In this article, we will go through our recommendations for Zempire air tents from several of their best-known series. These fantastic tents are all supported with inflatable beams. Therefore, you’ll love how are easy they are to use. We are constantly impressed by how nicely ventilated, comfortable, and reliable they are, too.

Zempire is a brand from New Zealand, and they build outdoor equipment that can withstand punishing weather. They make these tents for the kiwi environment so they can withstand any conditions anywhere in the world.

Zempire meticulously construct their tents for ease of use, packability, and extra comfort. They claim that they continually test new ideas and use them in practice. Campers can by Zempire products in available in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and North America.

In this article, we highlight tents from Zempire’s Polycotton Series, Pro Series, and Dura Series. The Polycotton tents are breathable and are the ultimate solution for humidity during the warmer months.

The Pro Series is incredibly durable and with an inflatable frame that is quick to set up and even quicker to pack away. These tents are exceptionally robust and wind-resistant with a high waterproof rating ensuring you and your family stay dry and warm.

Finally, the Dura series tents are for the ultimate family camping experience, with inflatable beams, large floored areas, multiple rooms, and a high waterproof rating for complete protection.

Our list of the best Zempire Air Tents

The tents in the list below are ordered by the floor area, from smaller to larger.

1. Zempire Aero TM PRO TC Tent

Zempire ha built the Aero TM PRO TC Tent from a strong and long-lasting 200 g/m² polyester and cotton mix 65/35%. This polycotton blend is breathable, which means it naturally eliminates condensation and simultaneously keeps a comfortable atmosphere inside the tent. This material also provides excellent noise reduction and a shield from the wind. So the tent can be described as a proper 4-season camping tent.

The official capacity of this tent is 3 people, but it has one inner bedroom, a large living room, and a fully protected porch. In addition, there is a storage area within its inner tent next to the bedroom.

Best Seller


  • The rooms.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Solid windows.
  • Excelelnt ventilation.
  • Lots of doors.


  • It’s heavy.
  • The price.

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Here are some numbers. The tent’s total floor area is 125 ft² (11.6 m²), and the porch adds around 44.1 ft² (4.1 m²). The tent is heavy, weighing 83.8 lb (38 kg), and its packed size is 33.5 x 20.5 x 20.5 inches (85 x 52 x 52 cm).

Note that it is very tall; the peak height is 82.7 inches (210 cm). It has 3 to 5 doors, depending on on how you unzip some of them. Zempire has given the doors on the sides small brims for a dry entry.

The airbeams support the tent but additionally it also has several aluminum poles for the awning and those brims above the side doors. It is exceptionally well-ventilated, so the tent will perform great in any climate and weather conditions.

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2. Zempire Aero TL PRO Series Tent

The Zempire Aero TL PRO Series Tent is another supported by air beams. Zempire says that it is designed for 5 people, but it has 3 rooms plus a large porch that is fully protected. The floor area measures 187.2 ft² (17.4 m²), but you get an extra 54.9 ft² (5.1 m²) in the porch.

This tent has 5 doors, tinted solid windows, plus skylight windows. The tent is tall and tunnel-type, with a peak height of 89 inches (225 cm). The bedrooms are dark rest type with considerably reduced daylight. You also have multiple cable entry points, and there’s a pair of poles included can be used to create an awning.

Best Seller


  • Great rooms.
  • Incredible weather protection.
  • Solid windows and skylights.
  • Well-ventilated.


  • It’s quite heavy.
  • Not very compact
  • It’s quite expensive.

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The tent offers complete protection in any weather, mainly thanks to the impressive 10000 mm waterproof rating. Note that Zempire provides a 4-year warranty with this tent, giving you peace of mind.

The weight is 70.5 lb (32 kg), and the packed size is (L x D) 32.3 x 20.1 inches (82 x 51 cm). We have included this tent also in our list of best camping tents with a screen porch. Please see more in this video:

3. Zempire Aero TXL Dura Inflatable Family Tent

The Zempire Aero TXL Dura Inflatable Family Tent is designed for 6 or 8 people. Although to fit 8 people, you need to order an extra inner tent to create an additional bedroom for 2 people. In any case, the tent includes a sizeable inner tent with three separate bedrooms, a large living room, and a gigantic porch that is fully closable and looks like a floorless room. One could describe it as a 4-room plus porch tent.

Zempire has given this tent a total floor area of 242 ft² (22.5 m²), and the mentioned porch/room adds an extra 146 ft² (13.6 m²). The peak height is 88.6 inches (225 cm), and it weighs 75.4 lb (34.2 kg).

Best Seller


  • Incredible ventilation.
  • Great comfort level
  • Multiple rooms.
  • Full protection from the weather


  • It’s expensive

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We like that the tent has both mesh and solid windows, so you can choose how much ventilation you need at any time. This is enhanced by the mesh doors and numerous vents on all sides of the tent.

The bedrooms are dark, and the shell fabric has a high waterproof rating tested to torrential rain, with all seams taped and sealed. In addition to this, UV rating of 50+ SPF will keep you safe from the sun. You’ll like how easy it is to pitch due to the inflatable beams. One person can do the job easily with the included double-action pump.

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Final thoughts

So this was our selection of the best Zempire Air Tents; as you can see, they all are huge and can accommodate more people than their official capacity suggests. The official capacity refers to the number of places in the bedrooms. But you always sleep in a large living room with complete protection.

Zempire has designed these tents to work in practically any environment and in almost all seasons. You have excellent ventilation, an excellent waterproof rating, a fully sewn-in and sealed floor, darkened bedrooms, and much more.

You should also check out our list of the best dark rest tents and best polycotton tents. Also, take a look at our selection of the best Outwell airbeam tents. Let us know if you have questions in the comment box below. Thank you for reading.

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