Whether you’re a long-time mountain biker, skateboarder, or everyday commuter, finding the right helmet for you can feel like a huge inconvenience hence the thousand helmets review.

I’ve been a cycling hobbyist for many years, so I’ve done my research to find the most protective and high-quality helmets on the market.

Too often, bike helmets are bulky, heavy, uncomfortable, and just look outdated and out of fashion. That’s why the company Thousand created two collections designed to improve the safety of biking and skateboarding and develop helmets that cyclists will actually want to wear and not just decent looking bike helmet.

With a unique, stylish look, lightweight feel, and a considerable number of comfort and safety features for the price, Thousand is pushing to empower commuters and cyclists to stay safe on the road and prevent head injuries. 

The company’s name stems from their mission, as they set out to save 1,000 lives by turning helmets from a hindrance into a fashion statement that cyclists are happy to wear.

So does this helmet balance style, safety, and comfort to create a helmet that people will enjoy wearing?

If you’re wondering if this helmet achieves its goal and is the right choice for you, keep reading for a guide to the features and unique aspects of the Thousand Helmet that make it an exceptional and safe option for cycling, skateboarding, or daily commuting.

Product Overview of The Thousand Heritage Helmet & Chapter Collection

Thousand Helmets, designed to be a bike helmet for urban cycling, is the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t like the bulkiness, discomfort, and lack of style that you find with other helmets.

The simple and stylish design, inspired by the look of vintage moto lids, offers a unique look without sacrificing functionality, safety, and comfort. You’ll be able to express your personal style while maintaining safety during any ride. 

Thousand Helmet Review Collections

Thousand Helmets come with two model options: The Heritage Collection and the Chapter Collection.

The Heritage Collection


Thousand offers the minimalist Heritage Bike Helmets as the simpler, more affordable helmet model. With a dual certification for cycling and skateboarding, this original collection offers many unique features designed for comfort and style. 

For a lower price, this helmet has everything you need with design options that will fit your style.

The Heritage Helmet is designed for less intense biking, such as weekend exploration or skateboarding. You can purchase a bike and skateboard helmet from the Heritage collection for $89.

The Chapter Collection

The Chapter Helmet model is the more advanced helmet design, offering even greater protection and more unique features at a higher cost. It has a smaller and more lightweight design than Heritage Helmets, along with a multi-directional impact protection system and an attached LED light for riding in the dark.

This design is perfect for everyday commuting and more intense daily biking. With the additional light and safety features, the Thousand Chapter Helmet is slightly more costly at $135.

Whichever model fits your needs more, Thousand Helmets are guaranteed to provide safety and comfort during your rides, with all the features you need in a bike helmet and more. With both style and function, this company boasts unique helmets that you’ll actually want to wear.

Thousand Helmet Features

Thousand bike helmets offer a range of features that makes them one of the top helmet choices you can find today and most of them are unisex bike helmets aimed at a new generation.

Functional and Lightweight Design

One of the biggest draws of both the Thousand Heritage Helmet and the Thousand Chapter Helmet is the stylish, retro-looking lightweight design. Makes it a very stylish helmet.

Not only do these helmets offer a sleek, simple look that any cyclist will love, but they don’t sacrifice quality and functionality for style. The compact size also makes this the perfect helmet for daily commuting and urban cycling.

This lightweight helmet is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the bulky look and feel of traditional cycling helmets but wants to maintain all the safety features. 

With a design focused on functionality, safety, and style, Thousand Helmets are guaranteed to keep you protected and comfortable during any activity.

Both models also come in small, medium, and large sizes, making it simple to find a perfect fit for you. There’s also interior padding that can be easily removed to reach a preferred fit without losing any protection.

Effective Ventilation Holes

One of the major deterrents of many traditional cycling helmets is the lack of proper ventilation, leaving you feeling hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable after any physical activity.

Luckily, Thousand bike helmets were designed with proper ventilation in mind. 

Heritage helmets come with seven air vents and an additional three cooling channels, while the Chapter collection comes with eight larger vents. Despite the differences between the models, both provide proper ventilation on hot days.

While the design does an excellent job keeping you cool, the vents are on the smaller side, which may limit the amount of airflow during intense physical activity, especially on hot days. 

Integrated Dial Fit System

A poorly fitted cycling helmet can be a huge barrier to safety for any biker. Thousand’s helmets are designed to fit snug and secure to your head to ensure that you stay safe and comfortable during your rides.

The Thousand Heritage Collection and Thousand Chapter Collection both come with an easily adjustable fit system integrated into the design. It’s simple to adjust with just one hand, meaning you can get a precise fit for your head. 

All you have to do is adjust the dial in the back of the helmet to tighten or loosen the helmet, and you’ll have the perfect fit for your ride.

One-Handed Magnetic Buckle

While magnetic buckles are standard on children’s helmets, they’re a unique and convenient feature that’s rare to find on most helmets designed for adults.

Thousand’s helmets include a simple, German-engineered magnetic chin strap fastener that’s simple to buckle and unbuckle with only one hand. With most adult helmets, trying to navigate the clasp can lead to pinched fingers and neck skin. 

Thousand Helmet’s magnetic clasp lets you avoid this issue with its easy-to-use design.

This magnetic fastener also makes this helmet a top choice for anyone who’s experienced any hand injuries or arthritis. The clasp uses a design that’s effortless to close with one hand, so you won’t have to worry about the buckle not being secure throughout your commute or ride.

While magnetic straps can often be less secure during accidents, these fasteners are safety-certified and are strong enough to stay together while riding a bike.

Vegan Leather Straps

Another appealing feature of the Heritage Helmet is the stylish brown vegan leather straps for every helmet design. 

This company is focused on creating high-quality, durable gear while reducing its environmental impact. Their mission comes through with their use of eco-friendly microfiber materials to create expensive-looking vegan leather straps. 

These adjustable straps are breathable and waterproof, so not only do they look great, but you can stay cool, comfortable, and sweat-free while wearing the Thousand Heritage Helmet.

If you’re looking for more traditional straps, the advanced Chapter Helmet collection offers classic nylon straps instead.

Secret Poplock for Secure Storage

If you have concerns about your helmet getting stolen when left behind with your bike, Thousand Helmets might be the perfect secure choice for you. 

Behind the helmet’s logo mark, you can access a secret poplock channel for a convenient way to leave your helmet behind safely. 

The logo mark is easily removable and attached by a rubber band, so when you’re trying to store your bike and helmet, all you need to do is open the channel and connect it to your bike lock. 

The secret poplock fits with most u-locks, chain locks, cable locks, and more, so you don’t have to worry about the risk of theft when storing it with your bike.

Accident Replacement and Anti-Theft Guarantee

Despite the helmet’s durability and added security of the secret channel, there’s always a risk of something happening to your helmet. 

If your helmet does get stolen or damaged, Thousand has you covered. All of their cycling and skateboarding helmets are backed by a one-year anti-theft and accident replacement guarantee. 

If it’s taken while locked with the pop lock or receives damage in an accident, the company will replace it for free. 

Integrated Visor

Visors on bicycle helmets are a fantastic way to keep sun and rain out of your face while biking. The Thousand Heritage Helmet offers this protection with a built-in, low-profile visor that will shield your face while maintaining the stylish look of the helmet. 

The Chapter Helmet also comes with a visor, but this model offers a slightly different look and design. The add-on visor in this collection includes elevated finishes such as a hand-painted tortoiseshell or matte black visor. 

This more advanced visor is also designed to reduce glare and increase your field of vision while biking.

Plenty of Unique Color and Design Options

In keeping with their goal of creating products that will get cyclists to wear helmets, Thousand Helmets offer a massive range of vintage-inspired looks and designs to suit a range of styles.

With the Thousand Heritage Collection, you can select from 12 color and style options, including brightly colored matte and platinum options. No matter your style, with so many choices, you’re bound to find a helmet that you’ll love.

The Chapter Collection doesn’t provide as many colors to choose from, with three color options. However, the add-on front visor creates more opportunities for color combinations and designs, so you can still find a helmet that suits your style and needs.

Safety Certifications

While Thousand Helmets are designed to look and feel great for the rider, safety is also a top priority for the company. 

Thousand Helmets are designed to meet numerous safety standards and certifications to ensure that they’re not only stylish but that they’re safe and secure for whatever activity they’re being used for. 

Both the Heritage and Chapter Helmets are safety certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for cycling, skateboarding, and roller skating in Europe. 

They’re approved for BMX and mountain biking in North America too. The Heritage Helmet is also specifically certified for in-line skating and skateboarding in North America.

Sustainable Business Plan

While Thousand’s mission is to make the road safe for all cyclists, the company also prioritizes making travel more sustainable and reducing its environmental impact.

Thousand offsets 110% of their annual carbon emissions and uses environmentally-friendly synthetic materials in their products, so you can feel good about where you’re spending your money. 


Though Thousand is the best helmet in the market but you’re still shopping around for an alternate brand of the helmet and find Thousand to be high end helmets, here are four alternatives to Thousand Helmets that you might be interested in.

Bern Macon 2.0 Multisport Helmet


If you love the sleek and simple look of Thousand Helmets, this Bern multisport helmet might be a great alternative for you. At around $70, it offers a similar style to the vintage-inspired Thousand Helmets but at a slightly more affordable price. 

While it’s missing some of the additional features of Thousand Helmets, such as the visor and integrated dial fit system, this versatile and lightweight helmet is ideal for biking, skateboarding, or snowboarding. 

Similar to the Thousand Chapter Helmet, it includes a MIPS safety system for additional protection.

Retrospec Remi Bike Helmet


Another more affordable option, this cycling helmet offers a sleek and minimalistic look designed for commuting. It’s safety certified for biking and offers a built-in visor and durable ABS shell. 

Although there’s no adjustable dial system, this helmet comes with removable, washable padding on the inside, with additional thicker padding included for a more precise fit.

One of the significant downsides of this helmet is the ventilation. While it comes with eleven vents, it lacks the unique cooling system and airflow of Thousand Helmets and other alternatives. 

If you’re looking for a helmet that will keep you cool on hotter days, this Retrospec cycling helmet may not be the best choice for you. 

POC Corpora Helmet 


At nearly $150, this POC Corpora isn’t a top choice for anyone shopping on a budget. However, it’s a great, safe option for a commuter helmet with a sleek design, optimal ventilation, and durability.  

If you love the ease of use of Thousand Helmet, the POC Corpora offers similar features, including a simple size adjustment system and a one-handed magnetic buckle. It also comes with a detachable visor so you can ride comfortably in any weather conditions. 

However, POC Helmets are a heavier design than many of its lightweight alternatives. While it offers a durable ABS shell, it lacks many safety features, such as the MIPS system.

Bell Daily MIPS LED Adult Commuter Bike Helmet


While the Bell Bike Helmet may not have the same sleek vintage-inspired look as many alternatives, it offers an extensive range of unique safety and comfort features that make it a great choice for a commuter helmet.

With a MIPS safety system, visor, easy strap adjustment, and rechargeable LED light, this helmet has everything you need to stay comfortable and safe during daily bike rides. 

However, if the retro and sleek look of the Thousand Helmet appeals to you, this bulkier, more traditional-looking helmet may not suit what you’re looking for in a helmet.

Choosing the Right Helmet for You

With so many options for bike helmets out there, it can be overwhelming to find one that fits your style while maintaining all the features you need to stay safe. 

Thousand Helmets were designed with this challenge in mind, so you can look great without giving up safety and comfort. 

With excellent ventilation, several safety features and certifications, and a precise fit, they offer everything you need to protect your head without all the inconvenience and discomfort that come with other bike helmets.

If you’ve ever avoided wearing a helmet while cycling or skateboarding, Thousand Helmets is one of the best ways to steer clear of the bulky, unfashionable look of other helmets while staying safe on the road.

So don’t wait! You can find the Heritage Collection or the Chapter Collection on Amazon. Pick the helmet that best suits you, and get off to the races today!

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