Once you put a pair on, you can tell the design team at Heli knows how to design gloves. The glove fits amazingly, keeps you warm and dry all day, and provides excellent protection. The exterior is durable and will last you years. 

Of course, the best ski glove depends on a wide range of factors. Whether you like gloves or mittens, or something in between, we hope we have provided a promising selection of ski gloves that you can choose from. Gloves are necessary outdoor gear.

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